Lenses for 2 weeks: advantages, disadvantages and feedback on lenses Acuvue Oasys

Contact lenses are well suited to a huge number of people who for one reason or another decided to give up glasses. For example, many do not like how they look when using the latter. One of the most optimal options in this case are lenses for 2 weeks. They are recommended to be replaced every 14 days.

Who needs two-week contact lenses?

Lenses for 2 weeks

First of all, they will be useful to those people who have sensitive eyes.2 weeks is a short time. Therefore, the lens does not have to be cleaned with substances that can adversely affect the person's health. Two-week varieties have several advantages.

  • Comfort. Lenses for 2 weeks are more comfortable than their analogues, intended for use for a longer period. This can be argued because they do not need to be further cleaned, treated with special solutions. This all saves time, which is an extremely important resource for a person.
  • Price. The shorter the life of the lens, the less expensive it is. It turns out that two important resources are saved - time and money. And the presence of the former stipulates the possibility of earning the second in the present world.
  • Contact lenses for 2 weeks are much thinner than their one-day counterparts. Consequently, they are felt much less visibly before our eyes, which will make it easier to get used to them. In addition, thin lenses are much better than air, which improves the nutrition of the organ of vision with oxygen.

These, as well as other advantages of daily incline a huge number of people in favor of choosing lenses for 2 weeks.

Disadvantages of

Contact lenses 2 weeks

Despite all the obvious advantages, contact lenses for 2 weeks have a number of disadvantages. First, they will cost significantly more than analogues. Wait, how about it? The list of advantages indicated that they are cheaper. All right. They do have a lower price, but if you buy two pairs of lenses( for 2 weeks), then it will total more expensive than one pair per month. Therefore, you need to consider this factor. Contact lenses( 2 weeks - the period of their use) are originally designed to create greater safety for the eyes, so here you have to choose: the price or the absence of harm that a person receives with prolonged use of contact lenses.

Reviews for one of the most popular brands of lenses

acuvue lens oasys 2 weeks reviews

And now a few reviews from people who regularly use this product. One of the most popular on the market are Acuvue Oasys lenses( 2 weeks).Reviews about these lenses are generally positive. The vast majority of people do not see any drawbacks in their use. The second category says that much depends on the solution in which they will be stored. The third category of people claims that these contact lenses interfere with the moisturizing of the eye, which in the future can provoke conjunctivitis. But people dissatisfied with this commodity are a minority. Most of the company's customers say that the Acuvue Oasys lenses have an ideal price-performance ratio. Therefore, if you want to buy relatively inexpensive contact lenses that provide greater safety, you should pay attention to this brand. The probability that you will regret is very small.