Brown discharge without smell in early pregnancy: normal or dangerous?

The body of every pregnant woman, as a rule, is unpredictable and mysterious. The processes taking place in it are startling and often inexplicable. They also frighten many expectant mothers. Particular excitement occurs when some brown discharge from the vagina appears in early pregnancy. Of course, in some cases this is considered normal, but more often such a symptom is a threat. If you have a brown discharge, you should go to the gynecologist urgently.


On the sixth-twelfth day after conception, as a rule, the oocyte begins to attach to the wall of the uterus. This period experts call implantation. At this time, just brown discharge can appear without a smell. Often, women who are not at all suspecting of their pregnancy, consider them to be the beginning of menstruation.

The threat of miscarriage

The most common brown discharge without smell in early pregnancy indicates the threat of its interruption. Due to the occlusion of the egg( fetal), the blood flows and leaves the vagina. In addition, a woman may feel pain in this period, which is often accompanied by dizziness and even vomiting. In these cases, treatment is always prescribed, which is aimed at maintaining pregnancy. In addition, a woman is prescribed bed rest, in order to avoid miscarriage.

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Ectopic pregnancy

With ectopic pregnancy, ovarian rejection is usually unavoidable. That is why brown secretions without a smell can be one of the signs of this pathology. In this case, you must act immediately. After the sooner the diagnosis is established and the necessary measures are taken, the more likely the woman will have her own reproductive system. Detect ectopic pregnancy can be on ultrasound. However, if necessary, doctors prescribe occasional additional examinations.

Symptom of the disease

Brown discharge without a smell can talk about some gynecological diseases. For example, about some infections in the genital tract, about erosion of the cervix. After all, pregnancy is absolutely not an obstacle to the progression of various sores. And sometimes even on the contrary, acts as their additional provocateur. Ideally, with all the ailments to deal with should be at the planning stage of the baby.

Placenta previa

If brown discharge occurs late in pregnancy, then this may indicate placenta previa. This usually happens because of its very close proximity to the cervix. In this case, it is necessary to carefully examine the placenta on the days of excreta on ultrasound.

Harbinger of childbirth

When the gestation period is almost at an end, and you notice brownish discharge, chances are you've already gotten a "stopper", and it's time to prepare for childbirth.


For sure, you can say only one thing: in order not to risk personal health and your pregnancy, a gynecologist should be shown in any case, and preferably immediately as soon as the brown discharge was noticed. One should not guess and imagine how normal they are, since most often such discharge during pregnancy is dangerous.