Gel "Izotreksin": instructions, analogues and reviews

Currently, not only adolescents but also adults face acne and acne problems. Most often, unpleasant rashes appear due to internal problems in the body. To cleanse the skin and normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, you can use special external medications. The gel "Isotrexin" has proved to be a really effective remedy due to two active ingredients in the composition. Instructions for use, composition and reviews of this drug will be discussed in the article.

Isotrexin - what is the preparation?

When the sebaceous gland is blocked on the skin, a small inflammation appears. Looks like a cosmetic defect is not very pleasant. Experts recommend to search for the reason of occurrence of a similar phenomenon in the work of internal organs. Most often, acne occurs when the digestive tract is functioning, the endocrine system.

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In order to eliminate external manifestations of the disease, ointments and creams with antiseptic action should be used. In the treatment of acne, many helped Izotreksin. The instruction refers to its antimicrobial agents, capable of providing anti-inflammatory, keratolytic and antiseboric action. The composition of the drug has several strong components that can effectively fight acne and acne.


The formulation contains two active substances - erythromycin( 20 mg) and isotretinoin( 500 mg).The first component refers to antibacterial and is potentially detrimental to streptococci and propionic bacteria - the main causative agents of acne. Antibacterial substance from the category of macrolides depresses the synthesis of the protein of pathogenic microorganisms.

Isotretinoin is a substance that is similar in pharmacological activity and structure to vitamin A. This retinoid has a direct effect on the growth of epithelial cells. The component, like other derivatives of vitamin A, can somewhat inhibit the work of the sebaceous glands. In the formation of micro-medones retinoid has a depressant effect from the inside. Isotretinoin also has anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous, anti-seborrheic effect.

How does it work?

The isotrexin gel is indicated for topical use. With regular use of the drug, it is possible to achieve normalization of the sebaceous glands, to significantly reduce the secretion of sebum. The medicine quickly removes inflammation from the epidermis. Bacteriostatic effect of the drug has on pathogenic organisms, which are the causative agents of acne.

Indications for use

The drug "Isotrexin"( gel) instruction recommends the use, if necessary, of local treatment of acne of varying severity, acne. The drug for topical application will be completely powerless with comedones, post-acne.

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With regular application of the reminoid with the composition, it is possible to quickly normalize the production of sebum and eliminate the oily shine of the skin. Thanks to the antibacterial effect, the gel effectively prevents the formation of acne and inflammation.

Who will use Isotrexin( gel)?

Reviews say that the topical agent effectively eliminates skin eruptions associated with transitional age. Especially this problem worries young girls. The complex effect of retinoids and antibiotics positively affects the skin condition due to the inhibition of the vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms and the reduction of the fat content of the dermis. It is for the treatment of teenage acne illness that you can use Isotrexin. According to the instructions it is suitable for children over 12 years.

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With frequent appearance of acne in adults, one should first of all discover the cause of this pathological phenomenon. Usually treatment in this case is complex. When choosing agents for topical application, special attention should be given to preparations based on retinoids. It is to such funds that the gel "Isotrexin" belongs.

Apply the gel correctly

The medication is used exclusively for external use. To achieve a positive result of therapy, it is necessary to follow the recommendations specified in the instructions. The gel should be applied a thin layer on the surface of the dermis. And it should cover not only inflamed, but also adjacent to them skin.

In a day, the drug should not be used more than twice. A positive result after the start of treatment can be seen after 4-5 days: the inflammations become much less, the pimples dry up, the greasy shine decreases. According to feedback, it is necessary to fully complete the course of treatment - 1,5-2 months. It is worth considering that the drug still has an antibiotic, so after 8 weeks you should take a break in therapy.

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One tube of the external agent "Isotrexin"( gel, 30 g - the amount of the drug in the package) is quite enough for the course of treatment. After consulting a dermatologist, the therapy can be repeated to fix the result.

The gel can be applied to the skin of the face, back, shoulders. The product will cope with mild to moderate acne. Use the drug before applying cosmetics. By the way, experts recommend to refuse for the period of treatment from using decorative cosmetics, clogging pores.

Preliminary preparation of skin

Before applying the gel, skin should be cleaned of contaminants. To do this, you can use a softening tonic. If you neglect this condition, the result of treatment will be almost invisible. The active ingredients of the drug are difficult to penetrate the epidermis through the layer of sebum and contaminants.

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Gel is best applied in the evening. This is due to the fact that the agent makes the skin vulnerable to ultraviolet rays. When using the medication in the afternoon, you should additionally use sun protection. Gel "Izotreksin" can cause a strong peeling of the skin. In the event of a similar situation, it is recommended to use moisturizers that will not provoke the appearance of comedones.


Remedy for acne and acne is not suitable for all individuals who want to get rid of cosmetic problems. First of all, this refers to people who are intolerant or allergic to the components in the drug. According to the instruction, contra-indications also include:

  • age to 12 years;
  • sunburn on the skin;
  • pregnancy, the period of feeding the baby;
  • is an allergy to antibacterial substances from the macrolide group;
  • eczema.

Special instructions

Do not apply to damaged areas of the dermis. Also, it is used with caution on sensitive areas of the skin( neck, lips, areas under the eyes and near the nose).In these places, redness can occur due to prolonged exposure to the active ingredients of the drug.

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Alcohol-containing cosmetics should not be used during the period of application of the drug "Isotrexin"( gel).Analogues based on retinoids and antibiotics, like the original drug, can cause severe skin irritation while using cleansers with alcohol, abrasive particles, extracts of citrus fruits.

Do not use the gel at the same time as other drugs containing retinoids. The effectiveness of Isotrexin reduces antibacterial drugs from the group of tetracyclines and glucocorticosteroids.


Other medicines have a similar therapeutic effect:

  • retinoic ointment;
  • Retin A;
  • Retasol;
  • "Erythromycin".

These drugs also help to clear the skin of rashes.

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"Isotrexin"( gel): reviews

From acne this drug for external use really helps to get rid. Do not expect a lightning result, but the positive dynamics will be noticeable in the first days of treatment. According to the reviews, the remedy is well tolerated. At drawing it is possible to feel an easy tingling which quickly passes.