24-hour dentistry in Ufa: list, experts and reviews

Where is the 24-hour dentistry in Ufa? This question is asked by many locals who need urgent and urgent help from the dentist. To answer this request, we selected a list of the most famous clinics, working 24 hours. Among them there are private and public. They differ not only in location but also in the list of services provided, a list of specialists. What are these clinics? How to find them? And what to expect from their visit?

24-hour dentistry in Ufa

Dental hospitals working around the clock: list of

Sometimes there are situations where an emergency dentist is needed. For example, it may be necessary in the presence of purulent inflammation, accompanied by high fever, vomiting, chills and other complications. You urgently need to see a doctor and when a loss of teeth occurred, there was a damage to the tongue or oral cavity, traumas of a different nature, accompanied by acute pain and great blood loss. In this case, 24-hour dentistry will help you. In Ufa, there are not many such organizations. However, they are all ready to receive the patient and provide him with emergency medical care. Among the most famous dentists, we will highlight the following:

  • Clinic No. 1 "Tabib".
  • "Saida".
  • Polyclinic No. 9.
  • "Healthy generation".
  • "The Pearl".

More about how it works and where every 24-hour dentistry is located in Ufa, we will tell you further.

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General characteristics of the "Tabib" clinic

"Tabib"( also called "Tabib Plus") is a round-the-clock dental clinic in Ufa, which is part of the network of clinics of the LLC "Tabib".This organization is known to residents of the city for a long time. In 2009, she was awarded an honorary award as one of the best clinics in Ufa.

This network includes 5 dentists of different directions. For example, one of them is a 24-hour pediatric dentistry( Ufa).However, not only children are taken here, but also adults who need a quick medical response. Each of the branches has a doctor on duty - a dental surgeon, ready to receive patients with acute pain without recording.

This 24-hour dentistry is located in Ufa. Addresses of other offices of the network can be found on the official site of the companyabib.ru. Clinic number 1 "Tabib" is located at the following address: st. Ferina, 8( not far from the church of Bogorodsko-Ufa, the Mother of God).In the daytime, the institution works from 8 am to 20:00, and in the daily duty mode - from 20:00 pm to 8 am.

Clinic No. 4, or "Tabib Baby", where children of different ages are taken in, works on duty from 20:00 to 24:00.It is located on the street Russian, house 45.

Dentistry( Ufa) round the clock: what do they say about the clinics "Tabib"?

According to many users, in this clinic too inflated prices. Some argue that specialists literally impose paid services, ignoring the possibility of free inspection and examination. Others complain about a huge stack of documents, which they were asked to fill out before visiting a specialist. But there are also satisfied customers, telling about the emergency help and competent service on the part of doctors.

A few words about dentistry "Said"

"Saida" - dentistry in Ufa.24 hours a day, this organization provides first and urgent dental care to all those in need. Among the patients of the clinic, working since 2006, children, adults and pensioners. Now in this medical institution you can get an appointment with dentists-therapists, surgeons, orthodontists and orthopedists, implantologists. In acute pain, admission is performed without the necessary pre-recording.

You can find "Said" on October avenue, 174/2.As a guide, you will be approached by the transport stop "GDK".

24-hour pediatric dentistry in Ufa

What kind of feedback can you hear about Said?

Among the regular customers of the clinic there is an opinion that the best experts in this organization were selected long and painstakingly. According to them, most of them are really professionals in their field. They are responsible for the work, observe medical etiquette and quickly eliminate the cause of acute pain.

24-hour dentistry in Ufa addresses

What is special about the polyclinic № 9?

Clinic No. 9 is located on Gafuri Street, 103. Like other dentists on our list, it accepts patients around the clock. The specialists working in this clinic offer services for prosthetics, complete and partial restoration of teeth, radiography, covering visually unattractive elements with enamel, splicing, removal, etc.

In addition to the aesthetic drawbacks of the teeth, the specialists of the clinic perform complex operations to restore visual appeal andstructure of the jaw. All operations are performed using anesthesia( if required).

What do customers say about the clinic?

Based on customer feedback, Clinic No. 9 has a rather enviable reputation. Some users allocate high qualification of dentists. Others focus on low prices and the availability of a number of free services. Still others highlight the professionalism of specific doctors. They express their gratitude to them and visually demonstrate the results of their work in the photo.

What does the Healthy Generation Clinic offer?

"Healthy generation" is a medical institution that operates around the clock. There is a clinic in Kalinina Street, house 20. Many patients claim that this is a pretty good dentistry with modern renovation and high quality of service. It offers services for the treatment, restoration, removal and prosthetics of teeth. There is also an equipped X-ray room, as well as a reception with a surgeon and a dentist.

Some users who at one time or another visited the clinic believe that prices are somewhat overstated.

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About the network of "Pearl" clinics

"Pearl", like "Tabib", is a small network of modern dental clinics, which includes several large branches. One of them is a 24-hour clinic located on Chapaeva Street, 26. The restoration, removal and treatment of teeth are performed here. According to the stories of many users, surgeons of this clinic spend painless removal of problem teeth.

In "Pearl" there are children's specialists, as well as those that serve women in an interesting situation. The prices in this dentistry, the clients say, are about 30-40% lower than in other similar institutions.