How to get rid of fears and obsessive thoughts about illness, about death? What does the Orthodox Church say about this?

And let's examine in this article how to get rid of fears and obsessive thoughts. It is known that the phenomenon of obsession is a consciousness that appears in the mind, a thought, or some phenomenon that is not connected at the given instant with the content of reason. Patients perceive this phenomenon as emotionally unpleasant.

Obsessive thoughts "dominate" in the mind, cause pathos dramatism, disadapt the person in his environment. They exist in addition to the will and will of the individual. In general, of course, there are also certain memories, thoughts, doubts, ideas, and actions.

Obsessions are called obsessions, obsessive fears are phobias, and obsessive actions are compulsions.


How to get rid of obsessive thoughts and fears and phobias? Many people ask this question. First find out what a phobic syndrome is. This phenomenon is very common, and from the Greek it is translated as "fear".

how to get rid of fears and obsessive thoughts

There are a lot of phobic moods: misophobia( fear of maranism), claustrophobia( phobia of closed places), nosophobia( fear of illness), erythrophobia( fear of criminality), agoraphobia( fear of open areas), and others. These are prototypes of unnatural, not related to the real threat of anxiety.

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There are panic from cowardice, cowardice. Unfortunately, cowardice can also be instilled. If, for example, a child repeats the following instructions every ten minutes: "do not climb", "do not go", "do not touch" and so on.

Of course, it is very interesting to know how to get rid of fears and obsessive thoughts. Psychologists classify parental fears that "migrate" from father to mother to children. For example, this is the fear of heights, dogs, mice, cockroaches and the like. This list can be continued indefinitely. Interestingly, these persistent fears are very often found in babies.

Situational fear

How to get rid of fears and obsessive thoughts, psychologists know. They distinguish the fear of the situational, arising at the time of danger, threats, and individual, the appearance of which is associated with the characteristics of fear. For example, those who developed misopia( fear of contamination, pollution) characterize it as a very serious suffering. These people say that they have such a strong mania of purity that it can not be controlled.

how to get rid of obsessive thoughts and fears about what the church says about it

They claim that on the streets avoid any contact with people, unclean areas. They think that everywhere is dirty and everywhere you can get dirty. They assure that, after coming home after a walk, they begin to wash all the clothes, wash in the shower for 3-4 hours. They say that they have an internal gross hysteria that all their surroundings consist of a computer and almost a sterile bed.

The demonic influence of

So how to get rid of fears and obsessive thoughts? First you need to find out the root cause. Very often importunities are the result of demonic actions. Prelate Ignatius( Bryanchaninov) says: "Spirits of wickedness with great contrivances are fighting against people. They bring to the soul thoughts and dreams that seem to be born inside of her, and not from an evil alien spirit, active and trying to hide. "

Oh, we are very interested in finding out how to get rid of obsessive thoughts and fears. What does the church say about this? Archbishop Barnabas( Belyaev) wrote: "The mistake of our contemporaries is that they think that they suffer only" from thoughts ", but in reality also from Satan. When a person tries to defeat thought with thought, he sees that the contrary thoughts are not ordinary thoughts, but ideas that are "intrusive", obstinate. Before them, people are powerless, because these thoughts are not connected by any logic, they are alien to man, hated and outsiders. If the human mind does not recognize the Church, the holy Mysteries, grace and the pearl of righteousness, then what will it protect? Of course, nothing. When the heart is free from perfect meekness, demons appear and do what they want with the body and mind of man( MF 12, 43-45). "

how to get rid of fears and obsessive thoughts about the disease

This dictum of Bishop Varnava is exactly confirmed clinically. Neuroses of intrusive states are much more difficult to heal than all other neurotic forms. Very often not a single therapy can not cope with them, and they exhaust their owners with terrible tortures. In the case of constant persistence, people are permanently deprived of their ability to work and become disabled. Experience shows that real healing can come only by the grace of God.

The most vulnerable form of

Those who do not know how to get rid of fears and obsessive thoughts, Orthodoxy advises to do so. Orthodox doctors call the neurosis of obsessions the most diabolically vulnerable kind of neurotic disorders. After all, how can you, for example, consider the persistent desire to wash your hands before meals a few dozen times or recalculate the passers-by on the coat? At the same time, patients experience terrible suffering from their conditions, but they can not do anything to themselves.

By the way, the very term "obessia" means compulsive states and is translated as demoniacism. Bishop Barnabas( Belyaev) wrote the following: "The sages of this earth, denying the demonic being, can not explain the action and origin of obsessions, but a Christian who has confronted the dark forces directly and started to wage incessant struggle with them, sometimes even visible, can give themexplicit evidence of the existence of demons. "

how to get rid of fears and obsessive thoughts Orthodoxy

Suddenly arising thoughts, like a hurricane, fly on the savior and prevent him from resting for a minute. But imagine that we communicate with a skilled monk. He is equipped with a strong and strong Jesus' prayer. And the war begins and goes, to which no end can be seen.

A person is clearly aware of where his personal thoughts are, and where the strangers are, who are entrenched in him. But the whole effect follows. The enemy's thoughts often inspire that if a mortal does not submit to them, they will not untie them. He does not concede and continues to pray to the Almighty for support. And the moment when her husband thinks that the war will never end, when he stops believing that there is a state when lay people are calm and live without mental torments, at the moment, thoughts instantly disappear, suddenly. This means that grace has come and the demons have retreated. Light, silence, peace, purity, clarity are poured into the human soul( cf. Mk 4, 37-40). "


Agree, many are interested in knowing how to get rid of obsessive thoughts and fears. What does the church say about this continue to find out further. The priests compare the development of obsession with the evolution of sinful inclinations. The stages are almost the same. Prologue is similar to the appearance in the mind of an obsession. And then a very important point follows. The individual either cuts it off, or starts a combination with it( considers it).

Then follows the step of the arrangement. When the appeared idea seems worthy of a more complete study and interview with it. The next stage is captivity. In this case, man controls the mind developed in mind, and the thought governs it. And, finally, an obsession. Already decently formed and fixed by consciousness. It is very bad when an individual begins to trust this idea, and in fact it appeared from a demon. The unfortunate martyr seeks to rationally defeat this "mental chewing gum."And many times he looks through this "intrusive" plot in his mind.

It seems that the solution is close, a little more. .. However, the thought captivates the mind again and again. The individual can not understand that there is no solution for the obsession. This is not a difficult problem, but demonic machinations, which can not be talked about and which can not be trusted.

Rules for the struggle of

Those who are interested in how to get rid of fears and obsessive thoughts, Orthodoxy recommends doing so. If there are obsessions, they do not need to "interview".They are therefore called intrusive, that it is impossible to comprehend them logically. Rather, they can be understood, but in the future these same ideas again pop up in the mind. And this process is endless.

how to get rid of obsessive thoughts and fears

The nature of such states is called demonic. Therefore, one should pray to the Lord for forgiveness and not associate with such thoughts. In fact, only by God's grace and personal zeal of obsession( demons) go.

Priests offer the following rules, fighting with obsessive states:

  • Do not bother with obsessive thoughts.
  • Do not believe the content of obsession.
  • Call on the Grace of God( Sacraments of the Church, Prayer).

And now we will consider in more detail how to get rid of obsessive thoughts and fears. Suppose a man believed an intrusive idea, which originated from the evil one. Then there is an internal conflict, there is sadness. Personality is demoralized, it involves paralysis."What a scab," says the man to himself, "I am not worthy of communion, and I have no place in the Church."And the enemy is having fun.

These thoughts can not be put down. Some try to prove something to the demon and in their minds build different arguments. They begin to think that they have solved their problem. But only the mental dispute has come to an end, everything starts from the beginning, as if the man did not put forward any arguments. Thus, it will not be possible to defeat the enemy.

In this case, without the Lord and His help, grace can not cope.

Consequence of the ailment

Many people ask how to get rid of obsessive thoughts and fears medically. It is known that obsessive thoughts exist in mentally ill people. For example, with schizophrenia. In this case, obsessions are the consequence of ailment. And they need to be treated with medicines. Of course, you need to use drugs and prayer. If the sick person is not able to create a prayer, his relatives should take up the prayer work.

Fear of death

Very interesting question how to get rid of obsessive thoughts and fears of death. There are people who experience a clear fear of death after a heart attack. Their doctors can cure. With God's help, such people recover, their heart grows stronger, but their minds do not release this agonizing fear. They say that it increases in trams, trolleybuses, and in any enclosed zones.

how to get rid of obsessive thoughts and fears yourself

Believing patients believe that without the Lord's acquiescence or permission, something can not happen to them. Doctors recommend such people to remove from themselves an unbearable burden and stop being afraid. They convince the patients that they "can die", if that's what God wants. How to get rid of obsessive thoughts and fears of death, many believers know. When fear appears, they inwardly say to themselves: "My life is in God's hands. The Most High! Thy will be done! ", And fears disappear, dissolve, like sugar in a glass of hot tea, and do not appear any more.

Neurotic fears

How to get rid of fears and obsessive thoughts about the disease, can tell only a knowledgeable person. Virtually neurotic fears are not caused by any real threats or threats are contrived and questionable. Orthodox Doctor V. K. Nevyarovich testifies: "Annoying ideas often arise from the question:" And what if? "Then they take root in consciousness, are automated and, constantly repeating, create significant difficulties in life. The more a person fights, trying to drive them away, the more they subjugate him.

Among other things, in such states, mental defense( censorship) is characterized by an impressive weakness, which appears due to the sinful destruction of people's souls and their natural qualities. Everyone knows that alcoholics have an increased suggestibility. The prodigal sins are greatly depleted of the spiritual strength. The lack of inner work on spiritual sobriety, self-control and conscious guidance of one's thoughts is also reflected.

The most powerful weapon

And how to get rid of obsessive thoughts and fears yourself? The most terrible weapon against intrusive ideas is prayer. The famous doctor, Nobel Prize winner in medicine and physiology for the work on transplantation of organs and blood vessels and vascular suture Alexis Carrel said: "Prayer is the most powerful form of energy that is radiated by man. It is as real a force as earthly gravity. I followed patients to whom no therapeutic treatment helped. They were fortunate enough to recover from illness and melancholy only because of the calming influence of prayer. When a person prays, he connects himself with the boundless life force that moves the entire universe. We pray that a little bit of this force will come to us. Turning to the Lord in sincere prayer, we physician and perfect both soul and flesh. It is unacceptable that at least one second of prayer does not bring a positive result to any person. "

how to get rid of obsessive thoughts and fears and phobias

This doctor explains how to get rid of obsessive thoughts and fears for close and other phobias. He says that the Lord is stronger than the devil, and our supplication to Him for help casts out demons. Anyone can make sure of this. You do not have to be a hermit for that.

The Sacraments of the Church

The Sacraments of the Church are a colossal help, a gift from the Almighty to get rid of fears. First of all it is, of course, a confession. Actually, in confession, a person repentingly repents of sins, removes impure impurities from himself, including intrusive ideas.

Few know how to get rid of obsessive thoughts and fears during pregnancy. Only the Lord can help in this situation. Take the same dejection, resentment against a person, murmuring - all these are sins that poison our soul.

Confessing, we are doing for our soul two very beneficial things. Firstly, we become responsible for our present state and we say to ourselves and to the Almighty that we will try to change the state of affairs.

Secondly, we call dashing - dashing, and dashing spirits most of all do not like reproof - they prefer to stealthily act. In response to our deeds, the Lord, while reading as a confessor, prayerfully forgives our sins and drives out demons that are bothering us.

One more strongest means in the confrontation for our soul is the sacrament. Communicating the Blood and Body of Christ, we gain a beneficial power to fight evil in ourselves. St. John Chrysostom said: "This blood is far throwing away demons from us and attracting Angels to us. If the demons see the Lord's Blood, they escape from there, and the Angels go there. This blood, shed on the Cross, washed the whole universe. It saves our souls. Her soul is washed. "