Dental Clinic 1, Lipetsk: services and reviews

There are many dental clinics in the city of Lipetsk, where they offer solutions to problems - dental and gum disease treatment, dentistry. Dental clinic 1( Lipetsk) fell in love with the inhabitants of the city and the region. Its quality services, qualified doctors, caring staff are deserved recognition. Dental Clinic 1 Lipetsk

About the clinic

The Dental Clinic 1( Lipetsk) has been successfully operating for three decades. She started her first patients in 1987.

The medical institution is located at: Lipetsk, ul. P. Smorodina, 2.

The polyclinic has 2 telephone numbers for preliminary recording of patients and consultations on general issues concerning the schedule and prema of doctors.

Potential clients can also receive in computer mode information about the activities of dentistry, the cost of performed procedures and works, receive answers to all questions of interest by contacting the clinic's website. The system of electronic service "Preliminary record" is available. Dental clinic 1( Lipetsk) has organized not only online registration, for free or paid reception to the doctor it is possible to register by contact telephones. The institution also has the "helpline"

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. Dental work schedules on weekdays from 8:00 to 19:00, and on weekends from 8:00 to clinic 1 Lipetsk doctors

Provision of medical personnel

Dental clinic 1( Lipetsk), whose doctors are highly qualified, has a fully staffed staff. The patients are admitted in 2 shifts, which is very convenient for working patients.

Provision of medical personnel provides an opportunity to call a doctor at home. The service is provided on call to clients who have diseases with limited motor activity, bedridden, elderly people.

The medical staff working here regularly undergoes certification. More than half of them have the highest qualification, 25% of the personnel are certified for the first and second categories. The experience of specialists in the field of dentistry is on average 20 to 30 years.

Dental clinic 1( Lipetsk) attracts young people to work - every year the best graduates of higher and secondary medical schools come here. record dental clinic 1 Lipetsk

The main activities of

Dental Clinic 1( Lipetsk) carries out medical practice on the basis of an official license.

Well-equipped base of modern medical and surgical equipment in combination with high qualification of personnel allows to provide patients with quality services.

Therapeutic dentistry performs the treatment of diseases of teeth and gums: caries, pulpitis, periodontitis. All manipulations are carried out with rapid anesthesia.

Surgery deals with the removal of teeth according to different indications and complexity.

Prosthodontics is the leading direction in the activity of a polyclinic. Patients are offered a large list of materials and techniques:

  • cermets;
  • non-metallic ceramics;
  • removable dentures;
  • veneers;
  • clasp;
  • implants.

Doctors will help to choose the optimal type of denture for patients, taking into account the state of their oral cavity.

Periodontics - treatment of complex dental diseases( periodontitis, gingivitis).

Orthodontics - correction of bite deformity, alignment and straightening of the dentition for aesthetic purposes.

Endodontics takes into account the individual structure of the dental canals of each patient, allows complete and qualitative treatment of the tooth, avoiding infectious complications.

The use of laser technology in the medical process.

A special direction in the work of the polyclinic is pediatric dentistry. Attentive, careful attitude to young patients is an unshakable rule for a doctor. city ​​dental polyclinic 1 Lipetsk

Free services

The city dental polyclinic 1( Lipetsk) provides free services for the policy of CHI.For the current year, they are approved in the part of rendering assistance in therapeutic and surgical dentistry.

The main directions of free treatment:

  • treatment of caries and its complications;
  • tooth surgery;
  • treatment of gums and mucous membranes of the mouth, carrying out operations;
  • X-ray of the dentition;
  • physiotherapy;
  • treatment for tooth injuries, jaw damage;
  • anesthesia for dental procedures.

Paid medical services

Dental clinic 1( Lipetsk) builds its pricing policy taking into account the possibility of attracting clients with different income levels. This makes paid medical services popular and accessible to the public.

Paid works and medical procedures are performed in all areas of the medical institution. Only modern quality equipment and materials are used, the best resource of medical qualifications and experience.

The largest influx of customers is the therapeutic treatment and prosthetics of teeth. dental clinic 1 lipetsk reviews

Reviews of patients on the quality of services provided by

Over the years, the dental polyclinic 1( Lipetsk) does not decrease its popularity among residents of the city and the region. The patients' comments are filled with words of gratitude and are addressed to many clinic doctors. Attentive attitude, painless manipulations, cleanliness and comfort in treatment, an acceptable ratio of the price and quality of the services provided - these conditions are constantly attracting Lipchans and residents of nearby settlements.

Dental polyclinic 1( Lipetsk) is a service for the therapeutic treatment of teeth and gums, the removal of any complexity, dentistry all kinds of modern materials.