Medication "Immar": instructions for use, composition, analogues

Walking in the evening on the street and enjoying the clean air, many of us do not even suspect that a late walk can cause a disease such as malaria.

And mosquitoes can infect each person's malarial parasites.

immard instruction manual The inconspicuous bite of a double-winged insect of the mosquito family can result in an unforeseen hospital. If only about ten years ago this illness did not go beyond the borders of the African continent, today anopheles( malarial mosquitoes) are found everywhere. So the bite of annoying insects can not be left without proper attention today.

Insidious malaria: how to deal with it

This disease manifests itself by a sharp increase in temperature, headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and all these symptoms are accompanied by a sluggish sleep state. A person can even fall into a coma.

immad tablets instruction description You can not fight against malaria on your own. There is a risk of accelerating the development of the disease. If you develop a mosquito after biting the above signs, you should immediately call an ambulance.

The source of infection can be not only mosquitoes, but also infected people. Infecting drug addicts using one syringe can infect each other, a pregnant woman can transmit an infection to a fetus in utero, it is possible to catch malaria even during a blood transfusion.

immard tablets instructions for use and reviews The main methods of combating malaria are treatment with effective medications. Preventive measures that significantly reduce the risk of contracting malaria are directed mainly at protecting against mosquitoes:

  • installation of mosquito devices in the home;
  • treatment of clothing and body before going to the street in the evening, at night or in places where there are clearly observed large concentrations of mosquitoes, special aerosols;
  • application of a cream with a fragrance that mosquitoes do not tolerate;
  • use of electrofumigators in the house;
  • refuses to travel in regions where malaria epidemics often occur;according to statistics, most often the disease is brought from abroad by tourists and seamen of long voyages.

It's simply impossible to protect yourself from mosquitoes one hundred percent. Many can say that malaria is a trifle, but those who have had to endure all the complexities of the course of the illness are not considered so.

Fortunately, our pharmacies offer medicines that are able to fight malaria parasites - plasmodia. Due to their presence in our country, there has never been an epidemiological malarial outbreak.

Immard medication: formulation, form of production

This is one of the effective drugs that is applicable for the treatment of malaria. It is more often than other drugs found in prescriptions of doctors. A very detailed description of the drug "Immard"( pills) instruction. The composition of the pills: hydroxychloroquine sulfate( the main active substance) is 200 mg, the auxiliary components are polysorbate 80, talcum, corn starch, magnesium stearate, calcium hydrogen phosphate, colloidal silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, macrogol, hypromellose.

They are white or milky, round in shape, biconvex. On one side is engraved "HCQS".

Immar Tablets The "Immar" tablets are released( instructions for use indicate) in ten blister packs that are packed in a cardboard box. The medicine is dispensed exclusively on the prescription of the doctor.

Many doctors advise patients to pay attention to the country of the manufacturer of the medication, this data contains an instruction for the use of the Immard preparation. The manufacturer of the original remedy is Ipka Laboratories Ltd., India.

Influence of Immard tablets on the body of a patient with malaria

The drug is characterized by antimalarial, immunosuppressive, anti-amoebic, anti-inflammatory effects.

Since malaria parasites can cause damage to all internal organs, the Immard tablets are recommended for use immediately after diagnosis by a doctor. The earlier treatment begins, the less chance the disease has to harm the human body.

The maximum concentration of a therapeutic agent in the blood is observed after three hours after administration. The medicine "Immard" is accumulated( the instruction for use focuses attention on this moment) in the lungs, spleen, liver and kidneys.

From the body the drug is excreted through the kidneys and with bile. The very stable effect of Immard tablets is due to the delay in their constituent components in the body for a long period of time after the therapy.

Diagnoses under which the preparation is prescribed

Immard medication( instructions for use indicates this point) is suitable not only for the treatment of malaria of varying degrees of complexity and caused by different strains of malarial parasites. This drug is also effective in the fight against lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, photodermatitis, its purpose is appropriate in the treatment of bronchial asthma. A wide range of the drug is due to its unique composition.

Strict contraindications for the use of

The instructions for use with the Immard preparation do not recommend treatment for pregnant women and nursing mothers, children under three years of age.

When manifestations of allergic reactions to the components of the drug from its use are refused and pass to analogs.

With caution, the drug is taken with liver and kidney, eye, central nervous system, psychosis, psoriasis, retinopathy.

Dosage of the drug

As for the preparation "Immard"( tablets), the instructions for use and reviews focus on the fact that its correct dosage is very important.

Adults and the elderly are prescribed a daily dose of 200 or 400 mg. The child's dose is determined based on body weight, and adjusted by the attending physician depending on the patient's condition.

Daily dose should not exceed 800 mg. The drug is taken under medical supervision.

Pills are taken while eating, are washed down( pay attention at this time) not with water, but with a glass of warm milk.

Possible side effects that can be caused by taking the drug

Immard, a drug whose instructions and testimonials indicate possible side effects, refers to complex drugs. Actively acts on the cellular level. In studies of the positive and negative effects of the drug on the body of sick people, the following disadvantages were noted: dizziness, headaches, weight loss, nervous breakdowns, seizures, decreased vision, atrophy of the optic nerve, diarrhea, nausea accompanied by vomiting, skin itching, psoriasis.

immad pills instruction composition The drug causes undesirable side effects when it is used incorrectly: non-compliance with the intake regimen, overestimation of dosage. Therefore, it should be taken only strictly according to the purpose and under the supervision of the treating doctor.

Cases of overdose. How to be?

Overdose with Immard is dangerous to people's lives. With special care, the medicine is prescribed for children.

When the dose is exceeded, lowering blood pressure, stopping breathing, stopping the heart, coma, loss of vision. Overdose is especially dangerous for children, in whom it can cause death.

First aid for an unregulated dose of a drug - gastric lavage, forced diuresis and further symptomatic therapy.

What should I pay special attention to during treatment with the drug?

Immard tablets are prescribed only after an ophthalmological examination. Throughout the time of therapy, doctors monitor the cellular composition of the blood, observing the improvement of the patient's condition or deterioration of his well-being, taking the necessary measures.

immard instruction and application reviews

What kind of analog medicines can I replace with the Immard tablets?

The instructions for use do not indicate analogues. Only the attending physician selects a replacement for the drug. Only two medicines stand in a row with him. Doctors often recommend Plakvenil and Hydroxychloroquine( Sanofi-Synthelabo Ltd, Edgefield Avenue Faudon Newcastle-on-Tyne NE3 3TT, Great Britain).

Reviews of doctors and patients about the preparation

When prescribing a medicine, doctors clearly follow the postulates that point to the "Immar"( tablets) medication. Analogues are acceptable in those cases when the medicine is not suitable for the patient's body in terms of physical health, side effects, due to individual intolerance. It's not right to make a mistake in prescribing a dose. Given the similarity of the symptoms of malaria with many other diseases, this medicine is prescribed by doctors with increased caution.

medication immard instruction manual However, in their opinion, it is not possible to apply it in medical practice, even despite the side effects, which indicate the medication "Immard"( tablets) instruction. The positive effect in the treatment of malaria outweighs the possible negative effects of taking the drug.

In our country, outbreaks of malaria are not observed, isolated cases are effectively treated with the drug "Immar".All the sick people who experienced the effect of the medication personally on themselves, note a rapid positive result in therapy.

People who suffer from bronchial asthma respond positively about Immard tablets. For many, the drug is a real cure for coughing.

There are reviews of this tool and people suffering from lupus erythematosus. In this case, the doctor's ailment is most often prescribed for Immard tablets for therapy. After taking a course of treatment, many of the patients feel relieved.

If malaria is completely cured, then lupus erythematosus is one of a number of chronic diseases, it is not easy to fight it. The medication Immard( pills) helps, the instruction, the description of which indicates that the drug significantly inhibits irreversible malfunctions in the immune system of the human body.

Hereditary hereditary and acquired ailments can not be cured at one time. Some patients have to undergo several courses of treatment with the drug in question. Its effect depends on the severity of the disease and the physical potential of the human body to restore its strength in the fight against infections.

Do not forget that with bothersome bloodsucking insects you must always be alert. In case of malaise, it is better to seek help from a medical institution, because self-treatment is dangerous to health.