The best nutritionist in St. Petersburg: reviews. Who are the best nutritionists in St. Petersburg?

Often people write: "Advise, a good nutritionist in St. Petersburg is urgently needed."Reviews immediately filled with the surnames of "cool" doctors, masters and advanced bloggers. But not all specialists involved in counseling on balanced nutrition and weight loss have higher education. And such "doctors" are based exclusively on their successful experience. Someone may use their methods, but someone else, on the contrary, aggravate the situation. So take the choice seriously. Let's try to understand the nuances of the profession in order and draw conclusions about which of the doctors in our modern time you can say that this is really a professional and very good nutritionist( in St. Petersburg).Feedback from patients who have been treated by specialists will help us to understand this.

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We are all different

Each person is unique, and examinations and appointments are carried out individually on the basis of analyzes and interviews with the patient. And trust in this matter to those who accidentally worked on a method, it is not worth it, because personally you do not need it. Choosing a doctor is best on the official websites of clinics, and on information about education, experience, you can understand whether this dietician is suitable for you. In St. Petersburg reviews left on the chosen doctor, you should study very carefully. It is also necessary to know people's opinion about the representations of medical centers and other institutions, where this person works and conducts the reception. And the impressions left by his clients after receiving and consulting, too, will prompt how much this person loves his work, with what parallel medical specialty is connected, how he treats his patients and, most importantly, what are the results of his work.

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Basics of specialization

Dietology refers to the section of applied medicine devoted to the organization of rational nutrition. And, of course, most people believe that it is only about excess weight and debilitating diets.

It's hard not to agree, it's the dieticians who really deal with this problem, especially since excess weight for health is not at all useful. This will be confirmed to you by all the best nutritionists of St. Petersburg, and all of Russia. And they will explain that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Because everything is just beginning. A professional doctor first of all will clarify for himself a whole series of questions concerning the patient:

  1. Is there an allergy to some products.
  2. Sitting or moving in this person's work.
  3. What diseases the patient suffered.
  4. To which food is most located.

And a lot of similar questioning questions.

Not guessing, but by facts

After receiving answers to questions, the doctor prescribes the necessary tests. Focusing on them and on clarified by the method of questioning knowledge about the patient, the specialist begins to compile a personal diet for his ward.

But, regrettably, sometimes you can affect the patient's health with accompanying health problems. And many of them can be eliminated, adhering to the right diet. Sometimes the relationship between health and nutrition can only be seen by a professional doctor.

Dmitriy Petrov

Certified Specialists And now we will get acquainted with some specialists of St. Petersburg.

"SM-Clinic", a branch located at: Udarnikov Ave., 19, building 1. Here is practiced by a doctor of the highest category - Elena Vladimirovna Shapovalova - dietician, gastroenterologist, hepatologist. Has additional specializations: endoscopy, therapy.

Elena Vladimirovna advises patients of the cancer and diabetes center for more than 20 years to solve problems of the gastrointestinal tract and dietology. Reviews about her as a specialist in the majority are good. Patients noted her attentive attitude to everyone. She is recommended to her acquaintances as a good literate specialist, who gives useful and necessary information. Therefore, if you need a nutritionist in St. Petersburg( Kalininsky district), come to see Elena Vladimirovna.

A doctor from the Union of Clinics

The next, about whom I would like to tell, is a candidate of medical sciences, and also an associate professor of the department of gastroenterology and dietology at the North-West State Medical University. Doctor Dmitry Petrov has been working for more than 40 years on specializations of gastroenterologist, nutritionist, cardiologist and therapist. In the responses, the patients highly appreciated his experience and professionalism, always a tangible result and a good, good attitude.

Dmitry Petrov is a doctor of the highest qualification category. In addition, he devoted more than 30 years of teaching at the faculty of postgraduate training of doctors. The cost of taking the doctor is from 800 rubles. You can register with Dmitry Pavlovich by phone or through an online application on the website of the Union of Clinics.

German Medical Center

The next specialist in question will also have a great deal of experience in its activities. Doctor Slobodyannik Nadezhda Vladimirovna works and conducts a reception in the German clinic "Amedaklinik", which is located in St. Petersburg at the address: Kovensky pereulok, 5, letter B.

The experience with Nadezhda Vladimirovna passed beyond the twenty-year mark. Specialization: dietician, endocrinologist. Being a doctor of the highest category, Slobodyannik NV deals with diagnosis and treatment of the thyroid gland, and also advises on metabolic processes leading to obesity. In addition, she performs weight correction with diet therapy.

The majority of patients praise Nadezhda Vladimirovna, note the ease in communication and the big baggage of professional knowledge. Judging by the joy of the patients from the results of the work done, the doctor Slobodyannik NV can also be safely written down in the best dieticians of St. Petersburg. The price of admission is, to tell the truth, rather big( 5000 rubles).But in the reviews no one complained about it.

Doctor from TV programs

Many users are interested in the doctor Menshikova Ekaterina( nutritionist, St. Petersburg).Reviews about it are very good as a specialist. But they are left by people who watched one of the programs with her participation about products and quality of food, with a request to suggest how to get to Catherine for a reception. Apparently, Menshikova basically only participates in TV airs, which are prepared by St. Petersburg television. Those who would like to know if Catherine is taking the techniques, and in case of a positive response to make an appointment, it may be worth trying to learn about this through a call to the TV channel.

The way to health

Despite the demand for this profession, there are very few certified dietitians in Russia. That's why often there are questions: "Tell me where and to whom to turn. .. you need a good nutritionist."St. Petersburg - is a big city, and all the more pleased that people began to take responsibility responsibly to the choice of such a specialist, based on the feedback and experience of other people.

In addition to professional knowledge, a dietician should be communicative, diplomatic, have the knowledge of psychology, so that it is tactful, but in essence and accessible for understanding, to be able to explain to the patient the whole picture describing the state of his organism into which he has driven himself.

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So who should be considered the best

It is unlikely to distinguish someone against the background of others correctly. But this question can be answered in this way: definitely appeal to specialists with a higher education is more reliable than to those who have just finished courses on dietetics. And the more difficult it is to compare professional doctors with self-taught lovers. Medical knowledge of the human body, its anatomy and metabolic processes occurring in its body, multiplied by great experience, give such a baggage that can not be obtained in two or three months of experiments.

In addition, every doctor is responsible for his patient, and the principle of "do no harm" for them in the first place. Experiments, too, in themselves are quite good, but they can be carried out on themselves, but in no case on other people. So here the choice is obvious. But who is the best professional nutritionist in St. Petersburg, reviews of patients who have already visited the reception, just allow you to orient.

Healing from Diseases

A dietitian doctor helps not only in weight management issues. There are many diseases that can be cured or at least suppressed by eating rules. Therefore, people with gastritis, peptic ulcer, liver and kidney disorders, as well as heart and lungs, malfunctioning digestive and respiratory system, need a dietician. In St. Petersburg prices for consultation vary from 800 to 5 000 rubles. Price openness makes it possible to choose a doctor for himself, taking into account the possibilities of his own budget.

The activity of professional nutritionists is important for most patients in polyclinics and hospitals. After all, sometimes incurable diseases when moving to an active lifestyle and proper nutrition completely recede or at least do not create special problems for suffering people. In addition, a dietician should also be visited during the implementation of the recommendations prescribed by him. This helps to monitor the results and make the necessary adjustments to the plan, if any. menshikova екатерина dietician спб reviews

The essence of the work

The task of a nutritionist is to understand, correctly identify and compile an individual diet for each patient who comes to the reception. This new menu should focus on the elimination of health problems, that is, to help in the treatment of identified diseases that prevent the patient from balancing his weight and bringing him back to normal.

Athletes, by the way, also need a competently compiled diet. It is necessary for them because it is built taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism and in accordance with the size of the athletic loads of each. This is done by a sports nutritionist.

In general, in recent years, dietitians have ceased to be perceived as professionals working only with sick patients, so their tasks were also supplemented by the need to make a healthy diet for healthy people who want to lead an active lifestyle and stay beautiful, brisk and fit for longer.

reception of a nutritionist in St. Petersburg

This is my doctor

The topic of choosing the best nutritionist in St. Petersburg is always very scrupulous and responsible. It will be more correct to say "selecting a doctor that is right for you".After all, if the doctor causes you even the slightest mistrust, then, most likely, the result will be minimal.

For example, there are representations of all solid medical institutions, in any case every center should have its own official website. There you can get acquainted with doctors, read, who has additional specialization, find out the address of consultations, and then to the doctor who liked you to make an appointment. Nutritionist in St. Petersburg, as you can see, is easy to find, especially since it will definitely not be an amateur, but a professional.

Qualities of the best professional nutritionist

For a successful and effective activity in your profession, a doctor-nutritionist needs to have the knowledge of a therapist, and also be, in addition, a certified gastroenterologist or endocrinologist.

First of all, a nutritionist should have a blossoming healthy appearance, a positive emotional mood, because he has already been tested by life, that he believes himself who is a confirmatory example of his words.

This profession assumes a willingness to learn new knowledge, a good memory for people and information, the ability to communicate with people and, of course, a benevolent attitude towards them. best nutritionists spb

Balanced diet

The patient is also required to comply with the prescriptions made by the doctor. And after the course of treatment it is necessary to adhere to such a diet that will not reduce all work to naught and will not allow returning to the departed kilograms. Follow the advice of a nutritionist required and after a diet.

Many patients believe that in order to lose weight, you just need to stop eating. This is a misconception. And if you start to follow it, you can cause great damage to the body. It is necessary not to "stop eating", but to switch to a balanced diet, which will be for you a nutritionist after a comprehensive check of your body and collecting information about you.

Moreover, no recovery should be unbearably agonizing for a person, otherwise, after starving for several days, the patient will simply break and empty at once the half-refrigerator. It also does not add health. Moreover, after such stresses, the body will decide that something strange is happening and, just in case, it is necessary to pile up stocks like "but suddenly the war, and I'm hungry."Therefore, just start eating nourishing, but right, the way a nutritionist will recommend.

slobodyannik hope vladimirovna

Skills of the doctor-dietician:

  1. Excellent understanding of the laws of the body and metabolism in it, a good knowledge of the work of the digestive, hormonal and all other systems.
  2. Competence in the composition of products, their biological value and their effect on the human body in various diseases.
  3. Knowledge of the methodology of diagnosis.
  4. Possession of literate diets.