Is it painful to burn cervical erosion? How the procedure is conducted, its consequences

In the fight against erosion, the most effective solution to the problem is moxibustion. This procedure is more than three hundred years. The burned site after a while becomes overgrown with epithelium. But women who have been prescribed a procedure often worry: is it painful to cauterize cervical erosion, how does the intervention go, what are its consequences? You will find answers to these questions in this article.

Is it painful to cauterize cervical erosion?

Pain is not felt at all. Can slightly pull the lower abdomen. Girls who have been cauterized say that they smell unpleasant, as if the meat is burned. Sometimes after the procedure, the lower abdomen may be slightly sore and the lower back may be pulled. After cauterization there are often spotting. But this is not necessary, this is normal.


Doctors who are interested in women, it is painful to cauterize erosion of the cervix, they say that this procedure does not deliver painful sensations. But sometimes an anesthetic splashes into the moxibustion site. This is done in order to calm the patient, as many women are very afraid.

Why is there no pain?

Doctors, when asked whether it is painful to cauterize erosion of the cervix, they say that there are few nerve endings in this area. That is why women during the procedure do not feel pain.

To burn cervical erosion

Definitely yes! Erosion is a disease, and the disease must be treated. In case of the onset of the disease, there is a risk of developing cancer and infections. Then you will not need moxibustion, but more serious procedures.

How is cervical erosion cauterized?

First you need to pass tests for infection and flora. If the results of the tests are good, then the cautery time is prescribed, and if problems are found, they will first be eliminated, and then they will only erode. The procedure takes only 3-7 minutes. After that, a woman should refrain from having sex for a month - this is important, since the scar must overgrow with epithelium. Necessarily the patient should observe hygiene, otherwise on a place of erosion the inflammation will begin and pus will appear. You can not lift weights and wash with hot water, take a bath. Visits to the pool, saunas should also be canceled. If a woman complies with all the recommendations, then there will be no complications and problems.

Consequences of cauterization

If a woman experiences profuse bleeding, it is extremely important to visit a doctor on time. Perhaps, the doctor will conduct a secondary moxibustion. But most likely, the doctor will prescribe a candle or ointment. The main thing - to keep clean and sexual peace. Otherwise, it will be necessary to conduct antibiotic treatment and do a second moxibustion.

Is there an alternative to moxibustion?

To date, the method of freezing is widespread. This method is different in that the pulling pains will be slightly stronger than when cauterized. Sexual rest will need to be observed less - only 2 weeks. What method to choose - it's up to you! But remember that a timely solution to the problem is extremely important!