How to clean the liver? A simple and affordable step-by-step method

Many doctors disapprove of people's decisions regarding liver cleansing. Some folk recipes are generally more likely to harm than to help the body. So how to properly clean the liver and whether it is necessary? If we focus on useful foods and beverages, the effect will be extremely positive and will not cause harm. Use seven tips for a phased impact on the body.

How will I clean the liver? Step One

It is not necessary to use invented by someone dubious recipes for cleansing the body, based on vegetable oil or lemon. Such activities can only worsen their condition. Therefore do not prepare any folk compositions and mixtures. Use only high-quality products, do not drink medicines without an appointment. The main principle that you need to remember is moderation and attention to one's own organism. Learn to listen to it and act harmoniously.

How to clean the liver? Step Two

A healthy cleansing occurs with the help of bile. To stimulate its formation for more active elimination of toxins helps fresh bitter greens. You will use arugula, watercress, sheet mustard and a Roman salad. Not the worst cholagogue effect are also carrots, pumpkin, zucchini, beets, various cabbage, artichokes and daikon. Do not get too carried away with radish, onions, garlic and horseradish, since they contain irritating essential oils that can lead to pain and cramps in the liver.

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How to clean the liver? Step Three

Change the olive oil to sesame, linseed or sunflower oil. Good hepatoprotectors are also nuts, with the exception of peanuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. They contain phospholipids and antioxidants that neutralize free radicals. In addition, they help the liver to restore cells.

How to clean the liver? Step Four

A beneficial effect on the body is the use of mineral water, especially magnesian-sulfate varieties. It stimulates the excretion of bile. However, do not be too drunk on drinking - enough two hundred milliliters per day, drunk before some kind of food intake at one time or divided into several small portions. Excess can be dangerous by excessive amounts of salts and sodium. However, if used in moderation, mineral water will be one of the best tools to help both clear the liver of alcohol and toxins, and improve the condition of the body as a whole.

We clean the liver. Step Five

Discard any alcohol. The liver works as a kind of filter of the body, so any drink has a toxic effect on it. A safe dose of alcohol for a healthy person does not exceed a glass of wine, but at the time of purification it is better to refuse even this.

How to clean the liver? Step Six of

Start a new habit - breakfast porridge. Morning meals, including fatty meat, butter and cheese on white bread, provoke liver disease, so it is best to eat useful oatmeal, fresh juice and fruits, muesli and sour-milk products.

How to clean the liver? Step Seven

Do not be afraid to eat after six, especially if attempts to refuse late meals result in a complete lack of dinner. Use healthy products - sour-milk, lean fish and meat, vegetable dishes. If dinner takes place four hours before bedtime, it does not matter how late it is. Just try not to overeat.