Disclosure of the cervix for 1 finger. Disclosure of the cervix before delivery: stages, timing

The process of resolution of the burden is of interest to every future mother. Most reproductive women already represent what they will have to face. Newly-made future mothers before birth are in a state of excitement and uncertainty. To the baby appeared by all the rules and the natural way, the woman should come full disclosure of the cervix. It is about this process that will be discussed in the article. You will learn the main stages and timing of the transformation of the cervical canal. Also you will be able to find out what it means when the cervical dilatation on 1 finger has come.

Genital Body

The womb of the woman is a unique and very interesting organ. Inside it is lined with a mucous membrane, which constantly changes during the menstrual cycle. With the onset of conception, this so-called sac becomes the place where the fetus grows and develops.

The womb consists of several parts. At the very beginning, it has an entrance, which is called the internal throat. Out of it comes the tube( cervical canal).This segment ends with one more yawn, only the outer one. This hole is the cervix. It is already in the vagina of a woman. It is there during childbirth that the future baby passes.

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Cervix during pregnancy

During mastitis this mucous membrane is tightly sealed. In its inner space, a cork is collected, which will only come out shortly before the onset of labor. In this way, the baby is reliably protected from getting into his body an infection.

The cervix during the second and subsequent pregnancies may be slightly ajar. However, the internal yawn is still as firmly and tightly sealed. This cautions the fetus from the occurrence of premature birth. When the time is right for a baby to appear, the cervical canal begins to expand gradually. It can happen normally after thirty weeks of pregnancy. However, most expectant mothers experience signs of cervical dilatation only a few days before delivery.

Cervical dilatation

Immediately before the birth of a baby, the cervical canal widens. Most often this process is carried out on time from the 36th to the 42nd week of pregnancy. However, in some cases, premature opening of the cervix arises. You will learn more about it below.

A small expansion of the cervical canal is promoted by training bouts. During them, the woman feels the tension of the anterior abdominal wall. The uterus becomes very firm and presses downwards. In most cases, such feelings do not carry any threat to the life of the child and the state of the future mother. However, if training fights appear more than four times per hour, then it is worth notifying your doctor about it.

How is the cervical dilating before delivery? This process can take place in several stages. Consider how the cervical canal is expanded( stages and timing).

The first stage: the slow

At this point in the fight, the women are already quite regular. There is a contraction of the uterus with an interval of 7-10 minutes. In this case, the duration of one fight is 30-50 seconds. The woman notes that the sensations are painless, but there is some discomfort.

Usually, the opening of the cervix for 1 finger is noted at the first stage of labor. At the same time in primiparas, first the expansion of the internal pharynx occurs. Only after this, the outer hole is transformed. Women who have already given birth undergo a simultaneous opening of the cervical canal along its entire length.

The first stage of cervical dilatation can last from 4 to 12 hours. At the end of this period, painful back pain is attached. Many representatives of the weaker sex compare these feelings with menstrual pains.

The second stage: fast

In this period the woman should already be in the hospital. Only in a medical institution, specialists can reasonably assess the condition of the mother and, if necessary, provide it with timely assistance. The contractions during the rapid opening of the cervix are already quite painful. They are marked with an interval of one or two minutes. The duration of contraction of the genital organ can be about 3-5 minutes.

The cervical canal expansion rate at this stage is one centimeter per hour. However, these data can be considered conditional. The organism of each woman is individual, and the process can proceed quite differently.

Third stage: full disclosure of

When there is a full extension of the cervical canal, the expectant mother is already in the hospital. During this period the head of the child has already entered the small pelvis and the baby is ready to appear. Physicians put the mother in a special chair called a table, and they are asked to stiffen.

Full disclosure of the cervix always ends with childbirth. After this, the cervical canal and the woman's genital organ are reversed.

Fourth stage: narrowing of the cervix

The opening of the cervix for 1 finger remains after the birth for about one month. In the first days after the process, the cervical canal can be expanded to five centimeters. The uterus remains enlarged and gradually shrinks in size.

Approximately by the end of the fourth week, the genital organ returns to normal, and the cervix becomes the same as before the birth. It is worth noting that in women giving birth, the entrance to the cervical canal has an elongated shape. Whereas in the fairer sex, who have not yet become mums, it is round.

Cervical dilatation on 1 finger: when to give birth?

Many representatives of the weaker sex, who are preparing to become mothers, hear such a diagnosis. What does it mean?

Gynecologists and midwives always measure the expansion of the cervical canal in the fingers. The complete opening of the genital organ forms an opening of 10 centimeters. One finger is approximately two centimeters. If you have found the above position of the cervix, you can assume that the hole in the cervical canal has reached approximately 2 cm. When can we expect the onset of labor? It all depends on the woman's body. Let's consider some popular situations.

Childbirth will begin in a few hours

If a future mother observes opening of the cervical canal in one centimeter, the birth can quite begin within several hours. It should also take into account the position of the cervix. It must be direct. It is also necessary to determine the length of the cervical canal. This distance does not exceed one centimeter. If these indicators are distinctive, then, most likely, the woman is not yet quite ready for the birth of the baby.

Before the birth, a few weeks left

How to determine the opening of the cervix? Very simple. This can be done by an obstetrician or gynecologist during a routine examination. With the expansion of the cervical canal to one finger a woman may well go through several months before the birth. Often in moles, such indicators are found already at the 32nd week of pregnancy. However, the fairer sex safely wears out the baby for 40 weeks.

If there is no contraction, pain, or spotting from the vagina with this disclosure, then the woman is usually released home. However, if the term of birth has already approached, and the cervix is ​​still not ready, then the doctors are stimulating. It is in the introduction of some drugs that contribute to the rapid expansion of the cervical canal and the beginning of fights.

Can the cervix open prematurely?

It also happens that a woman reveals the opening of the cervical canal by one centimeter, but the gestation period is still quite small. In this case, it is a question of premature enlargement of the cervix. In this case, there is a threat of interruption of pregnancy. Treatment is most often an emergency. At the same time, the condition of the woman's health and the position of the bladder should be taken into account.

If a cervical dilatation of 3 cm is detected, then it is still possible to save the pregnancy. Usually, the future mother is placed on the external yoke or pessaries. These devices allow the baby to be carried out before the due date and prevent further expansion of the mucous membranes.

When the opening of the cervix is ​​quite large and the fetal bladder has already descended into the pharynx, there is practically no chance to take the child to the due date. In this case, the future mother is prescribed complete rest and bed rest. At the same time, drugs are introduced that contribute to the rapid development of the fetus and the beginning of the work of its respiratory system.

Cervical dilatation: sensations

Is it possible to feel that the cervical canal has expanded to one finger? The opinions of specialists on this issue are very controversial. In most cases, a woman does not feel this process. It passes asymptomatically and painlessly. However, many future mothers note the presence of training fights. So the reproductive organ prepares to expel the fetus from its cavity.

Feeling the opening of the cervix on one finger can be pretty obvious when the mothers have left the water. In this case, the baby's head descends into the small pelvis and presses heavily on the inner pharynx, causing it to expand. The woman begins to feel regular cramping pains in the lower abdomen, which subsequently spread to the entire abdominal cavity.

Another sign that the cervix has opened on one finger is the passage of the mucous plug. At the same time, it can come out not completely, but only partially. With a stronger expansion of the cervical canal lumps completely.

What should I do if I have one-finger cervical dilatation?

All is whistled by what is the duration of your pregnancy. If the expectant mother is already ready for childbirth and the baby is full, then nothing is needed. Most likely, in the near future there will begin fights that will end with natural childbirth.

If, however, several months remain until the supposed day of release from the burden, it is necessary to assess the condition of the future mother sensibly. In some cases, correction of medication and compliance with bed rest are required. Other situations do not cause fear, and a woman can easily lead a habitual way of life.

At the beginning of the cervical dilatation process, careful monitoring must be carried out. The future mother should be examined on the chair at least at each reception. In some cases, additional visits are made to the gynecologist for the diagnosis. Also, ultrasound can be recommended to accurately determine the condition of the internal pharynx.

Summing up

You now know how the opening of the cervix occurs during labor. Also you have found out the peculiarities of the situation, when the cervical canal is widened to one finger. Remember that if the opening of the cervix begins, then the infection of the fetus may occur. That's why it's worth avoiding unprotected sex, bathing in public baths and public pools. Visit the doctor more often and follow all the prescriptions. Successful birth!