How to look monthly: talk on an intimate topic

Adolescent girls, who just had their first hairs on the labia, often ask older adults about how the men look. Well, if they can explain what menstruation is, but often the story ends with a story about the wild pains in the lower abdomen and spotting that try to stain clothes.

While the girl still does not understand that the time has come for puberty, the role of the guide on the menstrual cycle is to take over mom or grandmother. Explain to the child that you should not be frightened when on panties she discovers blood spots. Tell her that childhood is over, and an adult life begins, in which there are certain rules of behavior.

Ask the daughter or granddaughter: "What do the monthly periods look like?" Let her try to explain to you what she feels at this word: irritation, indifference, interest or embarrassment. If by the age of 12-13 the girl imagines what menstruation is, then further conversations will not make her feel ashamed. It will be better if you clearly demonstrate the tampon, but not real, but knitted. Invite the child to fill the free space with red thread and tell him what the blood looks like that can appear on her clothes.

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If there is no thread at hand or you do not know how to knit, then when you talk about how the monthly photos look, the photos in the medical journal will come in handy. Give the daughter a gasket in the hands and suggest holding the palm over her surface. The girl must feel the tenderness of this hygienic means of protection, then she definitely will not disgustedly think about the day when she has to fix it on her panties.

Abundant discharges with menstruation last 2-3 days. Be sure to tell your daughter about it so that she does not get scared when she looks in the toilet. Teach her to wash herself with special means and take care of the body during menstruation. Show what pain medications you take, how much and what you do, if they do not work. The girl must understand that only a doctor is able to help her, and not the advice of inexperienced girlfriends.

The child should not only know about how the monthly look, but also draw up a schedule of their appearances. In shops such tables are sold, so you can easily teach your daughter to fill them. If your child hesitates to ask the sellers for the product that interests her, then draw it by hand. At the same time, tell us about the twenty-eight-day period and its inconstancy. The girl should know that the menstrual cycle depends not only on her health condition, but also on the state of the environment, so the appearance of bloody discharge 21 days after the onset of menstruation is, rather, a norm than a deviation.

The amount of blood that is lost in menstruation usually ranges from fifty to one hundred milliliters, so along with information about how the periods look, your child should learn that such a small loss is quickly restored by the body.

Be sure to talk with your daughter about the fact that her sex life can be associated with representatives of the opposite sex, so the intimate relationship of inexperienced teenagers sometimes ends in an unwanted pregnancy. To avoid serious consequences after an abortion, start telling the girl about contraceptives.