Contact lenses Biomedics 55 Evolution. Specifications, user manual, reviews

Let's figure out what the Biomedics 55 Evolution lenses are. This product is popular all over Russia. And it is he who is often advised in a variety of clinics to those who want to adjust vision with lenses. There are reasons for this. But is this option so good and convenient? Maybe it's just that the value of the product is high and that's why clinics recommend it for purchase? For own benefit. Or is it really Biomedics 55 Evolution lenses that cope well with their tasks? biomedics 55 evolution lenses


Contact lenses Cooper Vision Biomedics 55 Evolution receive pretty good reviews from buyers and doctors. But why? As already mentioned, there are reasons for that.

For example, this is their type. We are dealing with lenses of a monthly action. They are considered the most effective in terms of vision correction. And this is more than good. Yes, many buyers claim that this method is not entirely and not always convenient - every month to go to the optics salon and buy a new pair of lenses - not the best version of the development of events. But vision is corrected quickly and qualitatively. Contact lenses Cooper Vision Biomedics 55 UV - this is what everyone needs, worried about their eyes. In addition, this product refers to the "soft" variety of optics.


An important point is the possibility of choosing different dioptries for vision correction. After all, not all manufacturers are ready to provide goods that correct "neglected" cases. lens biomedics 55 evolution reviews

In our situation, Biomedics 55 Evolution lenses receive the best reviews. Even if you have severe nearsightedness or farsightedness, the monthly versions of this firm will definitely suit you. Restrictions on dioptries are still available. For example, it is worth considering that when the vision is below -6 or higher +8 the option does not work. It would be better to use glasses. Or do an operation to correct vision.

If there are deviations in the range of refraction -6 and +8, you can safely purchase Biomedics 55 Evolution lenses and use them for their intended purpose. Do not be afraid, even with terrible vision, the product is not perceived by the eye. After all, it is ultra-thin. And all this, as the buyers note, does not harm the quality of the application.

Advantages of

Every tool and optics has its pros and cons. What are they in our situation? Biomedics 55 Evolution is a soft lens that will provide a reliable treatment for your eyes. Thanks to numerous positive aspects, the wearing process will be pleasant and safe.

As it was already noticed, this variant differs in its subtlety. The lens thickness is 0.05 mm. A convex surface always makes it easy to determine whether you are going to wear the optics correctly. High water content( 55%) does not harm the eyes, and also protects them from a variety of radiation and light.

In addition, Biomedics 55 Evolution lenses protect the eyes from damage to the retina, cataracts and burns. And buyers also emphasize that the availability of products makes shopping and use even more enjoyable than imaginable. There is also a small secret to the product - it corrects the vision for not one but three months. If you do not have the opportunity exactly after 4 weeks to buy and put on a new pair, then in the "reserve" will be about two months to make a purchase without harm to one's health. contact lenses cooper vision biomedics 55 uv

Instruction for use

Biomedics 55 Evolution lenses, the instructions of which are quite simple, as you can see, really worthy of attention. From the correct handling of optics, the quality and speed of vision correction depends. And now we have to figure out what to do to make Biomedics 55 lenses always happy with us.

To begin with it is worth remembering that the optics should be stored in a special solution. Due to its composition, Biomedics lenses allow the use of any firm of this product. The most common option is "ReNu".But if he did not arrange you for some reason, then there is always the possibility of changing the solution.

Depending on the individual characteristics of the eye, once every 2 weeks, Biomedics 55 Evolution lenses, reviews of which please many, require some kind of cleaning. Using special tablets and solution. As practice shows, this procedure is necessary only with increased dryness of the eye. In all other cases, it is sufficient to simply place the lenses daily in a special solution.

Among other things, the time of action of our products is long. All day. This means that you can put on lenses early in the morning, and take off only when you go to bed. Most manufacturers allow to carry optics for 6-8 hours. Not always this condition is comfortable and pleasant.

You can not wear lenses at night. For this purpose, special night-time lenses are sold. But this is no longer Biomedics 55. Biomedix has similar products, although it is not as popular as daytime options. contact lenses cooper vision biomedics 55 evolution

Availability and price

As already noted, the availability and price tag for Biomedics 55 Evolution are regular moments that please consumers. And here it is necessary to emphasize that sometimes lenses of this brand can be found even in the most remote places of your city, in the smallest salons of optics. In the range, in most cases, there are all ranges of diopters. This makes the selection of lenses pleasant and fast.

Cost, of course, is also pleasant. In Moscow, for example, Biomedics 55 Evolution will cost you 850 rubles, and in Kaliningrad - 550. The region of residence plays an important role here. But, as practice shows, the price tag still remains within 900 rubles. For lenses of a monthly action, this is more than a pleasant price. Most of the competitors offer analogues worth from 1500 rubles. So, Biomedix is ​​a very good producer, offering its products to all segments of the population.

Summing up

What do we have in the end? In fact, Biomedics 55 Evolution is a good choice for those who are not indifferent to vision. Available, practical and convenient to use. In many salons, opticians start their "communication" with contact lenses from the brand in question. biomedics 55 evolution instructions

If you want to buy a quality product that quickly and painlessly corrects your vision, do not leave Biomedix 55 unattended. It is possible that the ophthalmologist will advise "AkuVyu" or another expensive firm-manufacturer. It is better to ask why not Biomedics 55. Often it is our current product that fits all types of eyes. And trying to force you to buy lenses of a different production is just a divorce for money.