Tips dentists: how many times a day you need to brush your teeth

Everyone from the earliest childhood parents taught us to brush our teeth. Nobody will argue with the fact that this is the most important procedure that supports the oral cavity in order. And how correctly to conduct it? Someone thinks that you need to clean your teeth after each snack. Some people say that it's only worth doing in the morning or in the evening. From the article we learn how many times a day you need to brush your teeth. It will be useful to get acquainted with how to properly conduct the procedure. This is exactly what we are talking about today.

how many times a day you need to brush your teeth

Why do we brush our teeth?

In order for a person to strictly observe the rules of hygiene, he needs to understand what he is doing it for. After all, not every patient thinks about how many pathogenic bacteria are on his teeth, tongue and mucous membranes.

Everyone knows that non-compliance with hygiene rules can lead to tooth decay. We see this from advertising toothpaste, we hear from doctors and parents in childhood. But this is not all, what can lead to plaque on the teeth.

Food residues are able to serve as a good breeding ground for microbes. They feel great, multiply, cause inflammation of the tissues. And just those people who are not familiar with how to properly brush your teeth, how many times a day you need to do this, are potential patients of the periodontist. After all, if time does not remove the plaque, it eventually becomes mineralized. Simply put, it turns into tartar. He can not be removed without the help of a doctor. The formation of stones leads to inflammation of the gums, their descent and the development of various unpleasant diseases. After all this, the microbes get access to the gingival, basal and peri-toothed tissues. This development may lead to loosening and loss of teeth.

how many times a day you need to brush your teeth as correctly

Tips for dentists: how many times a day do I have to brush my teeth?

What does the experts say about this? All dentists say that the procedure for oral care is sufficient to carry out 2 times a day( morning and evening).Thus doctors mark, that the hygienic procedure is necessary for carrying out after end of reception of nutrition. Why? After all, it's after breakfast that the oral cavity and the surface of the teeth need to be cleaned of pathogenic bacteria. After a meal, harmful bacteria begin the process of reproduction. The rest of the food they serve as wonderful food. It is advisable to clean after eating. This will prevent the formation of tartar and the development of caries.

How many times a day do I need to brush my teeth? Twice. The second time we perform the procedure in the interval between supper and sleep. At night, doctors recommend paying close attention to hygiene. Cleaning should be done not only using a toothbrush and paste. To remove food debris between the teeth, a thread will fit.

tips dentists how many times a day you need to brush your teeth

Procedure algorithm

For the best effect, it is not enough to know just how many times a day you need to brush your teeth. How to do it right? Every person should know the answer to this question.

In order for the procedure to be as effective as possible, it is advisable to carry it out in front of the mirror. In this case, you can mentally imagine your jaws in a 3D projection. This will help make the movement more conscious. To clean the oral cavity of the plaque, to touch all hard-to-reach places, some mechanical movements will not be enough. The person should see or imagine in which direction the brush head should be directed in order to remove the impurities.

During the procedure, try to avoid sudden movements and excessive pressure. In the morning after cleansing, the doctor recommends gum massage. And in the evening before it is desirable to use a special thread.

how to brush your teeth how many times a day

How long does the procedure take?

Patients often ask a question to specialists: "How much time do I need to brush my teeth?".It's simple. The procedure can take you 2 - 3 minutes. It is worth noting that this is the minimum time that is recommended to be spent on mechanical cleaning of teeth.

If you spend a massage in the morning, it will take a few more minutes. Working with dental floss requires accuracy. You can not hurry, because you can damage soft gum tissue.

In general, for every hygienic procedure, each person should be given 5 minutes. It does not take much time to neglect cleaning and put oral health at risk.

how long it takes to brush your teeth

Why is it often harmful to brush your teeth?

Many patients believe that it is desirable to conduct hygienic procedures always after eating. Therefore, they say that the answer to the question of how many times a day you need to brush your teeth will depend on the number of snacks. Dentists refute this theory. Frequent mechanical effects on the enamel and gums, contact with the paste will lead to disastrous consequences.

If you clean the oral cavity of the plaque too hard, you can trigger the drying and irritation of the mucous tissues. An exception can be called only those cases when a person ate a sweet or very sour dish. After that, you can again brush your teeth with a paste. In the rest of the time it will be enough to use a conditioner, dental floss or brush without a paste. Specialists also recommend the use of chewing plates. But do not get carried away by them.

how long it takes to brush your teeth

How to choose a brush and paste?

As the purification procedure, a properly selected brush and paste play a huge role. In Germany, for example, the patient acquires these attributes only on the advice of a dentist.

It is worth noting that the brush is selected, given the stiffness of the bristles. A paste is desirable to buy more than one. The alternation of abrasive and curative species is considered effective. So you need to have one tube of whitening paste and a copy of the drug containing fluoride, herbal extracts.

Dentists draw the attention of patients to the fact that you can not buy one tube of paste for the whole seven. Do not forget that everyone's problems can be different. Therefore, for each member of the family, it is necessary to select a paste and a brush.

In the article we found the answer to the question: "How many times a day do I have to brush my teeth?" Now you can perform this procedure correctly, taking into account all the nuances.

In conclusion, I would like to note that you can not neglect the regular cleaning of teeth. It can be too expensive for you. Negligent attitude to their health will certainly lead a person to a dental chair. In this case, the patient will have to face unpleasant moments in his life. Take care of yourself and make the surrounding people happy with your beautiful smile.