Ointments for hemorrhoids: list and review. What ointment from hemorrhoids is better?

Recently, the disease, which many patients, unfortunately, for the time being does not take seriously, has become quite widespread. It's about hemorrhoids. And only when the hemorrhoids begin to deliver strong and persistent pain, they decide to seek medical help.

Untimely begun treatment of hemorrhoids leads to serious complications, which can be eliminated only through surgical intervention. In this case, most people suffering from hemorrhoids prefer to avoid cardinal methods of treatment, try to get rid of the problem in more sparing ways. Such methods of treatment do exist. These are various ointments from hemorrhoids( the list you can see below).

Doctors-proctologists in cases of uncomplicated course of the disease prescribe drug therapy in the form of the use of hemorrhoidal suppositories. The effect of such treatment is often the maximum, especially with the timely initiation of therapy.

In addition to candles, pharmaceutical companies offer a wide range of ointments from hemorrhoids, the list of drugs is quite extensive. Treatment of the disease with ointments brings relief to the patient as quickly as the use of candles. Doctors, as a rule, offer patients a choice: a candle or ointment, taking into account the same effectiveness of the two forms of drugs.

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The assortment of ointments from hemorrhoids represented on pharmacy shelves is quite wide, which gives the patient the choice of a drug taking into account allergic reactions and concomitant diseases. In some cases, doctors also recommend combining treatment with suppositories and ointments to enhance the therapeutic effect.

However, many questions arise precisely when choosing a patient ointments for hemorrhoids and cracks, since the range of drugs is simply huge. Every patient wants to buy the best remedy, with the greatest degree of effectiveness. What ointment is better from hemorrhoids, you decide. At the same time, physicians distinguish some of the most effective ointments from hemorrhoids( from the point of view of patients' reviews of preparations).It is these tools that practically do not have negative reviews, and almost always their application gives a positive result.

Heparin ointment

Heparin ointment from hemorrhoids is a reliable and tested drug in the treatment of the disease. The active substance of the drug is heparin. Its therapeutic properties help to eliminate the focus of inflammation and resorption of thrombi due to a decrease in the level of fibrin in the body and, as a consequence, reducing the adhesion of cells.

Heparin ointment also has a pronounced analgesic effect, as in its composition, in addition to heparin, the substance contains benzocaine, which helps to eliminate pain. Doctors recommend ointment in case the patient does not have a bleeding. Treatment is the imposition of applications on the affected area. Apply the medication to a cleanly washed sore spot three times a day, using a cotton swab. Duration of treatment is fifteen days.

Some patients treated with heparin ointment experienced allergic reactions, ranging from increased itching and ending with a fairly strong edema. In these cases, you should immediately stop using the ointment and seek advice from the observing proctologist.

Ointment "Bezornil"

Ointment from hemorrhoids "Bezornil" is unique in that it is based on natural components. Ointment has an active antimicrobial and antibacterial effects, as well as the ability to repair damaged tissues, anesthetize and relieve inflammation and itching.

Doctors recommend using this ointment during the period of exacerbation of inflammation of internal hemorrhoids. The drug is injected into the rectum by means of a special nozzle from two times a day. Superficially this ointment from external hemorrhoids is used to apply a thin layer on the affected area, as well as in the form of applique for the night.

If the patient is inclined to allergic manifestations, ointment should be used with caution, since allergic reactions may occur. Ointment "Bezornil" - one of the most effective medicines in the complicated form of hemorrhoids.

Huatuo Piles Cream

Chinese ointment from Huatuo Piles Cream is a very effective remedy for the treatment of this unpleasant disease. A medicinal preparation based on ancient recipes of Chinese medicine is created, and therefore has strong anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

A valuable effect of the ointment is a faster wound healing. In addition, the drug shows a strong analgesic effect, and a few minutes after treatment the patient feels considerable relief.

This Chinese ointment from hemorrhoids is available in a special package in the form of a syringe. The patient is recommended twice a day to treat the affected area with the drug, after visiting the shower. With an exacerbation of internal hemorrhoids, the syringe helps to inject the medicine inside the rectum.

Ointment should be used only in the absence of an allergic reaction to the components of the drug. During the period of treatment, the means of the menu should be used to exclude fatty and spicy food.

Ointment Vishnevskogo

This popular ointment, as a rule, is actively used for various suppurations and abscesses, but it is also prescribed by proctologists as a means of treating hemorrhoids.

"Vishnevskaya ointment" from hemorrhoids includes in its composition natural tar, castor oil and xerobes. Each of the three components is itself an antiseptic, and in combination with each other they give a powerful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, tar removes puffiness, increases blood circulation. Castor oil has emollient properties, and xerobes perfectly dry.

Assign Ointment Vishnevsky, as a rule, with external forms of the disease in the initial stage of development. Ointment is also used in the treatment of advanced hemorrhoids, after a surgical procedure.

An ointment is applied in the form of applications, which are superimposed on the perineum zone affected by the nodes. It is applied to a clean cloth and applied to the pre-treated affected area. After a couple of hours, the applique is removed.

The procedure is performed three times a day until the pain and burning sensation disappears. Effective will also be the use of gauze turunda, impregnated with medication and inserted into the anus. Unlike the above remedies, Vishnevsky ointment can be used to treat women who are expecting a baby, nursing mothers, and also small children.

In addition to the already listed drugs that are very popular, modern pharmaceutical companies offer a fairly wide range of products, and below are presented no less effective ointments from hemorrhoids. The list is quite extensive.

Flemming ointment

This preparation is homeopathic, therefore it can be used for special categories of patients: the elderly, children and expectant mothers. The drug has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, bactericidal, drying effect.


Ointment from external hemorrhoids is prescribed, as a rule, to nursing mothers in the postpartum period, complicated by the appearance of hemorrhoids. The remedy is absolutely harmless both for the woman herself and for the child.


The drug will be especially effective if the inflammation is accompanied by bloody discharge. Ointment accelerates healing, eliminating bleeding.


Has a pronounced anti-edema effect. Ointment is recommended in the event that the affected area began to get wet.


The preparation contains a natural component derived from shark liver. This is why the remedy is well tolerated by patients of all age categories.

Use ointment four times a day, while complementing the treatment using candles with the same name. Especially effective treatment with ointment "Relief" in the initial stage of the disease.


Sufficiently effective remedy for external hemorrhoids. Ointment has a good analgesic effect. Apply the drug as needed.


The drug helps to accelerate the healing of hemorrhoidal cracks, as in its composition, in addition to the usual components, vitamins are included. Effectively removes pain, since it contains lidocaine.


Effective medicine for the treatment of hemorrhoids. It has a good anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect.

These are the most popular ointments from hemorrhoids( the list you received).But we must remember that whatever the drug the doctor chooses when prescribing treatment to the patient or whatever the patient chooses to alleviate his suffering, it should be understood that the treatment of hemorrhoids is a complex process that includes not only medication but strict adherence to the rulesintimate hygiene and a special diet.