Salt deposition in the foot: treatment, causes and symptoms

Painful sensations and discomfort during walking can indicate the presence of such problems as the deposition of salts in the foot. Treatment of this condition should be comprehensive and correct, and it should be started as early as possible. Our legs - this is a fairly vulnerable place, which daily experiences great loads. Therefore, there is often a feeling of discomfort and pain when walking.

salt deposition in the foot, treatment

For another decade, this problem was known only to older people, and in our time such a disease can be found in young people. Moreover, the deposition of salts occurs even in schoolchildren. The reason - in the overweight child or increased physical exertion. If the child has poorly developed ligament of the foot, then flat feet can develop, which contributes to the deposition of salts in the future.

You can get rid of unpleasant sensations for such a disease as the deposition of salts in the joints. Treatment, causes and symptoms of this pathology are described in this article.

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Causes of the development of the disease

Some people believe that an excessive amount of salt in the diet provokes the occurrence of such a pathology. Others are sure that there is a connection between the deposition of salts and the presence of radiculitis, arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis and other joint diseases in a person. In fact, the reasons for this problem are not at all in this.

The main reasons for the deposition of salts in the feet is the violation of the hormonal background of a person, problems with the processes of metabolism in the body. More often such consequences arise on a background of a diabetes, a gout, a chronic inflammation of a liver and kidneys. With renal failure, the excretory processes of the body are violated, as a result of which accumulation of uric acid takes place.

treatment of the deposition of salts in the heels, knees and toes

The rapid development of symptoms of this pathology is possible with a sedentary or overly active way of life, hypothermia, smoking and alcohol abuse, endocrine system diseases, increased content of meat products in the human diet. The disease can be transmitted and inherited.

Most often, salts are deposited on the toes, in the heels, joints. Such deposits of salts are the main reason for the appearance of the heel spur.

There are other reasons for this condition, such as the deposition of salts in the foot. Treatment should be carried out only by a specialist who will help them to find out.

Symptoms of the disease

Symptoms of this disease can be different. Do not ignore the appearance of pain in the foot when walking and physical activity. Unpleasant sensations can spread all over the foot, and only some areas can suffer. The most severe pains occur in the morning, after a night rest. The feeling is similar to those that arise when a person hits the nail sharply. Also, the problem area may become swollen slightly, the color of the skin over it changes. The gait of a person can also change due to the fact that the patient avoids attacking those parts of the foot that disturb him.

how to treat the deposition of salts? Salt deposition in the legs

How to treat the deposition of salts?

The deposition of salts in the legs is a problem that requires detailed diagnosis. For this purpose, a radiographic study is used that helps determine the degree of build-up on the foot. In addition, a biochemical blood test is necessary to exclude other serious pathologies.

With the normalization of metabolism and hormonal background, the treatment of salt deposits in the joints should begin. Diet, medication, folk and other therapies can be effective, but the doctor in charge of the problem should choose the method to fight the problem, after carrying out the necessary studies. Most often in the treatment used drugs that help improve blood supply to body tissues. In addition, pain medications, as well as anti-inflammatory drugs, may be prescribed. Effective use of novocaine, potassium iodide, hydrocortisone. It is very important to get rid of excess weight, which aggravates the course of the disease.

deposition of salts, treatment with folk remedies

For successful treatment you will have to adhere to a special diet, which consists of dairy and plant foods. In the diet must be present kefir, cottage cheese, sour cream, vegetables and fruits, fresh greens. Lenten meat and fish are allowed in small quantities( not more than three times a week).
From the daily menu, it is necessary to exclude fried, smoked, fatty foods, alcoholic beverages. It is useful to eat fruits such as persimmons, watermelon, melon, plums. But grapes need to be excluded completely.

Treatment of salt deposits in the heels, knees and toes is also performed using such effective methods as:

- X-ray therapy .The current is high frequency, laser therapy, magnetotherapy.

- Shockwave method. The essence of the treatment is that the problematic zones are strongly affected by ultrasonic waves. This method of treatment is very effective, but it has some contraindications, such as childbearing, oncology, impaired blood coagulability.

- LFK. Regular exercise helps to improve the general condition and relieve pain in the legs.

- Foot massage. The correct massage technique helps to improve blood circulation and helps to get rid of salt deposits.

deposition of salts in the joints - treatment, causes
- Replacement of ordinary shoes for orthopedic or use of special insoles.
- Folk methods of treatment of , which are an addition to the main methods.

Folk methods

Traditional medicine recipes can be used as an additional treatment for such a disease as the deposition of salts. Treatment with folk remedies should begin after a doctor's consultation.

Infusion of parsley or celery

Seeds of parsley or celery in the form of infusion contribute to the normalization of the digestive tract, relieve of unnecessary accumulation. To prepare this infusion of a tablespoon of seeds pour a glass of boiling water, insist. Take twice a day for a glass.

Broth of bay leaves

One hundred gram of a sheet is poured in water( 150 ml), cooked on low heat for half an hour. Insist and filter. The drug is taken on an empty stomach in the morning in half a glass.

Honey, cranberries and garlic

Take a kilogram of cranberries, 200 grams of garlic, a liter of honey( liquid).Cranberries are rubbed with garlic, honey is added. The medicine is taken three times a day before meals. This mixture helps to reduce the inflammation and the deposition of salts.

Currant tea

Prepare a strong infusion of currant leaves with the addition of honey. The remedy is not only effective, but also delicious.

Horse chestnut in the form of tincture

To prepare such a medicine in a half-liter glass container put chestnut, which must first be cleaned and grinded. Fill with water. Insist 14 days in a dark place, shaking regularly. Long-term use of this infusion can save painful feelings forever.

Lilac water

It is necessary to take six brushes of lilac, pour a liter of boiling water. After cooling, the product is placed in the refrigerator for three days. Use a tablespoon of medicine before eating.

Compress of honey and salt

This method helps to reduce pain. Take an equal amount of honey and finely salt, mix. The resulting mixture is applied to linen cloth and gently wrapped around the inflamed area. Top the oilcloth and wrap it with a warm scarf or handkerchief, leave it overnight, wash it off in the morning. Such compresses need to be done regularly.

Compress of mustard and honey

Mix mustard and honey( on a tablespoon), add camphor oil( three tablespoons).The resulting product is applied to a leaf of cabbage and applied to the problem area, wrapped in a warm scarf and left for three hours. Such a compress quickly relieves pain, helps reduce the inflammatory process.

Baths from lime

In the period of flowering lindens, you need to take leaves and flowers, pour boiling water and cook over a small fire for about half an hour. In this infusion the feet are soared for 30 minutes. This procedure is repeated four days in a row using the same decoction, which is preheated. You just need to pour water into it. After the procedure, they put on socks and go to bed.

treatment of the deposition of salts in the heel

Treatment with fat

How to cure the deposition of salts on the foot with fat? This product is very effective in dealing with piercing pain. A piece of salted bacon is cut off the plate, put on the foot, wrapped in an oilcloth and wrapped in a woolen shawl. After the product, having given away useful substances, becomes formless, the compress can be removed.

There are many recipes of traditional medicine that are used to get rid of such a problem. But the treatment of the deposition of salts in the heel and other parts of the foot will be effective only when you completely reconsider your lifestyle and diet. In addition, do not forget that folk methods must be combined with traditional treatment.

Special exercises

In such a pathology as the deposition of salts in the foot, the treatment will be much more effective if you regularly exercise:

- Having settled on a chair in a comfortable position, you should try to lift various items from the floor with your toes. You can use pencils, paper, small balls.

- In the pharmacies are sold special rollers, which are inserted between the toes. They go with them for a while.

- You can try to make every move with your toe.

treatment of joint deposits in joints, diet, drugs

This unpleasant disease, like the deposition of salts in the foot, treated with medications, as well as other methods, requires patience and regular compliance with all the recommendations of the doctor. Therefore, if there is discomfort when walking, it is necessary to consult a specialist, as timely treatment will help to overcome the illness in short lines and prevent its occurrence in the future.