How to open the ampoule: tricks and tricks

Ampoule is a glass sealed container intended for storage of liquid and powdered medicines. Since its main feature is tightness, it should be assumed that it is sealed on all sides and it is sometimes very difficult to get to its contents.

So, let's look at the methods that answer the question: "How to open the ampoule without causing harm to yourself and others?" In addition, we will understand what they are and why they are needed.

How to open the ampoule with liquid medicine

As a rule, all glass containers for medicinal products are divided into 2 types: completely glass and those with a metal lid. In order to open the first variety, it is necessary to perform the following operations consistently:

  1. Read the name of the medicine, special attention should be paid to its shelf life.
  2. The container must be shaken to ensure that the medicine is all lowered and not spilled when depressurized.
  3. If an attachment to the ampoule is included( usually an abrasive stick), it must be worked around the circumference in the narrowest part of the container, at the junction of the neck to the ampoule itself.
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  4. Take a piece of fleece or paper napkin and crack the neck away from you in order to avoid possible damage when you crash the glass.
  5. Open the ampoule.

If the required nail file is not included with it, you can replace it with such improvised tools as a nail file or kitchen knife.

How to open the ampoule with dry powder

If you find the medicine box is a dry powder and the cap of the ampoule is iron, then in order to open it you need to do the following:

  1. Buy the necessary solution for the powder( novocaine, lidocaine and the like).
  2. Release the ampoule from the metal protection of the rubber lid.
  3. Put a solution in the syringe.
  4. Puncture the rubber cover and release it to the powder.
  5. Stir and use as directed.   

What other ampoules are

Recently, manufacturers of drugs have come up with a safe opening of ampoules without the help of foreign objects. In this case, on the neck in the place of transition to the bubble itself, there is already no glass and the tip can simply be broken off. But there are also unique ampoules that are sealed with aluminum, and opening them yourself is sometimes not so easy. For example, so packed mexidol in ampoules. This drug is used to improve the blood supply to the brain, reduce the total cholesterol level in the vessels, and is used as a first aid for drug or alcohol intoxication, epilepsy and convulsions. As a rule, similar ampoules are sold only to medical institutions, and after use, their quantity is taken into account. It also occurs with all hermetic packages that contain narcotic substances.

Thus, the article found the answer to the question: "How to open the ampoule?" Do not use any other methods if they threaten the health of others and carry the possibility of changing the composition of the drug.