Why there is a pain in the head when I cough: the reasons

Headache is far from the most pleasant sensation. And worst of all, when she catches a man by surprise. This can happen at work, while driving or while relaxing. But it also happens that discomfort can arise when you cough. Is the pain in the head dangerous in this case? Is it an independent disease, or is it a symptom of more serious health problems?

coughing headache

Pain on cough: what is it?

Manifestation of painful sensations during coughing or sneezing is a rare phenomenon. As a rule, this is a symptom of a not very dangerous pathology, which is benign. Moreover, pain in the head during sneezing and coughing can cause a brief increase in venous pressure. And this is not good.

As patients describe, the headache with a cough is very similar to that experienced by a person under intense physical exertion. Most of the discomfort is felt throughout the head, but there are also cases where pain concentrates in the temples, forehead or back of the head.

Because seizures are often short-lived, it is believed that they are not dangerous to health, although this is not always true. Sometimes it happens that unpleasant sensations appear due to a neoformation in the person's head.

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It is important to remember that any pain should be treated in a complex way and only after a conversation with the attending physician. Unpleasant sensations when sneezing and coughing, which appear from day to day, are not the norm.

Primary and regular headache on coughing. What is their difference?

First it is worth noting that the primary headache when coughing or sneezing is usually not dangerous to health, but if the seizures recur, then it is worth assuming the presence of some pathology.

pain in the head when sneezing and coughing

Most often, patients complain of a primary headache with a cough. The reason for this phenomenon may not be established, because doctors say that once manifested, such a symptom may no longer appear.

Most often, primary pain when coughing occurs due to low blood pressure and because of colds. Such feelings are not uncommon for weather-dependent patients.

Consultation specialist is necessary when constantly giving a cough to the pain. The reasons for this pathology are completely different. Although in this case they can be completely harmless.

Features of pain

Doctors conducted a study and found that when coughing, sharp pain in the head occurs more often in males. How to recognize that discomfort is associated with a cough or sneeze?

  1. Unpleasant sensations appear immediately after a person coughed or sneezed.
  2. It is also noted that such pain is short, but very intense and bright. A person may even experience discomfort after some time.

It should be noted that most patients, referring to a doctor, note that the pain is localized only in one half of the head. It is not uncommon for unpleasant feelings to arise unexpectedly and worry for several years, and then suddenly disappear as well. In severe cases, the whole head hurts, even presses on the eyes.

severe pain in the head when coughing

Causes of the appearance of painful sensations

The most common pain in the head with coughing and tilting occurs for the following reasons:

  • Tobacco use.
  • High blood pressure in the vessels of the brain.
  • Allergy.
  • Lung diseases( inflammation).
  • Cold. Such a cause of pain when coughing is called most often. Unpleasant sensations appear because of stuffy nose, when a person can not breathe properly, and in the sinuses, the pressure rises. Also, the development of pain in the head during sneezing and coughing is due to a powerful intoxication of the body( the immune system tries to fight the infection).
  • Strong physical activity on the body.

As can be seen, many of the causes are not at all dangerous to human health, some of them are easily eliminated( for example, colds), while others can significantly worsen the state of human health.

It is necessary to separate the pain in the head with coughing in heavy smokers. A person who often and many smokes, jeopardizes his blood vessels and the cardiovascular system as a whole. Smokers suffer from a chronic cough, and after a smoked cigarette, the pulse usually increases and the blood pressure rises.

Meteozavisimost as the cause of a headache with a cough

with a cough a sharp pain in the head

If a person is weather-dependent, he is often disturbed by pain in his head when coughing. Many patients who feel the change of the weather, have chronic diseases and experience coughing pain in the occipital part of the head.

It should be noted that weather-dependent people should check their health, because very often in patients of this category they discover:

  • problems with cardiac muscle and blood vessels;
  • malfunction of the musculoskeletal system;
  • problems in the work of the genitourinary system;
  • diseases of the nervous system;
  • poor immunity.

Very often, these patients suffer from patients with a diagnosis of "vegetovascular dystonia."

If the patient suffers from chronic diseases of the respiratory system, in this case he suffers worse than healthy people in wet weather, and also on days when atmospheric pressure is greatly increased.

Pain and bronchial asthma

With a cough, the pain in the head is noted at the initial stages of development of bronchial asthma. Simultaneously with this symptom, patients experience sensations of constriction in the chest and difficulty breathing. If you listen to the patient, you will clearly hear rattles and whistles.

Bronchial asthma is dangerous because the patient makes frequent and short breaths. As a result, the body receives insufficient oxygen, which is the cause of increased blood pressure.

headache when coughing and tilting

When the attack comes to an end, the patient begins an intense cough, at which sputum goes away well. If there is no sputum, but the cough continues and is accompanied by a headache, then you can already talk about an obstruction of the airways. In this case, the patient must be urgently hospitalized.

How to determine the cause?

If a person is constantly tormented by severe pain in the head with a cough, then this is an occasion to see a doctor for an additional examination. Modern diagnostics allows you to diagnose quickly and easily.

Basically, with these complaints, the following examinations are assigned:

  • Testing for testing for inflammation. As a rule, the patient is taken venous blood and makes a detailed biochemical analysis.
  • Ultrasound examination.
  • Measurements of the rate of movement of blood in the vessels of the brain.
  • If the doctor suspects that the cause of the pain lies in the patient's head, then very often the patient is assigned a MRI with contrast to exclude the tumor.

Medical treatment

When you cough, the pain in your head does not go away on your own. After the diagnosis and diagnosis is established, you must immediately proceed to treatment.

If the pain caused a cough, then in such cases it is necessary to eliminate the root cause. If the cough does not bother the patient, and the cause of the unpleasant sensations is not serious, the pains are easily removed by medications, for example, painkillers or relieving spasm.

coughing headache

The patient, who suffers high intracranial pressure, must without fail take medication to stabilize it.

If, at the time of the diagnostic procedures, a serious illness has been detected, depending on its type, the patient is assigned either a conservative treatment or an operative intervention. In any case, to tighten with this is not recommended.

It is not recommended to prescribe and take medication yourself, without consulting. It is important to remember that pain is only a symptom of possibly serious problems in the body.

Folk remedies

The most popular way to eliminate a cough headache is an acetic compress. Table vinegar should moisten a piece of gauze and put it on the forehead.

Cough attacks perfectly removes boiled potatoes. Hot potatoes are recommended to crush, add vinegar and apply such a compress at night. The bandage is located on the neck and chest, but not in the heart area. After that the patient should rest under the blanket for a quarter of an hour.

If the pain in the head when coughing is associated with dilated blood vessels, then the cold compresses will help alleviate the situation. It should be noted that the colder the water in which the gauze is wetted, the quicker the relief comes. Once the gauze has taken the body temperature, it needs to be changed. To facilitate the process, you can use ice.

when coughing, pain in the occipital part of the head

Herbal teas have calming and analgesic properties. Some patients who suffer from unpleasant sensations during coughing and sneezing say that regular consumption of herbal infusions has a positive effect on health in general.

To fight headaches help decoctions of herbs such as chamomile, lemongrass and St. John's Wort. It is worth remembering that it is recommended to brew and insist them only in porcelain dishes. Use the drink immediately after its preparation. With time, broths lose their useful properties.