The drug "Modelform": reviews of doctors, instructions for use and composition

Excruciating extra pounds? Modern drug for weight loss "Modelform"( recall for the recall show its effective effect on the body) will help to lose weight. Will change not only the body, but also life. It acts delicately and does not harm the body. Contains only natural ingredients.

General information

"Modelform"( the recall of not one woman says that the drug has no side effects) is a biologically active additive to food. Contains a state-of-the-art complex Elegreenall, which, depending on the age of the woman( 18+, 30+ or ​​40+) is enhanced by natural additional ingredients.

BAA is encapsulated in large capsules, having a mass of 360 mg, which, in turn, are packaged in 15 pieces per blister. The package contains two blisters and instructions for use.

"Modelform" of three ages

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A woman at different age periods of life is losing weight in different ways. Here, to achieve the result, we need an individual approach. In the age group from 18 to 29 years, the metabolic processes in the body of a woman are intense. Helps to remove the weight of proper nutrition and exercise. Ladies from 30 to 39 years old lose weight more slowly. In this situation, in addition to the normalization of nutrition and fitness, it is necessary to remove from the body the toxins that have accumulated in the body for all these years.

At the fair sex for forty significantly reduced physical activity. The consequences of stress, excessive stress and fatigue are no longer completely traced, and are reflected not only on the skin, but also on the general condition of the whole organism. In addition, hormonal restructuring in every way contributes to a set of extra pounds. At this age in the fight against obesity involve a whole arsenal of various means. This is the right diet, physical activity, body cleansing, and drugs that stimulate metabolic processes.

Specialists of the German company Farmaplant acted wisely and created a special three-age model of weight loss. To enhance the effect on the official website, the company offers each age category a ready-made menu and a set of special exercises that, in addition to the "Modelform" cocktail( recall of the lady's note, indicate weight loss of up to 3-4 kg per month) contribute to the process of losing weight.

So, dietary supplements for weight loss is divided into three age groups:

  • "Modelform 18+", for girls from 18 to 29 years.
  • «Modelform 30+», suitable for women of the age category from 30 to 39 years.
  • "Modelform 40+", is intended for ladies from the age of 40 years.

A woman can always remain young and attractive, this is exactly what this system emphasizes, for which age is not a hindrance.

Composition of the preparation

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Composition of the preparation "Modelform"( the review of more than one lady notes the content of natural ingredients in the product), depending on the age category varies. Unchanged is the super-innovative complex Elegreenall, which contains three main plant components, is:

  • Extract of bitter orange. Inexhaustible source of cinephrine. Stimulates metabolism, reduces the feeling of hunger, helps remove extra pounds. Fruitful influence on thermogenesis. Increases the rate of fission of fats. Tones, relieves fatigue. Increases activity.
  • Psyllium. Contains dietary fibers that contribute to weight loss. They give the body a sense of satiety for a long period, which reduces the amount of food consumed. Improves the process of assimilation of fats and carbohydrates. Restores digestive processes, controls the work of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Extract medlar of the Japanese. Has in composition korsolievuyu acid, potassium, vitamin C and provitamin A in a fairly large amount. Accelerates metabolism. Lowers the index of lipids and sugar in the blood. Helps reduce body weight.

Each complex( 18+, 30+ or ​​40+) contains additional substances that affect weight loss. So, the preparation "18+" includes an additional additive of forskolin in an amount of 10%.This is a natural component that is extracted from a plant such as Coleus Forskolia. Its extract effectively suppresses all signs of appetite. Accelerates metabolism, stimulates the breakdown of fat, gives energy. As a result of these processes, there is a loss of extra pounds. This component is introduced to reduce the desire to eat fast carbohydrates, such as fast foods, sweets, flour products.

In the preparation "Modelform 30+", in addition to forskolin, a psyllium was introduced, which was already used in the Elegreenall complex. The specialists explain its repeated introduction by strengthening the regulation of hunger and increasing detoxification properties.

In a pill marked "40+" not only forskolin was added, but also extracts of such herbs as momordica harantia and pueraria. The first enriches the body of a woman with calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium. Regulates the food addiction of a woman, improves the digestive process and effectively splits fat. Promotes faster removal of toxins from the body, reduces blood sugar. The second plant component( pueraria) contains in its composition indispensable for the organism ladies phytoestrogens( genistein and daidzein).They normalize the hormonal balance, because its failure causes obesity in women during pre- and postmenopause. In addition, the extract of pueraria strengthens the body, restores strength, positively influences the reproductive properties, the work of the heart and blood vessels, normalizes lipid metabolism.

"Modelform": instructions for use

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Reviews of women claim that the capsules are easy to use. They need to be taken once a day, at any time convenient for a woman, with plenty of water, at least 200 ml.

Says that you need to take at least two months of the preparation "Modelform", instructions for use. Price( reviews say that the product helps to gradually reduce weight, not more than four kilograms per month) dietary supplement, compared with similar products for weight loss, is acceptable. The course reception of tablets can be repeated as long as desired. But without consulting a specialist, they should not be abused.

Dragee can be bought at a pharmacy or specialized stores. The date of manufacture of the product is on the package, and the expiration date is three years from the date of manufacture.

Store biologically active additive recommended in a cool and dry place protected from children. The temperature regime should not exceed 25 ° C.


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The drug is recommended for women who want to maintain their weight in an ideal condition, wanting to get rid of a constant craving for food. It is a secondary source of synephrine production. Has in composition korsolievuyu acid and forskolin.

Consultation of a specialist before taking a diet for weight loss is mandatory.


The drug does not cause side effects, but in spite of this, an allergy or individual intolerance to the substances contained in it is prohibited by its reception. Do not take a biologically active supplement during pregnancy and lactation. The woman's organism at this time is vulnerable, and the effect of the drug on the woman during this period has not been sufficiently studied. Do not take dietary supplements to men, as dragees are adapted only for the female body.

Distinctive properties of the preparation

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Not once confirmed the effective effect on the body of preparations "Modelform 18+", "Modelform 30+" and "Modelform 40+" reviews. The price of tablets is a pleasant bonus to their amazing properties. Among the latter stands out:

  • loss of extra pounds;
  • appetite control;
  • has a positive effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • improving the processing of fats and carbohydrates without depositing them in the fat folds;
  • increased tone, improved well-being;
  • appearance of strength and vigor;
  • disposal of the body from toxins and toxins;
  • normalization of hormone levels after forty;
  • strengthening effect in pre- and postmenopause;
  • reduced consumption of rapidly digestible carbohydrates.

"Modelform": the price of

Many ladies say that this dietary supplement for weight loss has a pleasant price. This in no way reduces the effectiveness of the drug "Modelform".The price( reviews say that thanks largely to it, paid attention to this tool), recommended for sale in pharmacies and other places, is 950 rubles. Often the drug is sold for a stock of 1 + 1, that is, for the purchase of one product they give one more for free. Two boxes just enough for the course.

Customer Reviews and Physicians

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Not the most flattering opinion of specialists deserved "Modelform 40+".Doctors( not all) say that extracts of medlar, mommordics and pueraria do not in any way reduce body weight, and forskolin, which is effective enough to fight excess kilograms, is contained in small amounts that are not able to help with obesity. But many nutritionists disagree with this statement and prescribe a drug to reduce weight to their patients.

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A lot of positive things can be heard from women about the tool "Modelform 40 Plus".Reviews note weight loss even in cases where other funds have not helped. First, the process of losing weight was invisible, but with each month the kilograms continued to go more and more. Many are impressed by the opinion of the well-known in Russia fitness trainer Irina Turchinskaya, who represents this drug. They say that people like her simply can not position a bad product. There is also an improvement in overall well-being, a weakening of cravings for food, sweets and flour. Some noted that the skin and hair became better. There was cheerfulness, vigor, a healthy sleep was restored. Positively respond about natural ingredients, the absence of side effects and the author's complex of exercises from Turchinskaya, which helps gently work through all the problem areas.

"Modelform"( reviews of doctors can be found both positive and negative) - certainly not a panacea for obesity, but in combating obesity, all means are good, especially since the drug is completely natural and does not harm the body.