Is it possible to "Citramon" during pregnancy? What helps "Citramon"

"Citramon" is famous for its rich spectrum of healing functions: it is capable of lowering temperature, stopping inflammatory processes, reducing pain of dental, muscular and head character. The popularity of analgesic is due to the successful ratio of quality and price. About that, is it possible to "Citramon" during pregnancy , find out in the article!

Can Citramone Be Pregnant?

Feeling a headache or a slight chill, a simple philistine first of all will get from the medicine chest "Citramon" - this non-narcotic, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine serves as a panacea for all diseases. At least that's what most people think. All people know, from what helps "Citramon". However, not every future mother knows what effect this drug has on the fetus in the womb. We suggest you to study in detail the characteristics of the drug and its pharmacological effect. After that, the question of whether can be "Citramon" during pregnancy, will disappear for good.

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Composition of

Pharmacologists refer to "Citramon" as a non-narcotic NIP group of medical devices. The abbreviation of the NIP means that the drug does not have a negative effect on the body, characteristic for steroid-containing drugs, while contributing to stopping the inflammatory processes."Citramon" is widely used to relieve pain and heat - the use of the drug for this purpose is due to the fact that it includes substances such as acetylsalicylic acid, paracetamol and caffeine, the combination of which enhances the therapeutic effect of each. In pharmacies "Citramon" can be found in both tableted and granulated form.

citramon in early pregnancy

Is it possible to "Citramon" during pregnancy? We will learn this answer from the leaflet-liner to the drug. So, the instruction for use says: the use of "Citramon" in early pregnancy is not recommended. So, treatment is unacceptable for them in the first and third trimester, during lactation.

What is dangerous "Citramon"?

The harmonious and painless course of pregnancy is an important aspect of a happy parental life. Nevertheless, when experiencing pain during pregnancy, one should not first seek help with this drug. Here are some reasons why "Citramon" in early pregnancy is not the best option:

  • acetylsalicylic acid, which is the basis of the drug has a teratogenic effect on the fetus, disrupting the natural processes of intrauterine development: so, aspirin can lead to the appearance ofThe fetus has such defects as "wolf mouth" and "hare lip";
  • caffeine serving as one of the active substances of Citramon, in combination with aspirin can lead to impairment of labor, increased bleeding and premature closure of the aortic duct in the child.

It should be remembered that the first twelve weeks of pregnancy is the time during which the "foundation" of the baby's health is laid, so it is important to preserve the naturalness of this process.

Citramon from what helps Seek medical advice only from medical advice. The latter should be treated with the question: m Is it possible to "Citramon" during pregnancy, on an individual basis.

Effect of the drug on the course of pregnancy

In the first, third or in the second trimester of pregnancy, Citramon and its constituents penetrate the placental barrier and lead to the development of the in the child of the pathology with in the Reynaud Indoor orthe so-called "dead finger syndrome", which is characterized by a violation of the functions of the circulatory system. As a result, the finiteness of the fetus suffers from seizures. Subsequently develops gangrene, which can lead to death.

P Remarkably, Citramon is far from harmless not only for the fetus, but for the mother. Even for a simple person, an overdose or use of the drug with individual intolerance can lead to violations of the functions of the gastrointestinal tract, changes in blood composition, defects in the CNS.For a pregnant woman, Citramon presents hazards, primarily because it contains aspirin, the diluting property of which can lead to internal hemorrhage. This is due to lack of elasticity of the vessels and a high tone of the uterus. As a result, bleeding deprives the fruit of access to oxygen, and the baby develops pathologies. It is worth noting that the use of "Citramon" during pregnancy has a negative effect on the course of blood circulation between the placenta and the baby. So here is something to think about.

"Citramon" in pregnancy: reviews and recommendations of doctors

Healthy sleep, moderate exercise, proper nutrition - universal advice that helps to maintain health, not only in a delicate situation. Experts in the field of medicine recommend for the period of pregnancy and lactation to refuse from excessive intake of medicinal preparations, and therapy with medicines should be carried out exclusively under the supervision of a doctor.

Citramone from headache during pregnancy

Unfortunately, the question of whether can "Citramon" during pregnancy , doctors can not give an unambiguous answer. Some believe that its use is permissible after the third trimester. Д Other claims that during the process of bearing the child should definitely abandon the of this medication, as it leads to a decrease in labor activity.

So, doctors recommend to find the analogue "Citramon": from the headache during pregnancy helps, for example, the classic "No-shpa".

What should I remember about future mothers?

Diagnosis of the cause of pain development - the stage preceding the use of medications to eliminate unpleasant symptoms.

citramone in the second trimester of pregnancy It is important to understand that for the development of the fetus in the womb and the bearing of the child, the hormonal changes in the woman's body are characteristic: the functioning of organs and their systems during pregnancy differs significantly from their work in usual, indelicate time. Accordingly, the body's reaction in the form of a pain syndrome is, although not quite healthy, but quite normal and natural.

I drank Citramon during pregnancy: how to be?

If it so happens that a pregnant woman has already drunk this drug, then the first thing to do is go to a gynecologist. He must establish whether the processes associated with the development of the fetus have not been violated.

The main thing - to give up self-flagellation and nervous attacks: after a fight with their fists they do not wave.

"Citramon": contraindications during pregnancy

So, the leaflet-insert, attached to the drug, says: from the reception of "Citramon" should be abandoned in the first twelve weeks, the last few trimesters of pregnancy and lactation. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the use of the drug in the "safe" period can also be a danger to the baby and mom. Contraindications are as follows:

  • sluggish course of labor;
  • high possibility of blockage of the arterial duct;
  • disorders in platelet aggregation;
  • inhibited the synthesis of prothrombin in the liver.

Thus, the abstinence from Citramon "is mandatory in the first three trimesters of pregnancy." The use of the drug in the course of pregnancy is the conscious individual choice of each woman. "

Citramon in pregnancy reviews

To sum up

Of course, the list of from which Citramon helps looks impressive.experience of treatment with this drug is, perhaps, in every person. But is it possible to "Citramon" in pregnancy?

During this period, pharmacological therapy should be treated with caution, because the baby is so vulnerable in the firstth days of my life!