Healing herbs half-fallen: reviews, applications, properties

Medicinal plants have long and successfully used in both folk and traditional medicine. Some of them are well known to us - chamomile and valerian, St. John's wort and celandine, hawthorn and mountain ash, etc. Many others did not even hear of others. half pala reviews

Today, the heroine of our article will be half-fallen. Reviews allow us to talk about the powerful healing effect of this plant. On each continent there are herbs that can be used in the treatment of various diseases. Many of their types are exported to other countries. For example, the medicinal herb half-fallen still recently supplied with its homeland - the island of Ceylon.

Aerva lanata( Erva woolly) - botanical name - since 1992 is included in the register of plants that are allowed to be used in Russia. In addition, today there is a technology for growing half-pala in industrial quantities in the Russian climate. the floor has been filled with instructions for use


This is a two-year-old grass, belonging to the family of amaranth. The plant has a core gray-white root with a diameter of up to 7 mm. Its length can reach 18 cm. There are lateral branches. Stems erect or creeping, green, branching at the base. Their height is 140 cm, diameter is 10 mm. The leaves are elliptical or almost round in shape, alternate, pubescent, with short petioles( up to 20 mm).

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Flowers are five-membered, small, with a simple pericolor of light green or cream color, located in spicate inflorescences. Flowering begins in June-July and continues until the frosts. Fruits ripen in August.

Fruit is a small rounded capsule with a slightly elongated spout. In addition to Ceylon, the woolly Erwa grows in Saudi Arabia, Africa, India, Australia, Indonesia. In the territory of the former Soviet Union, it is grown in the Caucasus, in Western Georgia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. In the beginning, seedlings are grown from seed( in greenhouses), then transferred to open ground. flooring properties

Composition of

Half-fallen, the reviews about which from folk healers are enthusiastic, scientists have not yet fully studied. Today there is confirmed information that this herb contains amino acids, specific alkaloids, saturated hydrocarbons and flavonoids. Half a pale contains many salts of calcium, potassium and silicic acid.

Pol-pala: instructions for use

Phytomedication, characterized by pronounced diuretic, anti-inflammatory, salt-removing, antiseptic and antispasmodic properties, is used for complex treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system. the floor has been filled with instructions for use

Half-pala is produced in the form of dried and chopped herb wool grass. Raw materials are packaged in packs of 100/50 grams. A cardboard pack contains one package.

Pharmacological properties of

The properties of a half-pallet allow it to be used to strengthen the heart muscle, enhance immunity. With urethritis, urolithiasis, pyelonephritis, cystitis, the drug is used as an excretory salt and a diuretic. Effectively removes inflammation of the bladder, kidneys, urinary tract. curative grass floor fell

Half-fallen, the price of which is quite affordable, differs antiseptic activity. This herb effectively cleans the body of toxins, normalizes the salt balance. Half-fallen( patients' reviews confirm this) promotes the dissolution and excretion of stones from the kidneys. In addition, Erva wool is successfully used in the complex treatment of prostatitis, polyarthritis, atherosclerosis, pancreatic diseases and liver cirrhosis.

Successful use of a half-pallet with peptic ulcer, polyp in the stomach, tumors of the uterus, ovaries, bladder has been recorded. Adjusts the work of the digestive tract.

Indications for use

Today is widely used half-fallen. Instructions for use recommend the use of raw materials with:

  • urolithiasis( in the initial stage);
  • inflammatory diseases of the urethra, kidneys, ureters and bladder;
  • electrolyte metabolism disorders - spondylosis, gout, polyarthritis;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • diabetic nephropathy;
  • edema of various genesis.

Methods of use and dose

Phytopreparation half-fallen is recommended for preparation of infusions for internal use. To achieve the maximum therapeutic effect, the drug should be taken for a quarter of an hour before meals.

Preparation of

Pour two tablespoons of raw materials into an enameled container, pour 250 ml of boiled hot water and put on a water bath( 15 minutes).Cool the formulation( at 18-25 ° C) for 45 minutes. Infuse the infusion, dilute with drinking water to a volume of 250 ml.

The duration of treatment and the dosage of the drug is prescribed by the doctor. Usually, adult patients are prescribed up to 100 ml three times a day. Patients under 14 years - one tablespoon twice a day. To adolescents older than 14 years - 30 ml three times a day. The course of treatment should not exceed 30 days( depending on the patient's condition).the floor fell off contraindications

Side effect of

Half-fallen( patients' reviews allow us to state this), as a rule, it is well tolerated. In rare cases, slight attacks of nausea may appear with the drug. In patients with increased individual sensitivity to half-pale, angioedema and allergic skin reactions may develop. In this case, the drug should be withdrawn. the floor fell the price


Many valuable properties have half-fallen. This herb also has contraindications. It is inadmissible to use drugs based on woolly erva to treat patients with concrements, larger in size than the diameter of the ureter. In addition, the use of half-palae in osteoporosis and diseases accompanied by hypercalcemia is contraindicated.

It is not recommended to use infusions and decoctions to treat children under 12 years old. The drug can be used during pregnancy and lactation only after a thorough assessment of the benefits and possible risks.

Storage conditions

Phytopreparation half-fallen is stored for three years from the date of manufacture in a dry room at a temperature of no more than + 30 ° C.Ready-made infusion should be used within 48 hours.

Tea from the erva

This drink is recommended during the outbreak of infectious and colds. This is an excellent preventive tool that helps to strengthen immunity. In addition, the tea from the half-pala liquefies the mucus that accumulates in the bronchi, and helps its rapid withdrawal. The drink is prepared in the same way as regular tea. Pour two small spoons of raw material with boiling water( 250 ml) in a porcelain teapot and let it brew for fifteen minutes. To drink it is better in the morning( on an empty stomach) and before a dream.

Patient feedback

According to many people who have been treated with grass, this is really a powerful and effective tool - the grass is half-fallen. The patients' comments indicate a significant improvement in the treatment of gout, spondylosis, and diseases of the genitourinary system. Good help broths and infusions of herbs from swelling. Many believe that it is quite affordable at half-ruble cost. Price of grass - from 65 to 200 rubles( depending on weight, pharmacy chain and manufacturer)

All without exception, patients note that it is necessary to strictly comply with the dosage and recommendations of a doctor. In addition, they recommend taking half-pala preparations through a straw, as they negatively affect the tooth enamel.