A doctor is a specialist with a completed higher medical education: a description of the profession, reviews

A doctor is a professional with a completed higher education in the medical field. To become such a specialist, you will need to obtain a doctoral diploma. Students are trained at the medical faculties of universities.

A specialist in medicine is a profession or a vocation?

The doctor must face a lot of obstacles before becoming the best in his business. Training in this area begins immediately after graduation and lasts at least 6 years. doctor is

Difficulties begin with the first course: you need to learn to absorb a lot of educational material, it is forbidden to miss lectures, as the lack of any information in the future can deprive someone of life. In addition, it is necessary for a long period to move friends and personal life to second place.

Studying at a medical school requires maximum patience, determination, responsibility and goodwill from students. After all, the attending physician can not be cold and unresponsive to someone else's grief.

Sometimes, after giving up their hobbies and plans, the doctor must come to the aid of the person, even when there is a threat to his own health. The specialty of a doctor is much more than just teaching certain knowledge, skills and work. This is a human gift, as well as a place in life.

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Description of the profession

The health worker examines the human body, protects it from illnesses, strengthens people's health, increases their vital functions. Provides simple medical assistance in hospitals, clinics, research and training universities, sanatoriums, dispensaries, dispensaries and polyclinics.

The direction of the doctor's activities is diverse - everything depends on the specialty( pediatrician, surgeon, therapist) and the workplace( hospital, polyclinic).The clinic is visited by people who fell ill the first time. When examining patients, the treating doctor for a short period of time should find out a lot: analyze the patient's condition, establish his diagnosis, determine performance indicators and methods of therapy. pediatrician

Usually the specialist performs preventive procedures, such as:

  • medical examinations;
  • examination of work capacity;
  • vaccinations;
  • dispensary control of patients;
  • , if necessary, sends the patient to the hospital.

In hospitals, however, health workers perform a daily examination of patients, prescribe treatment, perform various manipulations, including surgical interventions, organize meetings and consultations.

Doctor, engaged in medical activities, follows medical morality, including an idea of ​​the medical duty. Any doctor should keep a medical secret.

What is the profession of a physician?

Today, medicine is being perfected very quickly. The emergence of new diseases, wars, catastrophes, natural disasters encourage the search for new solutions and ways to deal with difficulties. In this regard, the ability and agility for new skills are the main features that a specialist must possess. Therapist

Characteristics of the profession depends on how the expert in the medical direction should be able to develop. This is necessary for a constructive conversation between the doctor and the patient. The doctor should also be a psychologist, in order to establish contact with the patient, to awaken in him the confidence in recovery, calmly and confidently talk with all the patients. The essence of the profession of the doctor provides for such obligations:

  • providing assistance;
  • diagnosis and therapy;
  • disease prevention;
  • rehabilitation;
  • establishing the causes of diseases;
  • development and application of the latest medications and diagnostic methods.

Choosing a medical specialty

When you are in residency or internship, you can make a choice regarding medical specialization. A description of the main medical qualifications can help. And you can decide on your own, based on what kind of doctor you are. Reviews about doctors can help in choosing a specialization.


Treats diseases whose therapies are operations. In the conduct of such a specialist is also present the development of techniques, techniques and methods of manufacturing surgical interventions. Specializations of modern surgeons are:

  • Urology;
  • traumatology;
  • Neurosurgery;
  • pulmonology;
  • otorhinolaryngology;
  • microsurgery;
  • ophthalmology;
  • cardiac surgery;
  • plastic surgery;
  • orthopedics. reviews about doctors

First aid doctor

Such doctors work on emergency medical care. The main goal is to provide assistance to the victims, as well as patients on home calls:

  • with cardiovascular and motor system ailments;
  • bone disease;
  • damage to the abdominal and thoracic cavities;
  • for injuries of the nervous system, eyes, nose, musculoskeletal system, ears, throat;
  • strong intoxication;
  • thermal damage;
  • infectious and mental ailments;
  • obstetric-gynecological pathology.


It is considered an expert who knows the sources and symptoms of the expression of various mental illnesses. The doctor should have the skills to warn the patient against such diseases. After all, any doctor is, above all, a psychologist. the essence of the profession of a doctor


The main structural unit in the oncology network is a dispensary. Its main purposes:

  1. Conducting individual therapy.
  2. Timely diagnosis of cancer.
  3. Record patients with diagnosed.
  4. Rehabilitation procedures, as well as the prevention of tumors.

The most important requirement for the correct work of an oncologist is competence. Doctors leading patients in clinics should perform preventive multiple examinations. It is very important to carefully study the symptoms and analyzes of people if there are suspicions of cancer ills.


In his profession, this is a pediatrician. Such a specialist should, first of all, have awareness in his medical activities, know perfectly the properties of the child's organism and the clinic of childhood illnesses. After all, all are conditioned by the future life of the baby. vocation of a doctor


Such a doctor develops the manifestations and effects of unhealthy dependence on psychotropic and narcotic substances, and also conducts prevention, treatment of these disorders.


This is a doctor who studies the formation of diseases of the nervous system and their causes. Such an expert should have ways to diagnose, prevent and treat such diseases.


In addition to the skills of understanding the peculiarities of eye ailments, the ophthalmologist must also understand many common medical problems. Because eye diseases are often considered the expression of various diseases, for example, kidney failure, hypertension and others. Calling a doctor of such a profession at home is not practiced.

Doctor for children

Let's talk in more detail about the doctors involved in the treatment of pediatric toddlers. This profession is quite interesting, but very responsible. This specialist monitors the development of children from birth to 18 years of age. Students who dream of becoming pediatricians are even taught separately from everyone. After all, the health of toddlers needs special attention.

For all ages children have their own peculiarities of formation and appearance of various pathological processes. After all, a big misconception is the notion that a child is a small copy of an adult, so they have similar illnesses. Disorders of psychomotor development, growth, posture are characteristic only for young patients. call a doctor

A pediatrician must have certain qualities, because the doctors always take very severe ailments from the toes. Extinguished eyes that must shine, faded cheeks without a pink shade, sad expressions of faces, uncharacteristic for children, will not leave indifferent the heart of any pediatrician. Actually, therefore, the main focus in pediatrics is the prevention of the origin of diseases.

Pros of the profession

The medical profession has a number of advantages:

  • a health worker helps people in need of help, strengthens and restores their health, sometimes even saves a life;
  • the doctor is indeed the most noble profession;
  • patients are always grateful to specialists who save their lives( reviews about doctors can be heard from most patients only positive).


However, there are also disadvantages of this specialty:

  • a hard work schedule( sometimes doctors need to go on duty on night shifts and holidays);
  • low wages;
  • sometimes have to work in unsafe areas( hot spots, in the areas of natural disasters);
  • is likely to infect doctors working with patients;
  • disease does not always end with an amendment( a patient can die, and almost every doctor takes it hard).