What if my ear hurts after diving?

Almost every person has experienced at least once in his life an earache. Sensation is clearly not pleasant. The most frequent cases of pain are water ingress into the ears. This can happen while taking a shower, bathing in a river, swimming pool or bath. From many vacationers on the sea coast you can often hear: "My ear hurts after diving into the sea."If you do not take any measures in this situation, then the probability of serious complications increases, coping with them will not be so easy.

sore ear after diving

Symptoms of ear pain

Our auricles do not have natural protection against water penetration. With intensive swimming, diving to depth, it prinikaet in the middle ear, reaching the level of the tympanum. The membrane in this case carries the function of fencing. If the ear hurts after diving, then it means that pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms have got into it with water.

Even when there is little fluid, we feel characteristic gurgling and discomfort in the auricle. A small amount of water spontaneously can flow out, it is only to tilt the head. In the case when this does not happen, the liquid left in the ear provokes its inflammation and, as a result, strong pain sensations. Anyone who has ever experienced this condition, knows firsthand that the pain can sometimes be unbearable and can not be avoided without the help of a doctor.

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after diving the ear hurts what to do

When the ear hurts after diving, doctors, diagnosing, pronounce the phrase "swimmer's ear", while noting the following symptoms:

  • uncomfortable condition of the area around the ear canal;
  • feeling of itching;
  • swelling of the parotid tissue;
  • congestion.

Against the background of the above symptoms from the shells pus may ooze. This sign indicates a strong inflammatory process that can cause serious changes in the hearing aid. Self-medication, when the ear hurts after diving and there are purulent discharge, is strictly prohibited. Such negligence can lead to serious complications, up to the loss of hearing.

hurts ear after diving how to heal

Pain Diagnosis

For help, you should consult a doctor of a narrow specialization, since the pediatrician and the therapist are not always competent in this matter. Diseases of the ears are treated by an otorhinolaryngologist( ENT).He, using a medical otoscope, will conduct an examination of the ear canals, including the state of the tympanic membrane. Repeatedly doctors of this specialization hear complaints that after diving the ear hurts. What to do in a similar situation, the doctor will explain in detail to the patient. If an additional examination is required, he will offer to take an X-ray.

Methods of treatment

If the ear hurts after diving, how to treat it, can only determine the doctor. Having inspected and examined the X-ray, the specialist will determine which preparations will be used in this case.

First of all, remove all accumulated water until an irreversible inflammatory process has started. To achieve the purpose, soft cotton flagellum will do, but they should be used carefully. But cotton wands for this purpose are not suitable, because intense movements can damage the eardrum or push the sulfur deep inside. Some patients do not attach importance to this, but in vain. It should be known that sulfur accumulated in the auricle, when a liquid hits, has the property of swelling. Sour gray plugs increase in volume and can cause discomfort. Perhaps that's why the ear hurts after diving. How to treat this condition?

sore ear after diving into the sea

To remove inflammation and reduce pain in the ears, drops that can be bought at any pharmacy kiosk will help. But still you should not self-medicate. If there are characteristic symptoms of the disease, you need to seek qualified help from an otorhinolaryngologist, this will avoid possible complications.

In the case when purulent discharge is noticeable and the patient notes that the ear hurts after diving, the ENT will prescribe a cleansing procedure for the passage, which can only be performed by a specialist. The ear canal is cleaned with a cotton swab from the pus and the medicinal product of the disinfectant is poured into it.

Use of medicines

Consider the most common drugs for the treatment of otitis media. These include:

  • "Софрадекс".
  • "Dioxydin".
  • "Otofa".
  • "Okomistin".
  • "Otypaks".

All these medicines have anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities, but one must remember that any medication can cause certain side effects. Therefore, before using them, you should carefully read the instructions that are attached to the drug.

sore ear after diving

Representatives of the older generation very often use for compressing otitis compresses from a solution of boric alcohol. In hospital conditions a solution of furacilin, salicylic alcohol, "Albucid" is used.

The use of folk remedies

Folk wisdom has developed its methods and recipes, tested by more than one generation for the treatment of pain. Therefore, if after diving the ear hurts, what to do in a similar situation, our grandmothers know. Folk remedies have been used for centuries for the treatment of various ailments, here is just a small list of products that help with pain in the ears:

  • Boiled onion acts as an analgesic.
  • A few drops of red beet juice will reduce pain.
  • Infusion of chamomile field, having antiseptic properties, will eliminate inflammation.

The main thing is to remember that if there is a rupture of the tympanic membrane, such recipes will not have a positive effect. They can remove only a minor inflammation.

What should I do if my children's ears hurt after diving?

Children are very fond of water procedures, especially recreation at sea. They frolic and dive, because of what the water can get into your ears. If the fluid is not removed in time, an inflammatory process may begin, which is often accompanied by fever and suppuration. If the ear hurts after diving at the child, postpone the visit to the doctor can not.

ear hurts after diving in the baby

Drugs that can be used to treat adults are not always suitable for children, so it's best to consult a specialist. It may be necessary to clean the ear passage from the liquid, and making it yourself is unrealistic.

With painful sensations do not delay the visit to the doctor, because lost time only contributes to the development of complications that can lead to loss of hearing ability.