Clinic "Nadia": description, features, services, doctors and reviews

Choosing a clinic where you can get quality medical care is not so easy. Especially in modern countries, where medicine is divided into paid and free, and the competition among such organizations is enormous. Therefore it is necessary to study the opinions of clients about this or that institution. Sometimes they tell you about the features, pros and cons of hospitals, which no one else will tell you. Only conclusions have to be made independently. There is almost no common opinion about medical institutions. What is the clinic "Nadia"?What are its pros and cons? Can I trust her? nadiya clinic

Activity focus of

The first thing to note is the activity of our today's medical center. It plays a huge role. After all, clinics provide different services. Depending on them it is necessary to address in this or that organization.

The clinic "Nadia" is a kind of center of reproductive medicine. That is, here you can get help if you have problems with the reproductive system of the body. Gynecology, IVF, pregnancy management, infertility treatment - all this can be obtained in this organization. In addition, here women will be able to pass all the necessary tests before and during the "interesting situation".So, for all this clinic "Nadia" reviews get positive. After all, we will deal with a private medical center that can help with problems with conception.


Where is it located? And at what address can you find this organization? Unfortunately, the inhabitants of Russia will not be able to apply here. Only if they agree to travel the world. But, as the customers say, it's not worth it.

After all, there is a clinic "Nadia" in Kiev. Reviews this center receives a variety. But speaking about the location of this, customers are satisfied. You can find a medical institution on Maxim Krivonosov Street, 19 A. There is a family planning clinic called "Iksi" nearby, as well as the Kiev National University of Architecture and Construction.

In general, a very good location. This is not the outskirts of Kiev, which pleases. And you will be able to reach Nadia without any problems. In any case, so say the visitors. clinic nadia reviews prices

Staff and doctors

A huge role for any private institution is played by doctors and attendants. After all, citizens want to give money not only for a quick, but also a high-quality reception. Especially when it comes to reproduction.

Can the staff of the clinic "Nadia" boast of its staff? Doctors here all have higher education. And, if you believe what they say, constantly the staff increases their qualifications, passes additional training. In general, professionally develops.

This is all a good reason to believe that it is in this institution that only the best doctors work. Although the reviews sometimes point to the opposite. There are good people here, and not very good. Simply, as the visitors recommend, carefully choose the attending physician. But in general, customers are satisfied. In any case, you can be sure that you are really being treated by educated people. Already this factor pleases many. No trainees or students - only staff with higher education! clinic nadia reviews


What specific services does the Reproductive Clinic "Nadia" offer to its visitors? It has already been said that it is here that everyone has the full right to receive quality assistance with conception. And gynecology as well. And if more specifically, what is in great demand?

Treatment of infertility in a variety of ways - the main direction of the organization. It is for this reason that many people come here. After all, the issue of infertility in the world worries many. It requires prompt action, which in most countries qualitatively offers only paid centers. The directions offered by the clinic are ECO, ICSI, IMSI.In addition, you can choose special programs for the treatment of infertility. There are a lot of them.

Surgical and surgical intervention in the field of gynecology is on the second place. Further - directly treatment of gynecological diseases and reproductive system. As a special feature, it also stands out that the clinic "Nadia" is pregnant. Not everyone can boast of this opportunity. Often, after infertility treatment in Nadia, an "interesting situation" is also accompanied by the appeal of clients to this company. As you can see, the range of services offered is extensive. A full list can be found on the official website of the organization.

web page By the way, about the web page. It also plays a role for some. Especially for those who the clinic "Nadia" interested in the initial pores no more than any other. Comparing the sites of medical institutions, it is possible to say with a high degree of probability where it is better to address. And the emphasis is on the information published on the pages. clinic nadia eco prices

"Nadia" only pleases. Here you can register and get access to the "personal office", consult on "Skype", as well as find a full range of services offered to customers. Plus, there is a price list here. And do not forget that each service is accompanied by a detailed description of the procedure. You will be able to find out everything that can be of interest to the patient before carrying out an operation. A good information site, indicating the good faith of the company.

Price lists

The prices for services are what many customers pay attention to. In particular, when it comes to medicine. It's no secret that keeping a person's health now is not such a cheap pleasure. In addition, if the question touched on medicine, most likely, all research will cost you "a pretty penny."

Diverse receives the clinic "Nadia" reviews. Prices here, judging by the opinions of visitors, are not so small. No, they are not too high, nevertheless in some cases "bite".Especially when it comes directly to the treatment of infertility. In private clinics this service is the most expensive. And our case is no exception. reproductive clinic nadia

Clinic "Nadia" prices for IVF offers different. It all depends on which program you choose. For example, a simple first attempt at in vitro fertilization will cost 30 400 hryvnia, the second - at 29 020, the third - at 27 635. A special program "Nadiynaya" costs 140 650 hryvnia. If we take into account that not often artificial insemination is obtained from the first attempt, it is quite a serious waste.

Here such offers on average the prices of the clinic "Nadia".ECOs( prices for some programs we already know) still enjoys great demand here. You can see the full list of price tags for certain services on the official website, and then decide whether to contact the organization or not.


Comfort - this is another point worthy of attention. In particular, if it is a paid clinic. It is not enough to receive high-quality and fast service. I want to feel comfortable in this or that medical institution.

Fortunately, in this regard, the clinic "Nadia" offers its visitors a really high-quality and comfortable stay. All the offices are clean, cleaned constantly, the situation is generally light, "light", pleasant and friendly. Entering this institution, you will not feel like staying in a hospital. Rather, in a cozy place, providing medical services in the field of reproductive medicine. clinic nadia prices for eco

The equipment here is all new, high-quality. It does not scare away customers. And the interior does not spoil. You can say it fits into it just perfectly. Therefore, most customers prefer "Nadia" taking into account all other advantages, of course. Are you a lover of comfort? Then our today's organization is ideal for you.

Treatment of

What do visitors think directly about the process of treatment and obtaining certain services in the medical center "Nadia"?This aspect is almost decisive when choosing a clinic.

It is noted that taking into account the professionalism of doctors, you will receive only quality, though not always fast, treatment. Stress the visitors and the fact that no extra tests will not be assigned to you. Although such a probability is not ruled out. It is quite common for a private company. Pull out more money from the client, but so that he does not suspect, and on legal grounds - this is the goal pursued by many medical institutions."Nadia" is no exception.

However, if you have everything perfectly with your health, some incredible new "sores" can surface. Fictional diseases, although rare, are found in the clinic "Nadia".Also an ordinary phenomenon for similar centers. Ultimately, patients remain overwhelmingly satisfied with the treatment.

Negative aspects of

Some negative points also take place."Nadia" is the most common clinic that works in the field of reproduction. Here sometimes there are some incidents that can set up clients against the organization.

In particular, girls often point to poor-quality IVF.That is, constant repeated attempts. Yes, no one is immune from failure. But only in "Nadia" they really hurt a lot. nadia clinic in kiev review

In addition, counseling before infertility treatment is also often able to point to non-existent problems. In particular, the doctors' conclusions will call you to IVF.Not the best option. Some clients say - after the "terrible diagnosis" in "Nadia" they turned to other medical centers, in which infertility was never confirmed. Moreover, to conceive the child turned out independently.


So can we trust our today's organization? Honestly, this you must decide for yourself. In general, the picture in "Nadia" is not much different from the situation in other private clinics.

There is here both deception, and unprofessional doctors, and inflated prices for some services. Nevertheless, this company still offers quality service in most cases. Trusting the organization "Nadia" is possible, but with some caution. And doctors are recommended to choose carefully.