Primidon Medication: instructions for use and reviews

Modern pharmaceutical companies produce a large number of antiepileptic drugs. How to understand the variety of such drugs? To do this, you need to contact an experienced specialist. He will be able to choose the most effective medicine for you, which will contribute to a noticeable treatment of the patient's condition. primidon instruction manual

The most popular antiepileptic drug among patients and doctors is the drug "Primidon".Instructions for the use of this medication, its form of release and properties will be presented below.

Composition, form and packaging

You can buy Primidon in two different forms. It is available in the form of a powder, which is packed in a polyethylene two-layer bag and a carton box, respectively. Also, this product can be purchased in the form of tablets in blisters and cardboard packs.

The active ingredient of this drug is primidone. It also includes auxiliary substances( depending on the form of release).

Action of the drug

What is the medicine "Primidon"?Instructions for use indicate that this antiepileptic agent. It promotes a mildly expressed hypnotic effect, and also reduces the excitability of neurons, which are located in the epileptogenic focus.

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What other properties are inherent in the drug "Primidon"?Essential tremor, he eliminates at a concentration in the blood in an amount of 12 μg / ml.

Kinetic properties of

The preparation "Primidon"( tablets and powder) is quickly and practically completely absorbed from the digestive tract. The greatest concentration of this drug is achieved after three hours. The biological availability of this drug is 90-100%.In blood, it is slightly associated with proteins( approximately 20%).primondon essential tremor

The half-life of this remedy is 7-15 hours.

In the liver, the drug is partially converted to phenobarbital( about 20%) and phenylethylmalonamide. These metabolites have antiepileptic activity. Excreted by the kidneys.

In the patient's blood, it is necessary to maintain a therapeutic drug concentration of 12 μg / ml. It is these indicators that contribute to the reduction of convulsive seizures. In other manifestations of epilepsy( for example, non-convulsive form, polymorphic seizures and others), the effect of therapy is not always achieved. In this case, complex treatment is necessary.

Indications for the use of the drug

In what cases is the patient prescribed a drug such as "Primidon"?The reviews say that this remedy effectively cures epilepsy of various origins, as well as partial and generalized seizures. With the development of focal, myoclonic and akinetic attacks, this medication is less effective.

Contraindications to taking medication

In what cases is the presidon medicine not prescribed? Instruction for use informs that this remedy is forbidden to apply in the presence of hypersensitivity( including barbiturates), as well as anemia, hepatic and renal insufficiency, pregnancy, leukopenia and breastfeeding. primidon reviews

Primidon Medication: Instructions for Use

In what dosage is the drug we are considering? It is taken orally after consumption of food in a single single dose of 125 mg. After this, every three days, this amount of medication is increased by 250 mg for adult patients and 125 mg for children who reached the age of 9 years.

This therapy is continued until the desired result is achieved.

The maximum daily dose of the drug for children is 1 g( in two doses), and for adults - 1.5 g.

Side effects of

Unfortunately, the antiepileptic drug we are considering often causes undesirable effects. These include excessive drowsiness, headaches, dizziness, anxiety, apathy, nausea, anemia, vomiting, leukopenia, allergic reactions and lymphocytosis.

Very rarely this medication can cause nystagmus, ataxia, "lupus" syndrome, psychotic reactions, arthralgia, megaloblastic anemia, and with prolonged use - drug dependence.

Cases of overdose

Taking large doses of the drug may cause symptoms such as dizziness, ataxia, nausea and oppression of the CNS.To treat such conditions, the patient is washed with a stomach, prescribed activated charcoal and conducts symptomatic treatment. primidon analogues

Compatibility with other medications

Primidon enhances the effects of cyclophosphamide, sulfonylureas and methotrexate derivatives, as well as hypnotics. It also accelerates metabolism, increases the activity of microsomal liver enzymes, weakens the effect of GCS, paracetamol, ISS, tricyclic antidepressants, indirect anticoagulants, Chloramphenicol, Dacarbazine, Cyclosporine, cardiac glycosides, Dysopyramide, Levothyroxine, Doxycycline"," Theophylline "," Metronidazole "," Quinidine "," Mexiletina ", vitamin D," Fenoprofen ", caffeine," Aminophylline "and" Oxtriphylline ".

This drug enhances CNS depression when combined with drugs with a central depressant and alcohol.

The drug "Amphetamine" slows down the absorption of phenobarbital.

Combined with inhibitors of carbonic anhydrase, the development of osteogenesis is increased.

This drug reduces the absorption of griseofulvin, which leads to a decrease in its antifungal activity. It also increases the toxic effects of "Enflurane", "Methoxyflurane" and "Halothane".primidon tablet

"Methylphenidate" helps to suppress the metabolism of primidone and increase its concentration in the blood.

"Leucovorin" in large dosages weakens the anticonvulsant effect of primidone. The same applies to the drug "Phenylbutazone".

Special recommendations

The drug "Primidon" can be used in complex anticonvulsant treatment. Abolition, as well as the replacement of this drug is carried out gradually.

With extreme caution, it is prescribed to elderly and weakened people. With the development of megaloblastic anemia, the drug is canceled and prescribed treatment with vitamin B12 or folic acid.

This drug reduces the psychomotor reactions of a person. Therefore, it is not assigned to drivers of vehicles and people whose work is associated with dangerous mechanisms.

Use this medication with caution in children.

Similar tools

How can I replace the drug "Primidon"?Analogues of this tool can be purchased at any pharmacy or ordered through the World Wide Web.

According to feedback from specialists, such medicines as "Hexamidine", "Benzonal" and "Phenobarbital" possess similar properties. medication primidone

Patient Reviews

Consumers who take such an antiepileptic remedy as "Primidon" leave only positive reviews about it. According to their reports, this drug copes well with its task. It prevents the occurrence of partial and generalized seizures. Also this medicine helps to reduce the symptoms of epilepsy.

With regard to negative reviews, almost all of them indicate that this drug contributes to the occurrence of a large number of side effects. Therefore, the use of such a drug should only be for the doctor's prescription.