Tying of pipes in women: consequences. What could be the consequences of the piping?

Sometimes there are situations when a woman does not want to have children. In this case, the doctor offers her various options for preventing an accidental pregnancy. In most cases, the lady chooses one of the proposed methods and uses it for a long time.

But what about those women who never want to have children again? Some time ago, doctors began to do the operation, which is called "surgical sterilization"( piping).It is worth saying that this procedure does not pass without a trace. Like any surgical intervention, tubal ligation in women has a variety of consequences.

The principle of manipulation of

The procedure is carried out when the woman is sure that she no longer wants to have children. Also, if pregnancy can cause irreparable harm to the woman, ligation of the fallopian tubes may be recommended. How is the uterine tube bandaged? There are several ways that make a woman completely barren. Consider them.

Ligation of fallopian tubes:

methods The procedure for the consequences is almost irreversible. This must always be remembered. There are three ways to conduct it:

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  1. Laparoscopy.
  2. Mini laparotomy.
  3. Use of implants.

In the first two cases, tying, bandaging and moxibustion can be done. Consider what the differences between these methods and what problems await after the ligation of the pipes woman.


This procedure is performed under general anesthesia. The doctor injects several manipulators and a video camera into the abdominal cavity of the woman. Looking at the image on the screen, the surgeon bandages the fallopian tubes or binds them. Also these organs can be completely removed if necessary.


This manipulation also occurs under general anesthesia. This method is often used when tubal ligation after caesarean section is planned. In this case, no additional incisions are required, all manipulations are carried out through the incision that is made for the adoption of the child.

Application of implants

This method is the most gentle, but it must be remembered that such a tubal ligation in women has irreversible consequences. The procedure does not require the use of painkillers. A woman who is on a gynecological chair is injected into the uterus with implants that penetrate the fallopian tubes. Within a few months, connective tissue grows around these artificial parts, and the fallopian tubes are completely blocked.

Piping and consequences of

Depending on the type of treatment you choose, there may be different complications. Every woman who decides on such a procedure should know about them. So, what could be the consequences of a tubal ligation in women? Let's consider each of them in detail.

Impossibility to conceive a child

Specialists claim that piping as a method of contraception is not dangerous, but it has a consequence - infertility. Perhaps now this is exactly what you need. But everyone knows that life is changing, and sometimes a person falls into an absolutely unforeseen situation. Sometimes it happens that a woman consciously makes herself barren. At this moment, she thinks that she will never want to give birth. But because of existing life situations, the lady subsequently regrets this and asks the doctor to return fertility.

If the procedure was done by tying or bandaging the fallopian tubes, they can be untied. However, this does not guarantee that later a woman will be able to conceive a child by herself.

In the case where implants have been installed, the tubal ligation in women has irreversible consequences. Such a representative of the fair sex will never be able to conceive a child by herself.

Ectopic pregnancy

If a ligation of the fallopian tubes is done, what consequences can there be?

A serious complication of this procedure is ectopic pregnancy. If the manipulation is poor and the fallopian tubes are weakly ligated, the male spermatozoon can penetrate through the small lumen to the egg. In this case fertilization will occur, but the fetal egg can not descend into the uterine cavity. As a result, the embryo will begin to develop in a closed tube.

A woman at this moment is sure that pregnancy is impossible. The lady does not even suspect her interesting position, which can lead to death. If you do not establish the fact of pregnancy in time, in a few weeks the fallopian tube will simply burst under the influence of the growth of the fetal egg, and extensive internal bleeding will begin.

Inflammatory processes

The tubal ligation in women has effects in the form of inflammatory processes. Before the procedure, it is always necessary to conduct a survey. If this is not done, a minor inflammation can lead to a serious complication. Especially often such consequences occur after the installation of implants. It happens that there are pathogenic bacteria in the uterus, but under the influence of immune defense they can not penetrate the fallopian tubes and affect the ovaries. When the installation of implants is carried out, these same bacteria penetrate together with the foreign body into the fallopian tubes and affect the sex glands.

Consequences of anesthesia

If the ligation of fallopian tubes was performed with laparoscopy or laparotomy, the woman was in a state of general anesthesia. This is a prerequisite for manipulation. After such a procedure, the patient may experience memory disorders and absent-mindedness. Also, a fairly frequent consequence of anesthesia is hair loss and deterioration of the skin.

Damage to internal organs

Such consequences are rare, but they have a right to life. If laparoscopy is performed, the manipulators used by the doctor may damage neighboring organs: the uterus, the intestine, the bladder, or the ovaries. As a result, bleeding occurs.

If a laparotomy method is chosen, an unqualified surgeon may accidentally make a cut of the uterus or bladder. Such cases end up rather deplorable, as the woman after that becomes disabled.

If the procedure is performed on a gynecological chair, then when inserting implants, perforation of the uterine wall may occur. This phenomenon requires immediate surgical intervention, as it can threaten the life of a woman.

The emergence of the adhesive process

Do you want to have a tubal ligation? Testimonials of those who did this study first. In most cases, this procedure always ends with an adhesive process. In itself, this phenomenon gives the woman a lot of discomfort. The lady constantly complains of pains in the lower abdomen, which intensify during critical days. Also, after the restoration of fertility, the adhesive process can lead to infertility.

Aesthetic drawbacks of

The procedure for bandaging the fallopian tubes has some consequences from an aesthetic point of view. If laparoscopy or laparotomy is used, an incision is always necessary in the abdominal cavity. After the healing of the seam, an ugly scar is formed in its place, which will always remind the fair sex representative about the procedure performed. It is because of this that many pregnant women who do not want to have more children who have been shown a cesarean section write an application for a simultaneous bandaging of the tubes. Otherwise, the lady will again have to lie down on the operating table and get new scars.


Now you know what the most terrible consequences of the tubal ligation come from the fairer sex. Before deciding on such a procedure, you need to think about several times, weigh the pros and cons, and also consult your partner.

You do not know what will happen to you in five or ten years. Perhaps life will make you look at the situation differently. Most likely, after such manipulation, you will never be able to conceive a child yourself. And in case of pregnancy it will develop outside the uterus.

Try to use more gentle means to protect against unplanned pregnancy. In our time, you can certainly pick up what is right for you. Use such cardinal measures only in case of acute necessity. In Russia, ligation of fallopian tubes is allowed only after 40 years, provided that the woman already has several children. Exceptions are only those cases when the procedure is recommended by a doctor and carried out for weighty indications. Listen to the advice of the attending physician and be healthy!