Oseltamivir: trade name, analogs, instructions for use, composition and reviews

Antiviral drugs are in great demand among the population of the country in the period of epidemics and increased morbidity. These drugs can not only quickly cure pathology, but also increase immunity. The compositions are used both for elimination of pathology and for preventive purposes. One of the active substances effective against viruses of all kinds, including influenza, is oseltamivir. Trade name, analogues of the drug will be presented to your attention below. You will learn about the reviews that the medicine has. Also, you can get acquainted with the description and instruction on the use of the drug.


What is oseltamivir?

The trade name, analogs, the price of this active substance will be presented to you somewhat later. First, you need to clarify some information about it. Oseltamivir, or oseltamivir, is an antiviral. Most often the component is used to treat influenza. Also, the drug has some immunomodulating activity.

What is the description of oseltamivir? Oseltamyvirum is an inhibitor of neurominidase. The peculiarity of its action is that the drug binds to viruses and suppresses compounds that are released from healthy human particles after a reaction with the pathogenic flora. Oseltamivir prevents further reproduction of the virus in the body and thereby stops the deterioration of the patient.

Oseltamivir: trade name

Analogs of the drug will be described for you in the next paragraph. Before that you will learn what name this product has on the pharmacological market. In the pharmacy network you can buy a drug called "Tamiflu."Its active substance is precisely oseltamivir.

The drug is available in the form of capsules and suspensions. One tablet contains up to 75 mg of oseltamivir. In 1 ml of syrup, 12 mg of this component is present. In addition, the composition of the drug includes other ingredients. It is starch and povidone, sodium fumar and talc. If you are talking about syrup, then here are components such as sorbitol, titanium dioxide, sodium benzoate, saccharin, flavors and so on.

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How can I replace a medication?

You have already learned which active ingredient under the name oseltamivir has a trade name. Analogues of the drug "Tamiflu" - a drug that has the same composition or an identical effect on the human body. If we are talking about absolute substitutes, then we can say that there are none. The active substance oseltamivir is unique and is represented only in the medicine "Tamiflu".There is an analogue of the drug, which is also an inhibitor of neurominidase. By their action, these drugs are almost identical. The trade name of this drug is Relenza.

There are substitutes for the described medication, which work differently. However, they can similarly suppress the multiplication of the virus and have an immunomodulatory effect. Among them - compounds that have trade names "Isoprinozin", "Ergoferon", "Cycloferon" and so on.

tamiflu oseltamivir and its analogues instruction

Cost of medicine

How much is Tamiflu medication? Depending on the place of your residence, the price of this compound can vary. However, the average range has a spread from 890 to 1200 rubles. At this price you can buy tablets( capsules) or powder, from which the suspension for oral administration is subsequently prepared.

It is worth noting that during a period of increased incidence of influenza, the price of a medicine may increase. Reviews of pharmacists say that it is advisable to buy the compound in the summer or spring time, when the peak of the epidemics is on the decline, and keep it always in the home medicine chest.

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Indications for use

The medicines "Tamiflu"( oseltamivir) and its analogs are used exclusively for the prescription of the doctor. The instruction reports the following indications for the use of the medication:

  • influenza A and B;
  • acute viral diseases;
  • prevention of viral diseases, including influenza of different strains.

It is worth to clarify one feature. For the purpose of treatment, the medication can be used in all patients over the age of one year. However, prevention is permissible only in adults and children after 12 years.

Restrictions specified in the annotation

What else can you say about a substance called oseltamivir? Trade name, analogues of this substance you already know. The antiviral component has limitations in the application. They are always mentioned in the instructions for use.

The composition is not assigned to children until one year. The exception is only especially dangerous situations when it comes to the life of the patient. The medication is not used for hypersensitivity to its components. In this case, you should choose the analogues of the medication, which are indicated above. With renal failure, the composition can aggravate the patient's condition. It is advisable to change the tactics of treatment or choose a substitute for a medicine.

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How to use

What can I say about the method of taking a substance such as oseltamivir? Instructions for the use of drugs( analogs and their names are presented to your attention above) always contains information on the method of using a particular drug. Be sure to familiarize yourself with it before use.

Tamiflu in capsules is prescribed to children aged 8 years, one capsule per day. After 12 years and adults, the drug prescribed in the morning and evening for one tablet. The duration of treatment is up to 5 days.

Children under 8 years of age are shown as a suspension. For its preparation you will need clean chilled water. Mix well the liquid with the powder, then use a measuring spoon to separate out the indicated dose. Babies with a body weight of up to 15 kg are prescribed 30 mg of oseltamivir twice a day. At a weight of up to 23 kg, the serving is increased to 45 mg with the same multiplicity of administration. If the weight of the child is in the range of 23 to 40 kg, then a single dose of 65 mg of the active ingredient is indicated to him. The duration of therapy should not exceed 5 days.

For prophylaxis, the formulation is prescribed 75 mg once a day for one to six weeks.

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Reviews about the drug

What is the opinion of consumers about the substance called oseltamivir? Analogues and drug substitutes have a much more attractive cost. This is reported by most patients. However, the effectiveness of the described medication is unique. The drug is able to overcome very severe forms of influenza, which include swine and poultry. Consumers say that when it comes to health, then no money is not a pity.

There are patients who took this medication in the acute course of the infections described above. At the same time, their recovery was more rapid. Those individuals who started the correction in the first two days of the disease did not experience any complications.

You have become aware of such an active substance as oseltamivir. Instruction, analogues and reviews about the preparation of Tamiflu, which contains it, are presented to your attention. Remember that you should not self-medicate. Be sure to consult a doctor when the first symptoms of malaise occur. Health to you!