"Miasser": instructions for use, analogues, reviews

The states of anxiety and fear cause us much suffering. In addition to the huge adaptive value that they possess( because only because of these feelings we are able to guard against dangers), fear and anxiety can be a source of a painful condition. In such cases, it is a diagnosis, known in psychiatry as an anxiety disorder. Treatment of this pathology is a rather complicated and lengthy process. Some of the drugs used in such cases, we'll tell in the article. miaser analogs

In what cases is Miass used?

One of the effective means to combat anxiety disorders, attacks of panic attacks and depressive states of various origins is the preparation "Miasser".He is classified as a strong antidepressant, able to give a positive result already two weeks after the start of taking.

According to the application instructions attached to the " Miasser", as a new generation of drugs, it does not cause addiction in patients, and especially dependence, which, you will agree, is important in the treatment of mental illnesses."Miasser" tablets do not provoke a so-called withdrawal syndrome, in addition, this drug is well tolerated by patients with cardiovascular problems, as well as elderly patients.

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Composition and Analogues of Miasser

The analogues( "Lerivon" and "Mianserin") of Miasser have the same properties and indications as the named medicine. Meyserin, the active ingredient, is capable of blocking the receptors of serotonin and increasing the concentration of noradrenaline, which becomes possible as a result of the termination of its capture by neuronal synapses.

Depression and anxiety disorder, treated with drugs containing mianserin, as studies have shown, are just caused by a violation of the inter-neural connections responsible for human emotions. The development of the disease can both occur because of the inherited pathologies of the brain structures, and be a consequence of prolonged stress and various psychotrauma. A combination of cognitive( behavioral) therapy and the use of these antidepressants during treatment gives excellent results.

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Some side effects after taking

The feedback of patients and doctors in the bulk of the "Miasser" remedy is positive, as it well removes the emotional tension that a person has with an anxiety disorder, improves sleep and appetite. But, along with this, the drug still has some side effects, which can not be ignored.

So, patients complain of a feeling of stupor, fatigue and heaviness in the whole body, while the process of adaptation of the organism to the substance that is part of the said drug occurs. As a rule, this condition lasts no more than three to four days from the beginning of admission.

More serious side effects include some violations of the process of hematopoiesis, liver function, as well as the occurrence of seizures or recurrent edema. Rarely are the development of the hypomanic state, hyperkinesia, arterial hypotension, and weight gain. anxiety disorder treatment

To whom the preparation

is contraindicated For manic conditions, as well as in cases of diagnosed severe liver disorders, the use of Miass tablets is not allowed. Instructions for use also recalls the dangers of using this product during pregnancy and lactation. This applies to children.

Patients with renal insufficiency, as well as diabetes mellitus, during treatment with this drug should be under the constant supervision of a specialist. Medical control is also necessary for patients suffering from closed-angle glaucoma and persons with manifestations of prostatic hypertrophy.

Miasser preparation: price and method of application

The described agent is prescribed only by a specialist, depending on the condition and diagnosis of the patient. In the pharmacy network tablets "Miasser" range from 600 to 900 rubles. Without the prescription of a doctor, like most antidepressants, this remedy is not released.

Miasser tablets are taken without chewing and washed down with plenty of water. As a rule, this is done once a day, before going to bed, as this means improves the night rest of the patient.

As an initial dose, it is usually suggested to take no more than 30 mg per day. If necessary, it is gradually increased, adding every 3-4 days until the necessary therapeutic effect is achieved. Most often it is about 60-90 mg of the drug per day. They can be divided into several receptions. miaser reviews

Some rules for the use of the drug "Miasser"( tablets)

The use of any medicines requires serious attitude to the correct dosage and other conditions that make the treatment most effective and at the same time avoid complications. The described means is not an exception.

  • The instructions for use of the Miasser tablets emphasize that they can not be used in conjunction with drugs related to MAO inhibitors. By the way, this rule is valid for two weeks after the end of their admission.
  • In addition, doctors advise patients with hypertension, taking medications to reduce blood pressure in parallel with the described means, it is necessary to monitor blood pressure.
  • During the treatment, patients should refuse to drive the car and perform work that requires concentration.
  • Alcohol is not allowed on the background of taking Miasser tablets.

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Use of the drug "Velaxin"

The preparation "Velaxin" is also used to treat the state of depression and anxiety disorders. The price for it is slightly lower than on the tablets "Miasser", so specialists stop in some cases the choice is on it.

The preparation "Velaxin" is available in the form of tablets and capsules with prolonged action. It contains venlafaxine, which can stimulate the transmission of the nerve impulse in the central nervous system and increase the amount of serotonin in the brain, by blocking its re-uptake by synapses of nerve cells.

They should be taken with food, without chewing and washing with any liquid. Grind or dissolve in water the drug can not be!

The use of Velaxin tablets is usually broken down into 2 doses - in the morning and in the evening, which allows you to get a positive effect on the fourth day from the start of treatment and thereby significantly reduce not only the duration of the process, but also the costs for it.

In the pharmacy network, the price of Velaxin tablets ranges from 500 to 700 rubles.for packing. miaser tablet

Features of application of the drug "Velaxin"

Since the named drug is prescribed to patients not only suffering from anxiety disorders and depression but also having suicidal tendencies, the beginning of treatment should be under the strict supervision of the doctor. In this regard, tablets or capsules "Velaxin" in the pharmacy network without prescriptions are not released.

In addition, the use of this tool can cause the patient to be aggressive, and also cause a psychomotor agitation, manifested in the need to constantly move and the inability to stand or sit still. All this can be observed in the first weeks of taking the drug, in such cases the expediency of its use is considered.

High doses of the drug after the end of treatment can cause withdrawal syndrome, manifested in the following symptoms:

  • dizziness,
  • sleep disorders,
  • excited state,
  • sweating,
  • heart palpitations.

Therefore, its quantity should be reduced gradually. The listed symptoms, as a rule, are not expressed and pass for two days on their own. velaxin price

Reviews on the use of Miasser and Velaxin

The use of Miasser and Velaxin for the treatment of anxiety and depression is actively discussed both among specialists and among their patients. As a rule, the greatest number of disputes are being conducted around the dosage of the mentioned funds, since its selection and determination of the terms of application are a rather delicate matter. For each patient requires a clear individual treatment scheme, which includes other drugs, taken in parallel.

Physicians have to take into account the personal tolerability of drugs. After the tablets "Miasser" and "Velaxin" are serious drugs that have a powerful effect, they can cause a headache, dizziness, increased blood pressure and nausea in the patients, which can go through the treatment themselves, but they can also cause withdrawal of these drugs. Hence, their use should be carried out only under the strict supervision of a specialist.

And remember: no matter how detailed the description of the administration of the drugs "Velaxin" or "Miasser" instructions for use, attached to them, these drugs in any case can not be assigned to themselves or interrupt treatment at their own discretion. Such actions can cause serious harm to the patient's condition. Be careful!