Rare disease "blue waffle" - the result of infection

An unpleasant disease affects women and men."Blue waffle" has a name that gives the impression that the ailment concerns only the weak half. The main cause of the appearance of external symptoms lies in the lack of sanitation during the proximity of partners.

Where does the malaise come from?

Absence of hygiene and complete anti-sanitation during intercourse become a provocateur of the disease "blue waffle".The disease should be treated timely. The started stages of inflammation result in the defeat of any part of the body. blue waffle

"Blue waffle" is more often found in women. This is due to the fact that they periodically undergo examinations at the gynecologist. The structure of the intestinal mucosa in the weak half is more tender and damaged instantly. While men may not have similar problems.

Where is the pathology formed?

Any part of the body becomes the place of infection. But mucous membranes are more prone to the formation of complications. In the genital area there is a favorable factor - constant humidity. It promotes the growth of bacteria, fungi, viruses.

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The following tissues are affected in women:

  • labia;
  • inner walls of the vagina;
  • cervix of the uterus.

On a pale blue shade, a woman can easily diagnose the disease from the effects of bacteria and developing inflammation. According to the conclusions of most people, the "blue waffle" is not the result of infection, but the result of careless love. However, the external symptom does not end with the disease, there are additional complications that the image can not transmit.

What are the signs of infection?

The "blue wafer" differs in a number of simultaneous features:

  • The hue is close to the blue tones, it can be darker.
  • Terribly unpleasant odor when excreted in women.
  • Swollen tissues.

blue waffle disease

Gynecologists do not recommend the hope that suffering and discomfort will go away without the use of medications. Establish the form of the disease is obtained without additional laboratory research. It is enough for the doctor to determine the color, smell and swelling on the skin.

The term "blue wafer" does not exist in medicine. The terrible diseases of the genital organs actually exist, but their external signs are different. The fuss around this problem is created by women themselves. To confuse infectious manifestations is possible. To avoid false statements, you need to use protective means. At the first suspicions on an inflammation to address to the gynecologist for statement of the correct diagnosis.