How to deceive the breathalyzer?

After the traffic police officers came up with special devices that are designed to determine the alcohol content in the body and the stage of intoxication of the person, many drivers were puzzled by the question of how to deceive the breathalyzer. This device is designed to analyze the content of alcohol vapors in the air, which the chauffeur exhales. The permissible concentration of alcohol, which shows the alcohol test, is exactly 0.3 per mil( gram of alcohol per 1 liter of blood), or 0.15 mg per 1 liter of air exhaled by a person.

If you refuse to "breathe in a tube," when the traffic police inspector suspects that you are drunk, you will have to go to a specialized medical institution and take tests. Here the narcologist can recognize you drunk, even if the alcohol level is lower than 0.3 ppm. Many drivers know this, so they come up with ways to deceive the breathalyzer. After all, the punishment is very serious - deprivation of a driver's license.

There are several allegedly acting ways to deceive the breathalyzer:

- Blow by the tube or inhale a lot of clean air, and then exhale it. But experienced traffic cops will immediately notice such a deception. Yes, and the breathalyzer controls the strength and duration of exhalation, so "not enough" will not work, the device will stop testing.

- Brush your teeth or use a mouth rinse. Breathalyzer will show zero result within 10 minutes after teeth were brushed.

- To come up with an excuse like "I drank kvass" or "I drank non-alcoholic beer".But these are just excuses. Yes, after a glass of kvass, the readings of the alcohol test will be 0.4 ppm, but after about a minute and a half it will become zero. After consuming beer( nonalcoholic), the device usually shows no more than 0.2 ppm.

- Drink sunflower oil. Often, drivers to smell the unpleasant smell of alcohol after parties and holidays, consume sunflower oil. Approximately 50-100 grams. It is for 10-15 minutes.interrupts the smell of alcohol.

- "Cough" pairs of alcohol and take a deep breath. This is a good way to deceive the breathalyzer. Taking deep breaths, it is possible to reduce the amount of alcohol vapor in the lungs, and this will reduce the instrument's performance by 10-15%.But developers of alcohol testers are considering ways to deceive the device was impossible.

- Tablets "Antipolitsey", chewing gum, spray for the oral cavity. It would seem that the spray should refresh breathing well, but instead the readings of the breathalyzer increase. There were cases when a sober person, breathing into the tube of the device after using this agent for the oral cavity, saw a score of 0.5 ppm( because the spray contains alcohol).And after a minute the breathalyzer showed zero. Chewing gum does not help to get rid of even the smell of alcohol. Tablets "Antipolitsey" do not affect the indicators of alkotester, but have a characteristic smell, which causes suspicion of traffic police.

- There is an opinion that a good helper is white chocolate, but this has not been confirmed.

- Chew any fragrant products. For example, garlic, bay leaves, cloves, coffee beans, nutmeg. But, given the technical characteristics of the meter, these substances will not affect its performance in any way;

- Go to the bath.

- Have a good night's sleep.

The last two options are the most effective, because time always plays for good.

All these techniques, which show how to cheat the breathalyzer, will not lead to anything good, although they can help in very rare cases. Drunk driving is threatened by more serious woes than a traffic police officer. Do not forget that in addition to devices there are other ways to determine the state of intoxication. For example, a strong smell of alcohol, speech, movement, inadequate behavior.