HIV dissidents and the history of the AIDS denial movement

Today, not everyone knows who the HIV-dissident is. Such a person carries a certain danger to society. There are many cases when such people were not only a threat to others, but also caused the death of both adults and children. Our article provides information that will help to protect yourself and your loved ones.

What is HIV and AIDS?

Almost everyone knows about HIV and AIDS.About these stages of the disease tell from a young age. Despite this, not everyone knows all the features of the disease.

The human immunodeficiency virus is a disease that progresses quite slowly. The disease causes a weakening of the immune system, which then ceases to protect the body from infections and neoplasms. Such a disease is caused by a virus.

The stage of HIV is characterized by the development of other infections and cancers. Such a process is called Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome( AIDS).Its development can be significantly slowed down if the treatment is started on time.

The first information about HIV and AIDS appeared more than 30 years ago. The common features of the virus are known to everyone. This is not accidental, because the disease spreads quickly, and the medicine from it has not been invented yet. There are several versions of the formation of the virus. Some believe that it is the result of experimental work of scientists who wanted to create a powerful biological weapon, while others believe that it appeared after an unprotected sexual intercourse between a man who got to a deserted island and a monkey.

It is known that today more than 50 million people are carriers of the virus. It can be transmitted from a sick person to a healthy person through blood, semen and mother's milk. Today, scientists from around the world are trying to create a cure for HIV and AIDS.At the moment, there are drugs that slow the development of the virus. In order to protect yourself, you should know all the ways of its transfer. Remember! The virus is not transmitted through a handshake or the use of common tableware. vich dissident

HIV and AIDS dissidents. Who are they?

Today, few people know who the HIV-dissident is. Who is this, you can find out in our article. This information will allow you to properly respond to the arguments and statements of such people. Thanks to this you will be able to protect your health.

HIV dissidents are people who deny the existence of a virus. There are also those who are sure of something completely different. Some dissidents argue that HIV and AIDS are not linked. In many countries, such people are called deniers of the disease.

It is known that many people who deny the existence of the virus are themselves sick of it. Many experts argue that this viewpoint is associated with changes in the body after the acquisition of the disease and the reluctance to accept them. This is a kind of protective mechanism that works on a psychological level. It is worth noting that most often deny the virus those people who have alcohol or addiction dependence. This is not accidental, because under the influence of harmful substances their psyche with time noticeably weakened.

Some HIV-dissidents are extremely negative about drugs that significantly slow the progression of the disease. They believe that such medicinal substances are incredibly toxic, they should not be taken at all. Often, it is believed and sick pregnant girls. There are many cases when the HIV-dissident stopped giving his child medicine believing in his danger, and as a result of this decision, the children died. With this movement, the government is actively fighting. However, at the moment, all attempts are inconclusive. HIV dissidents are always aggressive, they deny any other point of view and do not take criticism. They are quite convincing, because they always refer to supposedly scientific data in order to influence the opinions of other people. Who is this dissident?

History of the movement of

Today, a real threat to society is HIV-dissidence. The history of the issue dates back to the last century. There was a movement almost immediately after the virus. The exact date is unknown.

Already in 1997, at the 8th International Congress of Physicians, who are naturopaths, Antal Mack spoke. He presented a report on scientific research related to AIDS, and talked about treatment options by natural methods. Already at that time in the world there was a large number of not only ordinary people, but also scientists who denied the existence of the virus. Negatives believe that the study of the disease and attempts to create a medicine took 500 billion dollars.

All the arguments of HIV-dissidents in the last century converged to the fact that the disease was created artificially in order to make money on the medicine. Antal Mack's speech was immediately published in many publications. Around the same time, a large number of books have been written that deny the existence of the virus. These include the publication of P. Duesberg, which was released in 1997.

Relationship of dissidents to the church. Active actions of people who deny HIV and AIDS

HIV dissidence is a denial movement in which its supporters do not believe in the existence of the immunodeficiency virus and convince others of it. Some of them argue that AIDS can arise due to dependence on alcohol and drugs, promiscuity, stress and homosexuality. They believe that it is necessary to urgently prohibit the spread of special drugs to slow the progression of the disease. In their opinion, they significantly reduce immunity and thus cause AIDS.

Sometimes the point of view of HIV-dissidents can be heard in the church. In this case, the priest reads sermons about the need to pray regularly and ask for help from God, and not to rely on any drugs. HIV / AIDS dissidents hope for the support of the church. However, their point of view among clergymen is extremely rare. vich dissidents Dissidents regularly write appeals to a variety of instances. Very few people know, but they applied to the government of the Russian Federation. They demanded to stop financing HIV-related research.

Any HIV-dissident tries to inform society by any means that the immunodeficiency virus is a myth. It should be noted that among Russian activists there are no scientists who are actively engaged in virology. All of them refer to foreign specialists. First of all, dissidents are trying to convey their point to those who are diagnosed. They claim that medications prescribed to the patient negatively affect the body and worsen the condition. Some of the sick, being in despair, not only begin to believe in this point of view, but also completely refuse treatment.

Active actions on the part of virus deniers are not accidental. HIV-dissidence brings them a considerable amount of money. We will talk about all the methods of their earnings a little later.

Cases of negative impact of dissidence on one's own and others' health

HIV-dissidents and their children carry a huge danger to others. It is known that the Sverdlovsk Region is the first region of the Russian Federation, in which a society of people denies the existence of the virus. To date, there have been recorded more than five deaths among children who died due to their fault. The life of more than 10 minors is under threat. HIV-dissidents, who have AIDS, knew that their children were infected, but refused treatment. As a rule, all juveniles noticeably worsened their condition and almost all of them eventually found themselves in intensive care. Many could not be saved. The life of 11 children is in question.

The first case of negligent treatment was registered in the Sverdlovsk region about two years ago. Then the mother, who neglected the health of her child, was sentenced. The court decided to send her to a colony-settlement.

To date, about one million HIV-positive people have been registered in Russia. Some of them deny the fact of illness. HIV-dissidents and their children are not dangerous by accident. Denying their diagnosis, they do not adhere to security measures. Unprotected sexual intercourse or contact with their blood can lead to infection.

Dissidence is also found among famous people. Tommy Morrison is an actor who starred in the movie "Rocky-5."The actor and boxer died in one person at the age of 44 years. Tommy got infected with HIV as early as 23-24 years. The actor did not believe that he was sick, and did not take any measures. In the last year of his life, Morrison was not feeling well enough. However, his relatives refused to give the reason for such a deterioration. The diagnosis was made to the actor in 1995.For a long time he did not report this even to his relatives, because he did not believe in it.

When the actor's career went into recession, he began to abuse alcohol and often drove the vehicle intoxicated. In 2000 he was convicted. After his release, he publicly announced the diagnosis, and then added that he was mistaken. Later, his relatives reported that Tommy Marrison is a HIV dissident and denied the existence of the virus. He was not treated, despite the entreaties of relatives and friends. The last year of his life the actor could not walk and eat fully. Nutrition came into the body through a special tube.

In January of this year, in the Tyumen region, several cases of the birth of children with a virus from HIV-positive mothers were recorded. Parents were warned about the diagnosis, but they refused treatment, claiming that there was no such disease. Experts argue that if HIV-infected pregnant women began treatment, then it is possible to give a 98% chance that children would have been without a congenital virus.

Activists of HIV dissidence often create groups in popular social networks. There they share their experiences and try to convince them that the virus does not exist, other users. Often in groups there are also HIV-dissidents who died of AIDS.As a rule, information about the lethal outcome is reported by relatives or acquaintances. However, the like-minded people of the deceased immediately refute the cause of death and argue that their "classmate" died because of the intervention of doctors. It is strongly advised not to visit such groups, let alone communicate with dissidents. dissidents and their children

Ways to earn HIV dissidents

Today, HIV dissidence is not only a movement, but also a way to earn money. It is known that some deniers offer their services for a fee. They promise to help find out how to get rid of the disease folk remedies, or conduct any rituals.

One of the most popular fraudsters is Vyacheslav Borovskikh. He is the director of the rehabilitation center "Podvizhnik".He offers an online consultation, which will cost the sick 2,000 rubles. He believes that the existence of the virus is a world conspiracy that was invented to prevent overpopulation of the planet.

Another scammer is Gore Shilder. He lives in the Ukraine.16 years ago, he opened a private clinic, which promises to help get rid of incurable diseases to anyone who wants to. Surprisingly, Gore Shilder does not believe in the existence of AIDS, but still offers to get rid of it in his clinic. This is the first thing that should alert the person who wants to turn to such a specialist.

Gore Shilder claims that he can completely heal any patient. The cost of treatment ranges from 500 to 900 thousand rubles. The amount depends on the drug and its manufacturer.7 years ago, the director of the clinic gave interviews for Russian journalists. He said that he had already cured two patients with HIV-positive diagnosis. However, there is no information confirming this fact.

It's no secret that to date, there is no such drug that would completely get rid of immunodeficiency, all drugs can only significantly slow its development. It is strongly advised not to contact specialists who promise full healing. It is a waste of money, strength, nerves and time.

To survive as long as possible with the diagnosis given will help vaccine against HIV.What the AIDS dissidents say about this is not a secret for every doctor. It is for this reason that in the presence of the point of view of denial with the patient, the psychologist talks. However, it is extremely rare to convince such a patient. Experience of Vadim Kozlovsky

Former HIV dissidents often share their stories. Vadim Kozlovsky unhesitatingly tells his biography to protect against the mistakes of others. The young man for a long time was addicted to drugs. He was hospitalized with a diagnosis of "hepatitis".He accepted treatment, but continued to use drugs. A few months later he was called from the clinic and asked to retake the analysis. When Vadim learned that he was HIV-positive, he was not upset, because dependence did not allow to live fully. He learned about his diagnosis 15 years ago. HIV dissidents In 2007, he felt a strong deterioration in the state of the body. He had constant headaches and weakness. Despite this, he continued to take drugs. Soon he turned to a specialized center, where he was prescribed treatment, which was supposed to slow the development of the virus. Vadim began to undergo therapy and regularly visited a doctor to take tests. His condition has improved noticeably.

In 2012, Vadim stopped using drugs. Quite casually on the Internet he stumbled upon the society of AIDS dissidents. After reading all the information, he stopped drinking drugs. He was convinced that the reason for his deterioration in the body is drug abuse.

A month after he refused therapy, Vadim began to notice bruises on his body and general weakness. At first he sought support among dissidents. They assured me that everything was normal. In their opinion, the drug is a powerful drug, and such an organism reaction testifies to its purification from toxic substances.

Vadim submitted the analysis, hoping for a significant improvement. However, looking at the results, the doctor immediately found out that the dissident stopped taking the drugs. He talked with him and told about all sorts of risks. Fearing to die, Vadim resumed treatment and changed his point of view. He also reported this on the social network to people who persuaded him to stop taking drugs. HIV-dissidents ceased to communicate with him. The truth about HIV, AIDS, which Vadim told, was not liked by those who deny the disease. They claimed that he was paid to change his point of view.

Today, HIV-dissidents have become widely known among doctors.2016 is associated with the beginning of an active struggle against them. This year, all communities in a large social network were removed that impose on society the idea that there is no virus. The government also plans to introduce measures to combat such people.

5 stages of perception of information about the incurable disease

Psychologists note 5 stages through which a person passes through who is diagnosed with an incurable disease. The very first can be attributed to negation. Everyone passes through this stage. However, in some, it lasts a maximum of a week, while others deny the disease from several years to a lethal outcome. The latter include dissidents. They are afraid to realize that they have to use drugs daily for the rest of their days, and their life cycle will be much shorter than that of healthy people.

At this stage, the patient consoles himself with the thought that a medical error has occurred. He calls into question the qualification level of a specialist and analyzes. He is trying to find some information on the Internet in order to calm himself. As a rule, people at the stage of denial turn to psychics, healers and use non-traditional medicine.

In the second stage, the patient feels anger. He behaves aggressively and unrestrainedly. He blames those around him.

In the third stage, the sick person tries to "pay off" from fate and God. He does good deeds, participates in charitable actions and helps others. At this stage, patients believe that by doing a good deed, you can get rid of the diagnosis sooner.

In the fourth stage, the patient becomes depressed. He completely loses hope for recovery. At this stage, the patient experiences apathy and indifference. It is at this point that suicide cases are most common.

At the last stage, a person completely accepts changes in his body. He adapts to new conditions and finds meaning in life.

The most dangerous stage is the negation, because, having stayed on it for too long, a person risks to die an excruciating death. As a rule, dissidents turn to specialists when it is almost impossible to improve their health. Those who found out that a person has a positive HIV-infection should strongly convince him that this is okay if they regularly take therapy. Only support from relatives and friends will allow us to pass the stage of denial as quickly as possible. vich dissidents who have AIDS

How to respond to HIV dissidents? On whom does the patient's point of view depend?

Many patients who learn that they have an incurable disease, first try to prove the opposite. There are a lot of articles that tell that there is no virus. Such information gives the patient hope.

Experts recommend not taking seriously information that denies the existence of the virus. They recommend going to different clinics, as well as reading scientific reports that will help to find out the maximum amount of information about the disease. Thanks to this, one can reasonably assess the current situation.

Will adhere to the patient's ideas of denial or not, primarily depends on the doctor. It is he who must communicate all the features of the disease. In the event that the patient does not want to undergo therapy, the doctor should not, in any case, force it to do so. He should ask the patient to take regular tests. In this case, the patient will periodically undergo a survey and communicate with specialists who will sooner or later convince him of the positive qualities of treatment. dissidence history It should be noted that sooner or later HIV-dissidents are disappointed in their movement. However, it happens only in one case - when the state of health has greatly worsened.

Summing up

Today, any HIV-dissenter is directly at risk. Who is this, you found in our article. It is strongly advised not to maintain any connection with such people. In the case of HIV-positive analysis, treatment should be urgently started. Thanks to this, it is possible to significantly slow down the development of the virus. Be healthy!