"Terbinafine"( cream): instructions for use, analogues, reviews

Mycosis is a disease that is caused by parasitic fungi. They can multiply on skin and nail plates, as well as on internal organs. terbinafine cream

Fungal lesions are not only an unpleasant, but also contagious disease. It is fairly easily transmitted from animal to man and from person to person.

Today, there are many different drugs that fight against mycosis effectively. One of the most popular of these is the drug Terbinafine. Analogs of this tool, as well as its release forms, properties and methods of application, will be presented below.

Form release, description, packaging, composition

In what form is the antifungal preparation "Terbinafine" manufactured? The cream is not the only form of this remedy. But it is she who is very popular among patients.

1% cream "Terbinafine" from nail fungus for external use has a white color, a homogeneous texture and a weak characteristic odor.

The active ingredient of this drug is terbinafine hydrochloride. Also, benzyl alcohol, cetyl palmitate, sorbitan monostearate, polysorbate 60, cetyl alcohol, isopropyl myristate, purified water and sodium hydroxide are used as auxiliary substances to create said agent.

In which packaging is sold such an antifungal agent as Terbinafine? The cream goes on sale in aluminum tubes( 30, 15 g), as well as in glass orange jars.

In addition to this form, the drug is available in the form of a spray, ointment, tablets and solution. terbinafine cream price

Characteristics of the external agent

What is Terbinafine( cream)?The instruction states that it is an antifungal agent intended for topical use. It has a wide range of antimycotic activity. Even in small concentrations, the drug exhibits fungicidal action against mold fungi, dermatophytes and dimorphic fungi. With regard to yeast parasites, depending on their type, the drug in question can exhibit both fungicidal and fungistatic activity.

Mechanism of action

How does Terbinafine work? The cream specifically changes the early stage of the biological synthesis of sterols, which occurs in fungi. In the end, this leads to a lack of ergosterol, as well as the accumulation of squalene within the cells, which contributes to their death.

The mechanism of action of terbinafine is explained by the inhibition of the enzyme squalene epoxidase, located on the cell membrane of the fungus.

It should also be said that this means does not affect the cytochrome P 450 system, and also the metabolism of hormones and other drugs.

Kinetic features of

Is the antifungal drug Terbinafine absorbed? The cream at local use is absorbed by 5%.Consequently, this medication can only have a minor systemic effect. terbinafine spray


For what purposes can a drug such as Terbinafine be used? The cream, the price of which is indicated below, is prescribed in the following cases:

  • for the prevention and treatment of fungal infections of smooth skin, fungal infections of the skin, fungus, as well as inguinal epidermophytic and mycosis of feet caused by dermatophytes;
  • for the treatment of colored lichen;
  • for the treatment of yeast infections of the skin, which were caused by fungi of the genus Candida, including diaper rash.


When should I not use Terbinafine? Cream, the price of which is not very high, it is forbidden to apply in the presence of hypersensitivity to terbinafine or to any of the auxiliary ingredients that make up the drug.

With care, this medication is prescribed for occlusive diseases of the leg vessels, oppression of bone marrow hematopoiesis, hepatic and renal insufficiency, metabolic diseases, alcoholism, tumors and in children under 12 years. terbinafine analogues

How is the terbinafine antifungal agent( cream) used?

Reviews of specialists report that this preparation is intended solely for external application. It can be used only by adult patients and adolescents from the age of 12.

Before applying the medicine, it is required to clean and then dry the affected areas. Medication is used once or twice a day. It is applied a thin layer on the affected areas of the skin, as well as on the adjacent areas.

Slightly wiping the cream, it is left in this form, not flushing.

For infections that are accompanied by diaper rash, it is allowed to cover the place of application with gauze( overnight).

In the presence of extensive fungal body lesions, the drug is recommended for use in tubes of 30 g.

The duration of therapy with this remedy depends on the type of fungus disease. With torso, feet and shins, the treatment is carried out for a week, using the cream once a day. With skin candidiasis and multicolored lichen, the drug is recommended to use for two weeks, lubricating affected areas twice a day.

As a rule, the decrease in the severity of clinical signs of fungal lesions is noted in the first days of therapy. With irregular use of the drug or premature termination of the treatment process, there is a risk of re-development of the infection.

If, 2 weeks after the start of therapy, signs of improvement are not observed, it is necessary to verify the diagnosis. terbinafine cream reviews

The dosage of the drug in elderly patients does not differ from the above.

The way of using the spray "Terbinafine"

The spray "Terbinafine" is used by patients as often as the cream. Usually this form of the drug is prescribed for the treatment of fungal diseases of nails, skin and hair.

Before applying the medication the skin is pre-washed and dried. Then, Terbinafine is applied to the affected area. The spray is sprayed so that it captures some healthy part of the skin.

The duration of therapy with this remedy and the frequency of its use depend on the location of the fungus.

Overdose with antifungal drug

No cases of overdose with Terbinafine have been reported to date. If it was accidentally ingested, it is possible to expect the development of such side effects as headache, epigastric pain, nausea and dizziness.

For the removal of such symptoms, the sufferer is given sorbents, and if necessary, support therapy is provided. terbinafine cream instruction

Special recommendations for the use of

cream The decrease in the severity of symptoms of a fungal disease is noted on the first day of treatment. With occasional use of the cream or premature discontinuation of therapy, there is a high risk of recurrence of the infection.

The preparation "Terbinafine" is intended only for external application. Avoid contact with eyes and other mucous membranes, otherwise this may cause severe irritation.

If you develop allergies, stop using the cream immediately.

Price and analogues of the antifungal agent

The price of the cream "Terbinafine" is about 130-160 rubles( for 15 g tuba).Other forms of release of the drug may have a higher cost.

How can I replace the terbinafine medication? Analogs of this drug are sold in all pharmacies. They include the following: Atifin, Brahizil, Binafin, Lamizil, Lamitel, Lamikan, Myconorm, Onychon, Mycoterbin, Tebikur, Terbiks, Terbizil, Fungoterbine. cream terbinafine from nail fungus

Comments of consumers about the drug

Currently, the drug "Terbinafine" in various forms of release has a good reputation, since a complete cure for fungal lesions is achieved in most cases.

Correctly applying a remedy, it quickly enough relieves a person of unpleasant problems.

As for negative reports, most often they are left by people who have not completed the full course of treatment or used the medication irregularly.