Tablets "Phytosed": instructions for use. Reviews about the drug

How does the "Phytosed" medication work? Instructions for use, feedback on the effectiveness of this drug will be described further. You will also learn about the purpose for which the drug is used, what form of release it has, how it affects the patient's body, and whether it has contraindications. fitosided instructions

Composition, packaging and form of the drug

The preparation "Phytosed", the instruction of which is enclosed in a pack of cardboard, goes on sale as tinctures in glass or plastic bottles, as well as tablets and capsules in cell packs.

The active substances of this remedy are: fruits of oats, hawthorn, melissa grass, motherwort grass, coriander fruits, sweet clover grass and hops.

Pharmacological parameters of the drug

What features are inherent in the drug "Phytosed"?Instruction, reviews inform us that this is a complex herbal remedy, which has a pronounced sedative and hypnotic properties. The components that make up the drug are mutually complementary. They increase the pharmacological properties of the drug.

Taking this medication helps to eliminate the feeling of anxiety, reduce mental tension, normalize the nervous system and significantly improve sleep.

It should also be noted that the treatment with this drug helps to increase mental and physical activity in patients with severe fatigue, which was caused by mental stress and stress.

The development of the effect after a single tablet intake is noted for one and a half hours. The sedative effect of the drug persists for approximately 3 hours. fitosed instructions for use

Indications for use of oral

What condition of the patient require the use of "Phytosed" tablets? Instruction for use reports that the main indications of this medication are:

  • neuroses of different origin;
  • irritability;
  • stress;
  • anxiety and causeless fears;
  • is a nervous stimulation;
  • increased fatigue and other disorders, which are characteristic of mild neurasthenia;
  • sleep disorders;
  • neurocirculatory dystonia;
  • asthenic syndrome( hypersthenic form).

Contraindications to the use of the sedative

For what reasons can the drug "Phytosed"( tablets) be prohibited? The instruction gives an exhaustive answer to this question. According to her, the medication in question is not recommended for:

  • bleeding disorders;
  • hypersensitivity patient to drug substances;
  • pregnancy;
  • internal bleeding, as well as the risk of their development;
  • under the age of 12;
  • Breastfeeding.

phytodes instructions

It should also be noted that the use of this tool should be refrained to those patients who engage in hazardous activities( for example, associated with complex mechanisms) and manages vehicles.

Preparation "Phytosed"( tablets): instructions for use

How should I use tablets "Phytosed"?They are necessary for oral administration. According to the instructions, this form of the medicine must be swallowed whole, washed down with usual standing water.

Experts argue that the drug in question will be most effective if it is taken half an hour after a meal.

The duration of treatment, as well as the dosage of this medication is determined only by the treating doctor, taking into account all the individual characteristics of the patient and the severity of his condition.

Adolescents aged 12 years and adults are usually given 1-2 tablets four times a day. The course of therapy with this drug should not exceed one month. If required, then after 10-16 days treatment is repeated.

Taking other forms of the drug

How should I take the tincture "Phytosed"?The instruction accompanying this medication states that this form is also intended for oral administration. For this, the drug is dissolved in plain water. Pre-vial shake well. fitosed instructions for use review

The medication is not dependent on eating. Its dosage, as well as the duration of treatment is determined by the doctor, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient and the complexity of the violations.

Typically, patients from 12 years of drug prescription prescribed in an amount of 5 ml four times a day. The duration of therapy is about 30 days( no more).

If required, after 10-16 days, the treatment course can be repeated.

As for the capsules "Phytosed", they are taken exactly the same way as tablets.

Side effects of

What side effects can the drug "Phytosed" cause? The instruction says that during treatment with this drug, adverse reactions develop extremely rarely. As a rule, they manifest themselves in the form of sleep disorders, vomiting, arterial hypotension, nausea and heartburn.

There are also cases of development of various allergic reactions( for example, skin rash, itching or urticaria).

If such deviations from the drug should be discarded.

Cases of overdose

Only the attending physician should prescribe this medication. The patient should strictly follow all of his recommendations( about the dosage of the drug and the duration of therapy).

phytopside tablets instructions

If the drug was taken at elevated dosages, a person may experience severe nausea, drowsiness, dizziness, and signs of hypotension.

In this condition, the victim needs urgent gastric lavage. He is also given a reception of enterosorbents and performs symptomatic treatment.

Drug Interaction

You should always read the instructions before you start taking Fitosed. It says that if a given medicine is combined with other drugs that depress the nervous system, it can significantly enhance their therapeutic effect.

It should also be noted that the simultaneous intake of "Phytodesa" and "Levodopa" weaken the therapeutic effect of the second.

Analogues and the cost of the medicine

Now you know what the "Phytosed" is prescribed for. The instructions for taking the tablets and their indications were presented above.

If the medicine in question is contraindicated to you, then it can be replaced by one of the following means: Persen, Novo-Passit, Korvalment or Corvaltab.

As for the cost of the drug, it is not very high. It can be purchased for 110-150 rubles. fitosed tablets instructions for use


Most patients who take the drug "Phytosed", attracts its natural composition. According to their reports, this drug gives a mild sedative effect and significantly improves sleep quality. Another plus of this medication is the lack of pronounced undesirable effects.

Many people prefer to take capsules or tablets "Phytosed".They believe that these forms are more effective.

Recently, the drug in question has become very popular among young people who are concerned about mild nervousness or excessive irritability.

As a rule, this medicine is taken before the delivery of reports, examinations, speeches, etc.( when you need to quickly calm down).

According to the patients' reviews, the Phytosed tablets have a soft effect. After they are taken, the person feels rested and asleep.

The negative side of this remedy is that it should be taken immediately before bedtime, as the drug can cause severe drowsiness.