Activated Carbon in Breastfeeding: Features of Use, Dosage and Recommendations of Specialists

During pregnancy, a woman should be careful in using different medications. With the advent of the child, the restrictions become even stricter. Now, before you drink a medicine, you need to think several times, since many active substances are able to penetrate into the blood and get to the baby. Otherwise, experts look at the drug with the trade name "Activated Carbon".

When breastfeeding, it is prescribed often. Does this talk about the safety of the medication? Today's article will help you answer this question, and also understand how and in what doses activated charcoal is taken during breastfeeding.

activated charcoal for breastfeeding

Purpose of the preparation and its characteristics

Activated charcoal is produced in tablets. The drug is an adsorbent. It reduces the absorption of toxins and alkaloids from the gastrointestinal tract. The substance collects on its surface harmful substances and removes them from the body.

Activated charcoal in breastfeeding, as in other cases, is prescribed for the following indications:

  • poisoning( food, drugs, chemical compounds);
  • intoxication of the body( caused by various causes);
  • intestinal viral and bacterial infections;
  • diarrhea of ​​different origin;
  • dyspepsia( gas formation, fermentation in the stomach, increased acidity, discomfort);
  • preparation for various studies in the intestine and stomach.

Can activated charcoal be taken with breastfeeding?

If you refer to the instructions for use, you will find the following information. The drug works exclusively in the intestine, it collects harmful substances and is unchanged from the body. The medicine is not absorbed into the systemic bloodstream, it does not penetrate into breast milk. Also, in contraindications there is not a single word about lactation. What does it mean? Can I drink activated charcoal when I breastfeed? The answer to the last question will be positive.

The drug is often prescribed when allergies occur in the child. In most cases, it is caused by the feeding of the mother. Therefore, to speedily remove the allergen from the woman's body, it is prescribed an adsorbent. Also, an appropriate diet is prescribed with the exception of everything that can cause the reaction of the baby.

can activated charcoal be given during breastfeeding

Contraindications to use and the likelihood of side effects

Despite the safety of the medication, not all women can safely consume activated charcoal when breastfeeding. In what cases is this therapy prohibited? Contraindication to the taking of tablets is the ulcer of different parts of the stomach and intestines. Also, internal bleeding prohibits the use of this medication. If a nursing woman regularly takes certain medications, then she needs to refrain from using the adsorbent. As you know, the tablets take not only toxins and harmful substances, but also useful vitamins, minerals, medicines.

If you use activated charcoal when breastfeeding, you can face side reactions. When they appear, you must stop using the drug and consult a specialist for advice. The instruction describes the following adverse reactions:

  • stool disorders( constipation or diarrhea);
  • worsening absorption of nutrients and vitamins( hypovitaminosis);
  • for prolonged use in large quantities violated the balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats( sometimes the hormonal background also suffers).

The use of activated carbon almost always leads to staining of stools in black. However, this reaction is not negative, everything passes after the drug is discontinued.

Is it possible to drink activated charcoal when breastfeeding?

Activated charcoal for breastfeeding: dosage

Instruction for use indicates that the medication is prescribed in a certain amount, based on the indications. When poisoning, intestinal infections, intoxication drug is shown in an amount of 250 mg per 10 kilograms of body weight. A day is recommended to use no more than 10 tablets. If it is a question of gas generation, discomfort in the abdomen, then one tablet is recommended for every 30 kilograms of body weight.

The daily dose should be divided into several doses. It should be remembered that the drug is used several hours before other medicines and food intake.

activated charcoal during breastfeeding

Recommendations of specialists and reviews of

Doctors say that if a mother has no contraindications to the use of the drug, then activated charcoal can not do harm in breastfeeding. Doctors say that this adsorbent is one of the safest. It gently affects the gastrointestinal tract, removes allergens and toxic substances. Many women after the birth of this particular drug cleanse your body.

If we talk about the dosage of the medicine, then there are different opinions. For example, Dr. Komarovsky argues that it is impossible to overdose the adsorbent. Therefore, in a day an adult woman can consume between 50 and 200 tablets. Other doctors say that exceeding the dose leads to a violation of the balance of nutrients. If there are no vitamins and minerals in the mother's body, the child will also remain without them. This is not the best option for a growing baby. Recommendations of specialists about activated carbon are as follows:

  • use the drug only if necessary;
  • before taking the drug, consult a doctor and find out how the medicine will affect your child;
  • Follow the prescribed dosage and duration of treatment.

activated charcoal for breastfeeding dosage

Let's sum up

Can activated charcoal be taken with breastfeeding? If you do not have contraindications, then the use of the drug is not prohibited. But we need to look at the situation sensibly. When intestinal infections and poisoning must take additional drugs. The doctor will tell you about them. Before using any medicine during lactation, you must first consult your doctor. Be healthy!