How to treat a tracheitis

Tracheitis is a common disease, especially in the cold season, as the throat is exposed to various infections and hypothermia. At first the virus gets on the mucous membrane of the larynx, but if the disease is not cured at this stage, then it goes down to the trachea. Consequently, the trachea is developing. Then there is a cough, begins to perspire in the throat and so on. How to treat a tracheitis? There are several options. It is best, of course, to consult a doctor. But you can go and another way, for example, resort to the means of traditional medicine.

The disease itself occurs in two forms: chronic and acute. The acute form usually occurs along with other diseases, such as laryngitis, rhinitis and so on. And chronic, in turn, develops from acute. As you know, chronic diseases can rarely be completely eliminated, so the treatment of acute tracheitis is faster and easier.

As mentioned earlier, tracheitis usually occurs due to the ingress of any viral infection. However, in addition, the disease can develop due to inhalation of air with a lot of dust, cold or dry air and so on. Another cause may be various diseases of the lungs or heart.

You suspect that you have a trachea, how to treat it you do not know, so read on.

Both acute and chronic tracheitis are treated equally. Since the nature of the disease can be very different, in order to understand how to treat a tracheitis, you need to know exactly what triggered the disease. The fact is that the treatment of fungal and bacterial infections can sometimes differ. However, only a doctor can give information about how to treat a tracheitis in these cases. Most often antibiotics are prescribed, but sometimes you can get by with just antiviral drugs.

But do not underestimate folk methods of treatment, as with respiratory diseases more often these drugs have a greater impact and better help with treatment.

The most effective and popular way in the fight against tracheitis is garlic. You need to grind it with onion in a gruel and breathe it through gauze. Another good method is tincture of honey and radish. You need to drink it three times a day, preferably after a meal. Very effective different rinses. It can be a tincture of raspberry and calendula leaves, and onion husks, and much more. Very well help inhalation of different herbs. There is a universal tincture - eucalyptus. It can be used for gargling, inhalation, and even drinking.

Also in folk medicine very often use blackberries. To quickly recover, you need to constantly drink tea made from the leaves of this plant. To do this, brew two tablespoons of leaves and a half-liter of boiling water. Give the hour to brew, strain, and you can drink.

In addition to the leaves of this wonderful berry, you can use its roots for the same purposes. Well chop the roots and take them two tablespoons. Pour boiling water and keep on low heat for ten minutes. After that, leave the medicine for two hours, then strain and drink three glasses a day.

Tracheitis, like any other disease, occurs if favorable conditions for microbes are created. Therefore, if you do not want to become ill with it, you need to follow some recommendations. For prophylaxis, as often as possible, do wet cleaning at home, the air should not remain dry. Always ventilate the room in which you are, the air must circulate. Go in for sports, temper, drink vitamins and so on. And most importantly: clothes must always be worn for the season.

This article gives several recommendations on prevention and to some extent answers the question of how to treat a tracheitis. But people who first encounter this problem and must first turn to a doctor.