Spray "Nicorette": reviews of those who quit smoking

Do not know how to quit smoking? This bad habit takes not only your money, but also your health? Try to cope with this problem will help "Nicoretta" - a spray for the mouth. Reviews of people on this product are mixed. But most of the smokers really helped the drug. Today we learn how to properly use this tool, what side effects and contraindications it has. spray nikorette reviews

Description. Manufacturer

Spray "Nicorette", reviews of which we will consider below, is implemented in vials containing at least 150 doses( injections).The bottle is small, stylish, you can use it in any situation. The spray itself is either colorless or light yellow transparent with the smell of mint.

"Nicorette" is a mouth spray, which is an innovative drug in the fight against nicotine addiction. The advantage of the means in this form is the prompt delivery of medical nicotine into the body. In this case, the drug provides immediate relief of the withdrawal syndrome.

Produced in Sweden.


The preparation is made from such components:

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- Active substance: medical nicotine.

- Additional elements: propylene glycol, trometamol, ethanol, poloxamer, sodium hydrogen carbonate, glycerol, levomenthol, mint flavor, sucralose, hydrochloric acid, potassium acesulfame. nikorette spray instruction

How to use?

"Nicorette"( spray), the instruction to which is small, will be effective only if the person already at the initial stage completely abandons cigarettes. Otherwise, no result should be expected. Use the remedy simply, this requires:

- Position the vial in front of the mouth.

- Hold your breath, open your mouth and press on the dispenser. Inject the product so that the jet does not hit the teeth and lips.

- After spraying the drug, you can not swallow it immediately. It is important to hold the mouth in the mouth for at least 40 seconds.

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This drug should be used daily, when it becomes necessary to smoke. The number of sprays should be limited to 4 injections per day. You can, of course, and less, but definitely not more. At one time, you need to inject from 1 to 2 doses.

Side effects of

The smoking spray "Nicorette" usually does not cause any undesirable results. However, sometimes there may be such side effects:

- Heartburn.

- Nausea, vomiting.

- Dry cough.

- Percolation in the throat.

- Dizziness.

- Swelling of the oral mucosa or upper respiratory tract.

- Headache.

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Even if such symptoms are observed, within a few weeks they must pass by themselves. Otherwise, stop taking the drug. After all, some of the negative effects described above can be a manifestation of withdrawal syndrome with complete rejection of nicotine.


In case a person used the instant spray "Nicorette" in an increased quantity, then his health may be shaken. Symptoms of overdose are:

- Nausea, vomiting.

- Diarrhea.

- Convulsions.

- Confusion.

- Sweating profusely.

- Dizziness.

If these symptoms occur, you need to see a doctor.


The spray "Nicorette", which will be discussed below, is prohibited for use by such categories of persons:

- Children under 18 years.

- People with individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

- Pregnant women, as well as girls who feed babies, can not use "Nicorette"( spray).Harm from this drug is, because the components of the spray can penetrate both through the placenta and into the mother's milk. There is a way out of this situation. Women need to be stocked with willpower, and also to think about the negative consequences of smoking during pregnancy: these are deviations in the development of the baby, various birth defects, etc. Only common sense will become a real salvation on the way to a healthy lifestyle. But still, if a woman can not overcome this addiction and quit smoking, then the question of the appointment of the spray "Nicorette" should be discussed with the doctor. In any case, this tool will do less harm than cigarettes.

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If a person has any chronic illness or has recently had health problems, and if any medications are taken, you should consult a doctor about using this spray.

The cost of

Many people who want to quit are interested in the price of this drug. The cost of the spray may seem high. So, for 1 bottle containing about 150 doses, you need to give about 750 rubles. At first glance it seems that it is expensive. On the other hand, if you look at how much money a person spends on cigarettes per month, then it turns out that the Nicorette facility, on the contrary, is cheap. Therefore, if you want to preserve your health, as well as your family budget, purchase this spray and use it on time.

You can buy the product at the pharmacy. It is released without a prescription.

Positive evaluation

Smoking spray "Nicorette" reviews of women and men who apply it, gets mixed. Some people praise him, others, on the contrary, criticize him. Those inveterate smokers who came up with the spray, note that this is really a unique drug, as it allows you to get rid of this bad habit without any problems. Men write that in 2 minutes after the injection of this remedy they feel like they smoked a cigarette.

If you apply this spray daily, then gradually the craving for smoking will disappear. Also, people note one more plus the effects of the drug - women and men improve their mood, freshen their breath, normalize their well-being. Many write that the product is very comfortable to wear, and also use it.

smoking spray nicorette reviews

Such positive results users were able to achieve only on one condition - they had a psychological attitude to quit smoking. If it does not, no sprays will help. The main thing is to want to drop this bad habit yourself.

Negative Ratings

Not always the spray "Nicorette" reviews gets flattering. Very often people remain unhappy with this drug. He is criticized for the fact that this spray does not have any effect at all. At first, there is a numbness from medical nicotine, mint. And in a few minutes I want to reach for a cigarette again. This really can be. If a person has not yet decided whether he wants to quit smoking or not, then do not need to buy this spray yet. But when the user is determined to give up this habit, he knows that he can do it, then a positive result will come.

Often the spray does not cope with its task for the reason that a person during the treatment with this drug does not stop smoking, and yet the instructions say that you need to use the product only when all cigarettes are thrown out.

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Also, this drug may not help if the user will not apply the drug systematically, but when he wants. But it is necessary to inject the drug every day for a month. And only then the person will achieve a positive result.

How else can I quit smoking?

If you think that the spray "Nicorette", reviews about which are different in polarity, you did not fit, then you can try to get rid of bad habit by such methods:

  1. Trekking to the narcologist.
  2. I Do Sports.
  3. Healthy Eating. If a person consumes food rich in all kinds of vitamins, he will soon forget about nicotine.
  4. Pregnancy. This paragraph refers to the fair sex. Often, women in an interesting position, refuse to smoke forever. Let the future baby affect your worldview. In this situation, and a man who cares about the health of his family, for sure refuse the bad habit.
  5. The cost of cigarettes. A quarterly increase in excise taxes on cigarettes is being done to eradicate this addiction. After all, it is enough to calculate how much money a month a person spends on cigarettes. For many people this amount will seem impressive. So let's not spend money in vain, it's better to buy a kilogram of apples, juice and something else useful for the children.

Estimations of

Doctors Narcologists and psychotherapists are also ambivalent about the drug in question. There are doctors who recommend it, but there are specialists who compare the effect of this remedy with the placebo effect. Whatever the case, most doctors still prescribe this drug. But apart from the recommendation of the spray, they also take other measures against this harmful habit, including personal conversations, hypnosis, persuasion. It is with the complex application of various techniques and methods that it is really possible to overcome the nicotine dependence.


After reading and analyzing the article, everyone made the right conclusion for themselves. Someone will try to get rid of nicotine addiction with the help of the drug "Nicorette", and someone will not be enough, and he will change his way of life, which in the end will positively affect his desire to quit smoking.