Children's polyclinic №7, Kazan

One of the first questions that parents ask after the appearance of the baby - "Where is the children's polyclinic in our area?"Such anxiety is due to the fact that children of different ages tend to be sick, and it is necessary to take a medical certificate to register children in a kindergarten or school.

Preventive examinations, vaccinations, dental treatment - this is the destiny of such institutions. Polyclinic No. 7 in Kazan serves the residents of Novo-Savinovsky district.

Where is the

This medical institution has several branches that are located at different addresses:

  • Ibrahimov Avenue, 14( metro station Severnyi Vokzal);
  • Marshal Chuikova Ave., 56( metro station "Kozya Sloboda");
  • Ibrahimov Prospect, 5.

Polyclinic № 7 in Kazan operates from Monday to Saturday without breaks.

And also this medical institution has two branches, where the milk-distributing kitchen works. One is located on the street. Chetaeva, 11, and another - on the street. Oktyabrskaya, 23.

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Here you can get baby dairy food. The preferential contingent is free of charge, and other families with children under 3 years old are paid. Prepare meals from natural milk. Here, children are offered milk, yogurt, yogurt, cottage cheese, cocktails containing bifidobacteria.

Pediatricians and paid services

The entire district, which belongs to the children's polyclinic № 7 in Kazan, is divided into sections. Each of them has its own pediatrician. He leads the sick children, walks on calls to the house, examines once a month toddlers for up to a year.

7 children

Only after this doctor is allowed, children from his site are vaccinated. Pediatricians, if they find any problems with the work of a particular organ system in a child, can give directions to a particular specialist.

Pediatricians keep statistics on their site and observe children from socially disadvantaged categories of families.

In the children's polyclinic № 7 in Kazan, you can use the services without an appointment, but on a fee basis. Thus, parents from other regions or not wishing to wait for a queue by appointment can pass:

  • consultations of narrow specialists;
  • ultrasound examination;
  • course with a speech therapist or defectologist;
  • physiotherapy;
  • massages;
  • issue a medical card to the kindergarten or school.

To receive these services, you must pay a certain amount at the price list to the outpatient clinic. In this case, consultation or diagnosis can be obtained without prior registration and registration in the area.

Narrow specialists of

In the children's polyclinic in Kazan, doctors and other directions are being treated:

  • ENT;
  • neurologist;
  • Surgeon;
  • orthopedist;
  • gynecologist;
  • Allergist;
  • immunologist;
  • gastroenterologist;
  • cardiologist, etc.

These doctors will help to cope with problems that are not in the competence of pediatricians. Narrow specialists can prescribe additional examinations that will enable to establish a precise diagnosis and prescribe adequate treatment.

7 polyclinic Kazan

Entry to doctors is conducted at the polyclinic registry. At the reception, you need to have a child's medical record and past survey results if they are on hand.

The institution has a modern dental office. It is conducted by experienced doctors who are able to find a common language with a small patient and persuade him to do the necessary manipulation.


A modern laboratory operates in the polyclinic № 7( Kazan).Here it is possible to pass many kinds of analyzes on revealing of this or that pathology. The laboratory is open from Monday to Saturday.

polyclinic 7 Kazan Chuikova

Also in the clinic there is an X-ray machine that gives the minimum radiation doses. With this type of examination, pneumonia can be identified and whether there are any serious injuries after the child's fall or other accidents.

The polyclinic has an ultrasound study. It conducts the diagnosis of the necessary system of organs and identifies the cause of a child's malaise. Such a survey can be done by recording free of charge or on a first-come-first-served basis for a separate payment at the checkout.

Rehabilitation center

In the polyclinic № 7 in Chuikova( Kazan) there is a special department where children with disabilities with psychoneurological pathologies undergo rehabilitation treatment.

Here are equipped gyms with the necessary equipment for physical therapy. Experienced rehabilitologists, defectologists, speech therapists, masseurs work in the center.

In this branch the children of the Moscow and Novo-Savinovsky districts are being rehabilitated. Most often, parents come here who have cerebral palsy. Patients after trauma are also treated here.

In the center there are experienced masseurs. Their works are aimed at the development of the musculoskeletal system in disabled children. Also in the branch a drainage massage is performed, which is effective for pneumonia and bronchitis.

Children's polyclinic № 7 at Aidarova( Kazan)

This hospital is equipped with a hospital for small patients with various diseases. Here there are several departments that specialize in the pathologies of various organ systems.

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The allergology center works in the hospital. Diagnosis and treatment of children with bronchial asthma, dermatitis, and sinusitis are carried out in it. Allergic tests and spirography are performed in the center. Based on the results of these diagnostics, doctors can easily put the right diagnosis to small patients.

In the pulmonology department, children undergo treatment for pneumonia, bronchitis, complicated ARVI and chronic diseases of the respiratory system. There is a room for a course of inhalation therapy.

The hospital has a gastroenterology department. It treats children with gastrointestinal diseases. There is all the necessary equipment for a comprehensive examination of the child.

city ​​polyclinic 7 Kazan

Chambers in the hospital are equipped with everything necessary. They are repaired. Children under 7 years old are in a medical facility accompanied by an adult. For parents there is a separate bed.

The city polyclinic No. 7 in Kazan operates at the hospital. It is taken by pediatricians and narrow specialists. In the medical institution you can go through the necessary diagnostics. If necessary, the attending physician may prescribe a referral to a hospital.