"Hexalysis": reviews of doctors and buyers about tablets for resorption

Before buying a drug, most consumers study reviews about it. For the patient, opinions of doctors and those people who have already tried using this remedy are important. In this article, you will be presented with the drug "Hexaliz".You will learn more about the doctors and consumers.

hexalysis reviews

Opinions on the composition and mode of action of the drug

What does the Hexalysis drug have? Consumers say that the medicine after use relieves pain in the larynx. This is explained by anesthetic action. Also, doctors note that after a few days of using the medicine, inflammation goes away. In addition, the manufacturer also reports on the antimicrobial effect.

All described effects are due to the composition of the drug. It includes biklotimol, enoxolone and lysozin. Each component is presented in an amount of 5 milligrams.

What does the instruction on indications for use say?

About the drug "Hexalisis", doctors' reviews report the following information. The medication is intended for the treatment of various pathologies of the larynx, tonsils, pharynx and oral cavity. So, the composition is often appointed by otorhinolaryngologists, therapists and dentists. What does the instruction say? Annotation reports that the preparation "Hexalysis"( tablets for resorption) is shown in the following situations:

  • pharyngitis and laryngitis( acute and chronic);
  • tracheitis and bronchitis( in complex therapy);
  • tonsillitis and tonsillitis of various types;
  • inflammation of the nasopharynx;
  • loss of voice;
  • preparation for surgical manipulations in the larynx and condition after removal of the tonsils;
  • stomatitis and recovery after tooth extraction.

Indications for the use of this medication can be listed for a very long time. Often the drug is used in combination therapy together with antibiotics and antiviral agents. For more information on the need for the use of tablets, you should contact your doctor.

hexalysis reviews of doctors

Feedback on adverse effects: negative opinions

About the drug "Hexalisis" reviews in their majority are positive. However, there are also those who remained unhappy with the correction. At the same time they had side effects. The most frequent of them are allergic reactions. They are manifested by a skin rash, burning, reddening of the cheeks and swelling. Those people who have long used the described drug, have faced a candidiasis in the oral cavity. Such side effects require additional correction.

Doctors urge all consumers to pay attention to the contraindications to the use of this medication. There are only two of them. This is a childish age of up to 6 years( due to the fact that the child can not dissolve the drug) and hypersensitivity to the components of the medication.

hexalysis reviews for children

Opinions of patients on the way of using

Consumers report that the drug is very convenient to take. About the facility "Hexaliz" reviews say that you can take it everywhere with you. For the next pill, there is no need to look for water. You can just put the pill in your mouth and wait for it to completely dissolve. The instructions for use indicate that the composition is prescribed for 6-8 doses( tablets) per day. However, patients report that the need for using the medication is usually much lower. The effect of the drug is quite long. The average number of tablets taken by patients is 5-6.

The instructions indicate that the composition can not be taken for more than 10 days. Patients also argue that such a need does not arise. With the regular use of medication, the need for it disappears in a week.

What do doctors say about using the remedy in toddlers?

What else has the drug "Hexaliz" reviews? For children, the composition is appointed only from the age of 6.This tells you the instructions for use. However, doctors take a different view. The drug is contraindicated for babies due to the lack of clinical data on such treatment.

Some pediatricians still prescribe medication to small patients. This is reported on the drug "Hexalisis" reviews. Children like pills very much, because they have a sweetish taste. Doctors say that the drug is acceptable for use in children after three years of life. Previously, a child simply can not use the drug correctly.

hexalysis reviews for children

Additional information from

physicians What important points can experts tell about? Doctors warn that the medicine "Hexalysis"( tablets for resorption) contains sugar. That is why people with obesity or diabetes should choose an alternative method of treatment.

Doctors say that the effect of correction will be maximum only in the event that the break between eating and using the medicine is at least one hour. The fact is that the tablets dissolve in the mouth and act on the mucous membrane. If you immediately drink fluids or eat, then the medicine will simply be washed.

Drug cost: another opinion of consumers

Comments of consumers report that the medicine has a rather high price. So it seems at first glance, after all for a box of a medicine it is necessary to give approximately 320 rubles. But it is worth noting that in one package of the drug "Hexaliz" there are 30 tablets. In this case, the cost of the drug does not seem so high.

hexalysis resorption tablets

Some pharmacy chains promote piece sales. Patients report that they have repeatedly purchased the drug on one plate. At the same time, the final cost of the package turned out to be somewhat higher. Therefore, it is much more profitable to buy a pack of medicines all at once.

how to properly use hexalysis resorption tablets


Thus, you learned about what reviews have the drug "Hexaliz".Remember that the studied data do not induce you to independent treatment. Indeed, reliably to diagnose and appoint adequate therapy can only a doctor. If you have any symptoms, please contact your doctor for help. Be healthy!