Modern analogues of "Amitriptyline", their comparison and reviews

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When depressed, afraid or insomniac, doctors often prescribe to their patients the drug Amitriptyline. It is believed that this tool copes well with various pathological states of the psyche. This drug is delivered to the market in the form of tablets or a solution.

Reviews from consumers "Amitriptyline" deserved relatively good. It helps with anxious states, it's really good. However, there are still quite a lot of contraindications for this remedy. The same applies to side effects. Therefore, some patients, of course, would like to know what modern, more sparing analogues of "Amitriptyline" are available on the market.

analogues of amitriptyline

When is the

appointed? Indications for the use of "Amitripilin" are, for example, diseases, such as:

  • depressive state;

  • fears and phobias;

  • anorexia and bulimia;

  • Migraine.

Sometimes this remedy is prescribed for children with enuresis.

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This rather strong medicine should be prescribed exclusively by the attending physician. Side effects, it actually gives a lot. Patients taking the drug "Amitriptyline" patients are often observed:

  • violation of the focus of vision;

  • constipation and intestinal obstruction;

  • lethargy and drowsiness;

  • dizziness and low blood pressure;

  • tachycardia;

  • weakness;

  • decreased libido.

Also, people who are taking a course using this remedy may experience fainting.


There are also quite a lot of contraindications to this drug. For example, he is not assigned to patients if they have such problems as:

  • intestinal obstruction;

  • blood disease;

  • glaucoma;

  • of the bladder.

With caution this medication is prescribed for schizophrenia, bronchial asthma, epilepsy and some other diseases.

Instruction for use

This drug is delivered to the market in tablets or as a solution. Assign his doctors usually first in small doses. Then the amount taken per day of the drug is increased. The initial dose of this agent is usually 25-50 mg. In the future, the amount of medication taken is gradually brought to 300 mg. This dose is taken three times a day.

Most analogues of "Amitriptyline" instructions for use are similar. In any case, the dose of many antidepressants is usually increased gradually.

Reviews about the tool "Amitriptyline"

The advantage of this drug is considered by patients in the first place, of course, that it very well helps with various kinds of mental disorders. Many people consider this medicine even and perhaps the most powerful antidepressant for today. Also, the pluses of this drug include its relatively low cost.

Disadvantages of "Amitriptyline" in this case are:

  • the possibility of rapid addiction;

  • decrease in blood pressure;

  • severe drowsiness;

  • dry mouth.

It is because of the ability to exert so many side effects and deserve, first of all, not too good from patients "Amitriptyline" reviews. Instructions for analogues of this medication are usually similar, but in many cases still act on the patient's body they are much softer than this powerful medicine.

Also the disadvantage of this remedy is that many people who have ever taken it believe that it has a narcotic effect on patients. Not too good reviews "Amitriptyline" deserved and for its ability to cause in patients treated with its use, just a brutal appetite.

Best analogues of "Amitriptyline"

Side effects of this medication, therefore, gives a lot. Therefore, patients are often interested in what kind of safer analogues are available. Most often, if necessary, instead of the drug "Amitriptyline" doctors prescribe to patients the following sparing modern means:

  • " Anafranil".

  • "Saroten".

  • Doxepin.

  • "Melipramine".

  • "Novo-Tryptin".

Modern analogues of "Amitriptyline" without side effects, unfortunately, do not exist. All antidepressants in one way or another are able to have a negative impact on the patient's body. All the analogs from the list, of course, also give side effects and are contraindicated in certain diseases. But undesirable reactions of the body they cause still somewhat less often than "Amitriptyline".

"Anafranil" preparation: indications and contraindications

Like "Amitriptyline", "Anafranil" is supplied to the market in the form of a solution and tablets. He refers to a group of tricyclic antidepressants. Assign his doctors in the same cases as "Amitriptyline."That is, with depression, panic attacks, psychomotor retardation.

amtryptiline analogues reviews

Contraindications to the use of this analogue of "Amitriptyline" are:

  • intolerance of its components;

  • lactation period;

  • recovery period after a heart attack.

Do not prescribe this drug to children under 5 years. In addition, it is forbidden to take the analogue of the new generation of "Amitriptyline" simultaneously with the drugs of the MAO inhibitors group.

What negative effects can have on the body

Side effects of this drug are not so many as those of Amitriptyline, but they can sometimes appear. Therefore, to take this remedy, of course, is also only necessary for the doctor's prescription. For example, sometimes in the treatment of "Anafranilom" in patients there is a tachycardia and BP rises. But fortunately, this happens rarely enough. The most unpleasant side effects of taking this drug are swelling, skin rash and itching.

Reviews about the drug "Anafranil"

Many patients note the fact that this remedy for depression and fears has helped them very well. On some patients it has a positive effect even in cases when other similar means remain powerless. According to patients, very good "Anafranil" helps both with panic attacks, and with all kinds of depression.

Excellent reviews about the analogue of "Amitriptyline" "Anafranil" on the web are also available because this medicine does not cause dependence. But to reduce the dosage of this drug, according to people who have ever taken it, it should nevertheless be smooth and gradual. To the rather serious shortcomings of this remedy, patients are mainly attributed only to the fact that in the first days of admission it often causes dizziness.

What is Doxepin

This analogue of Amitriptyline is assigned to patients in the following cases:

  • with depression, including MDP;

  • excitation and anxiety;

  • hypochondria.

This medication can also be used for panic disorders or sleep disorders. For children, the drug can be administered only after 12 years. This drug is delivered to the market in the form of tablets.

analogues of new generation amitriptyline

In what cases can not take Doxepin and what side effects can it cause?

Buy this analog "Amitriptyline" without a prescription in many pharmacies. However, it should be taken only after consultation with a doctor. Contraindications in "Doxepin", like many other antidepressants, of course, there are. For example, you should not take this remedy with:

  • hypersensitivity to components;

  • intoxication of an organism of various kinds, including alcoholic;

  • breastfeeding;

  • the presence of hepatic or renal insufficiency.

Analogues of "Anitriptyline" without side effects, unfortunately, do not exist. Doxepin can cause, during the course, including, among other things, nausea, trouble with urination, drowsiness and weakness. In those patients who do not fit Doxepin at all, there may be spasms or uncontrolled concussion of parts of the body. Sometimes this drug causes patients and other side effects.

Reviews about the analogue of "Amitriptyline" "Doxepine"

This drug is also considered by patients to be quite effective. In particular, it is good, according to the patients, it helps against depressions. The advantages of this medicine include its low cost. Judging by the reviews, this drug begins to help about two weeks after the beginning of the reception.

To the drawbacks of the modern analogue of "Amitriptyline" Doxepin, patients are attributed to the fact that at first it usually causes severe drowsiness. Also, after discontinuation of taking this medication, as many people point out, they treated him, there may be not too strong, but still the effect of cancellation. It manifests itself usually with irregular blood pressure.

This drug gives relatively many side effects. Therefore, change to it, "Amitriptyline" is still only if the latter for some reason is contraindicated, does not help or exerts a too negative influence on the patient's body.

Which is better - Doxepin or Anafranil?

Compare the drugs intended for the treatment of mental illness, it is quite difficult. The choice of such drugs is usually very individual. A medicine that helps one patient well can be completely useless for another. This is why self-medication with the use of such drugs is considered very dangerous. However, both of the analogues of Amitriptyline discussed above, from depression and anxiety, as can be judged from the reviews about them, can help patients quite well. The only thing, "Doxepin" is still considered simply a more calming remedy. That is, it is best suited for the treatment of anxiety."Anafranil" is also considered a balanced drug. Consequently, the list of indications for use is wider.

Preparation "Melipramine"

The main active substance of this medication is imipramine hydrochloride. Like Amitriptyline, it can be delivered to the market in the form of dragees or solutions intended for intramuscular injections. This drug is prescribed by doctors with:

  • depressions of all kinds;

  • panic disorder;

  • chronic pain syndrome( for example, in cancer patients);

  • rheumatism;

  • neuralgia;

  • of bulimia;

  • of migraine.

amitriptyline analogs are modern without side effects

Like "Amitriptyline", "Melipramine" does a good job with enuresis. Like most other similar drugs, this analogue of "Amitriptyline" is delivered to the market in tablets and as a solution for injections.

Contraindications and side effects of the drug "Melipramine"

Children this medication can be discharged only from the age of 6 years. Contraindications to the use of the medication "Melipramine" are:

  • intoxication;

  • heart disease;

  • lactation period.

To elderly people, as well as patients with schizophrenia, this drug is prescribed with caution.

Side effects of "Melipramine" can cause such:

  • increased intraocular pressure;

  • drowsiness;

  • tremor of the hands;

  • paralytic intestinal obstruction;

  • problems with urination.

With prolonged use, this drug can also cause such an unpleasant effect as the accelerated development of dental caries.

Reviews about the drug "Melipramine" and its comparison with other analogs

The opinion on the effectiveness of this drug in patients has developed quite well. In particular, it is good, according to patients, this medicine helps against panic attacks. Side effects are a remedy, as well as almost all other antidepressants, it gives quite serious. But basically the drug "Melipramine" has a negative impact on the patient's body, judging by the reviews, only in the first days after the start of treatment. Then the side effects become less noticeable and can even come to naught.

As for the harmful effect on the body, most often, as the patients note, this drug causes drowsiness, decreased libido and pain in the heart. There may be other unpleasant side effects when treating this agent.

From the above analogs and many other antidepressants, the drug "Melipramine" is different in that it has a strong activating effect on patients, among other things. Therefore, doctors usually recommend this medicine in the morning. In comparison with the analogues of "Amitriptyline" considered above, this preparation is also more "heavy".

The drug "Saroten"

This drug, in fact, is synonymous with "Amitriptyline."That is, the main active substance in its composition is the same. However, this medicine is produced mostly not by domestic companies, like "Amitriptyline", but by foreign ones. And its composition is designed in such a way that on the patient's body it acts as gently as possible.

Since the active substance of this drug is the same as that of Amitriptyline, it is prescribed in the same cases. Contraindications for this remedy are also the same. Almost the same in this analogue of "Amitriptyline" and instructions for use. Similar in these drugs and side effects. However, when using "Saroten" they usually show less often.

analog of amitriptyline without side effects

Patients' opinion about the drug "Saroten"

The antidepressant effect of taking this medication, judging from the opinions of patients, is achieved quickly enough. At least in this respect, Saroten is not inferior to any of the drugs discussed above, including Amitriptyline itself. Depression and panic attacks, he removes very well. In addition, as the patients note, in people who take it usually improves sleep and increases self-confidence.

The advantage of this medication is that many patients also believe that it is used to treat depression and panic attacks for a long time. That is, its effect on the psyche and the body of patients with doctors is well studied.

To the disadvantages of this drug, patients usually rank it as high, in comparison with many other antidepressants, cost. Those who are looking for an analog "Anitriptyline" without side effects, it is necessary to pay attention primarily to this drug. Negative impact on the patient's body, it is quite rare. In terms of efficiency, it surpasses all the analogs considered above.

As for the drawbacks of this drug, then, judging by the reviews, it can sometimes cause severe constipation and dry mouth. Some patients consider the minus of the tablets "Saroten" to be that they are very difficult to divide into two and four parts.

Drug "Novo-Tryptin"

Very often with depressions, sleep disorders and behavior, migraines, chronic pain in oncology, bulimia, doctors prescribe to patients this analogue of "Amitriptyline".The instructions for use are the same as for Saroten. Novo-Tryptin is also a synonym for Amitriptyline. This drug is delivered to the market in tablets, capsules or in the form of a solution. The main active substance is amitriptyline. In addition to a soothing and relaxing effect, this medicine is able to have analgesic.

The main contraindications for taking this remedy are intoxications, hepatic and renal failure, lactation period. To children this analogue of "Amitriptyline" can be appointed only from 6 years.

Of the side effects of the drug "Novo-tryptin" on the patient's body, based on the reviews, it is possible to distinguish first of all:

  • drowsiness;

  • syncope;

  • aggression;

  • diarrhea.

Instead of the conclusion of

These are the modern synonyms and analogues for the drug "Amitriptyline".Unfortunately, very safe antidepressants medics have not yet come up. Any such drug, most likely, will have on the patient's body, including side effects. That's why taking these drugs is only for the doctor's prescription. Most of the analogues-tablets "Amitriptyline" considered above without a prescription can be bought at a pharmacy at any time. However, of course, you do not need to engage in self-medication using all these tools.

analog amitriptyline tablets without prescriptions

In any case, all the analogues of "Amitriptyline" considered above do not have such a harmful effect on the patient's body as he does. Pressure, for example, they usually do not reduce and addictive cause is not so fast. In addition, unlike "Amitriptyline", these funds do not increase the patient's appetite, and therefore their reception does not lead to a set of excess weight.