To smoke a blunt - what is it?

Currently, the bulk of the world's smoking population prefers cigarettes. However, as in any sphere of human life, also in the field of smoking, there is an exotic. It's about blancs - self-winding self-rolling.

Blunt - it's cool

Blunt - what is it? This term means selective leaves of special types of tobacco, from which then roll-up rolls are rolled up using cigar paper. Connoisseurs and lovers know how much the process of smoking blunt is different from cigarettes, even the most expensive from world famous manufacturers. The special, refreshing taste from the self-made "roll-up" directly depends on how and with which technologies the blunt was made. Smoking, and before this properly turn it - this is an episode of the mandatory program of any "grasshopper".

History of the emergence of the concept of "blunt"

According to one of the existing versions, the place and date of birth of the culture of smoking blots is New York in the 80s of last century. Those who lived in those areas of Jamaica had the idea of ​​using a cigar paper to roll a cigarette - blunt. What is this word, what is its origin? The fact is that in those days for the manufacture of blots most often used popular cigars brand PhilliesBlunt.

In general, the process was initially not simple. After all, at first it was necessary to carefully cut the cigar, "gut", so to speak, the factory filler - tobacco, and then fill the remaining wrap with your own tobacco or a smoking mixture made to taste.

blunt what is it

Today everything is much simpler. Manufacturers offer consumers special sheets for twisting blanks.

It's also worth mentioning that blancs are very, very popular with hip-hop followers. Many of them not only smoke such cigarettes themselves, but often mention them in the texts of their works. One of the famous singers of SnoopDogg today is the face of the company BluntWrap.

Manufacturing technology and release forms

How to get the "right" blunt( what is it - was described above)?To do this, tobacco leaves are treated in a special way. At first they are subjected to homogenization( a technological process, aimed at reducing the degree of heterogeneity of components and substances), and then flavored. At the final stage, what happens is that connoisseurs call blunt.

blunt smoking

Modern manufacturers offer consumers their products with a variety of flavors, including coffee and vanilla, a variety of berries and fruits and much more. To maintain a pleasant odor and form of paper, high-quality blanches are usually packaged in a special sealed container( hard or soft).

The most famous manufacturers of

Juicy Blunts - one of the most famous manufacturers, producing this type of products for fans of smoking, like a blunt. What is this company and what are its principles of work? Blancas of this manufacturer have always enjoyed the greatest popularity. Special production conditions using a flavored triple dip system( patented) and special technology of tobacco processing in the Dominican Republic allow smoking papers to remain moist, fragrant and tasty for a long period of time. And hermetic packaging here plays a significant role.

blunt what is it

Another famous brand for making blots is King Pin. Place of manufacture - Philippine Islands, where special high-quality tobacco varieties are grown. A distinctive feature of this company's products is the packaging of three blanks instead of the usual two. The products are produced in 14 possible flavors, among which any consumer will find something for themselves.

The same manufacturer also has a special series The Notorious B.I.G., containing one special, different from all the rest of the blunt. What kind of feature is it? To two ordinary added a blunt from a natural tobacco leaf. A series of 5 fragrances is produced, which did not prevent it from becoming a record holder of sales.

And another popular brand in this area is Cyclones. Flavored paper, which has gained popularity among consumers due to the slow burning, has already been rolled into a cone. It remains only to fill them with tobacco, and you can enjoy. With such cones there is nothing easier than to make and smoke a blunt. What it is? Bright and exotic pleasure, which can not be compared to cigarettes, and this is known to many lovers of smoking.