How to prepare for a colonoscopy of the intestine? Purification of the intestines with drugs and enema

You can find out the status of the mucous membrane of the large intestine with the help of a special procedure - a colonoscopy. It is carried out in medical institutions with a special optical fiber device - a colonoscope. But the success of the procedure depends on how well the patient is prepared for it.

Changing the diet

How to Prepare for a Colonoscopy To ensure that the doctor can examine the mucous membrane, there should be no stool in the large intestine. Otherwise, the procedure will be meaningless. Therefore it is important to understand how to prepare for colonoscopy of the intestine.

It is necessary to exclude from the diet all products that can cause an increase in the volume of feces and provoke gas formation. The diet should be slag-free. In addition, the preparation involves consuming a large amount of pure liquid. It can be water or not strong tea.

The attending physician should tell each patient how to prepare for colonoscopy of the intestine. Attention is drawn to how the ration should be changed. Also it is necessary to know that at least two days before the colonoscopy it is necessary to cancel the intake of iron preparations. Not recommended and petroleum oil.

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Basic rules of

How correctly to prepare for a colonoscopy of an intestine First of all, you need to adjust your diet. The menu should be designed in such a way that it does not include products containing increased amounts of fiber. Food is changed 2-3 days before the scheduled procedure. It is important to use easily digestible foods that do not contain indigestible elements. The last meal should be no later than 12-00 hours per day preceding the procedure.

In addition to changing the diet on the eve of the study, all must perform mechanical cleaning of the intestine. This can be done with an enema or special laxatives.

But if a patient suffers from chronic constipation, then it is necessary to ask how correctly to prepare for colonoscopy of the intestine even earlier. The diet is important to change the days 5 to the planned mechanical cleaning. Those people who on a regular basis use a laxative, it is necessary to continue taking the usual drug. If the constipation lasts for 6-7 days, then the dose of laxatives must be doubled.

Allowed menu

A few days before the procedure, you need to familiarize yourself with the list of products that will help prepare for its conduct. It is allowed to eat flour products, dishes from rice. Do not give up white bread, coarse bread, pasta, oatmeal and rice porridge, bagels( no poppy) or other unhealthy cookies.

Soups can be prepared on low-fat broth without adding vegetables. The meat used should be low-fat, chicken, beef, veal is allowed. For example, you can boiled chicken, soufflé, meatballs, cutlets.

Low-fat fish species are allowed: perch, pike, cod pike.

How to Prepare for Colonoscopy of the Intestines at Home The diet can be varied with calcium-containing products. It can be low-fat cottage cheese, cheeses, low-fat kefir, pure( without any additives) yogurt.

Allowed vegetable decoctions, potatoes can be consumed only without skin.

You should drink mostly plain clean water. But, telling how to prepare for a colonoscopy of the intestines at home, the doctor can allow small amounts of loose tea or coffee, juices and jelly, provided that they are clear and without pulp.

Fans of sweets need to know that you can only ordinary sugar, honey, jelly.

Prohibited products of

It is important to find out in time what kind of diet should be in preparation for a colonoscopy. In fact for 3-6 days prior to carrying out of procedure( depending on propensity to constipations) it is necessary to find out, that it is impossible to eat.

All grain-containing dishes fall under the ban. Therefore, we must abandon cereals, black bread and products that contain whole or chopped grains. We must also refuse from vegetables and fruits in fresh and dried form. Avoid raisins and berries, especially those that contain small grains. The ban also includes greens: lettuce, basil, dill, parsley and others.

Keep your cabbage, smoked products, pickles, canned food, pickled mushrooms, seaweed out of your diet. Cream soups, milk soups, yoghurts with a filler, ice cream, fat cottage cheese, cream, sour cream are forbidden. Finding out how to prepare for colonoscopy of the intestine, remember that you will have to give up fatty varieties of fish and meat, including goose and duck, alcoholic drinks, carbonated water, dried fruit compotes. You can not spice, sauces, which include herbs or grains, legumes.

Mechanical cleaning

How to prepare for colonoscopy of the bowel by enema Until recently, people only knew about one method of relieving the bowels from feces - an enema. To achieve maximum effect, you need to do it several times. The first time it is done in the evening and repeated the morning before the study. Evening enema is done twice, every time you need to pour in about 1.5 liters of water.

But those who figure out how to prepare for colonoscopy of the bowel enema, should know that this is not all. It is also important to drink a laxative from the evening. It should be taken 3-4 hours before the beginning of the cleaning procedures. You can stop your choice on castor oil or on a solution of magnesia. In the first case, about 40-60 g of the drug will be needed, and in the second case, 100 ml.

If you took a laxative about 16 hours in the evening, then the enema can be done after 19 hours. Repeat the procedure in an hour. As a result, pure water must leave the intestine.

In the morning, 2 enemas are also made. They are recommended to be held at 7 and 8 o'clock. But if your examination is scheduled for later hours, then you can choose the optimal time yourself so that the intestines can completely clear and you can reach the hospital.

Modern methods of

If you belong to people who are afraid of enemas, then you have another option. Modern achievements of the pharmaceutical industry allow you to get rid of the contents of the intestine without any mechanical procedures. The attending physician will be able to tell you how to prepare for a colonoscopy of the intestine. Reviews of each of these drugs will help you choose the most suitable option for you.

For this purpose, you can use the drug Fortrans. In some cases, doctors advise to combine his reception with Dufalac. An alternative drug is Lavakol.

Other laxatives may be used concomitantly with these medications. This can be Regulax, Pursennid, Senad, Laxbene, Dulcolax. Reduce discomfort, which leads to spasm of the intestine, you can use the "Dicetel".But the popular spasmolytic drugs "Spazmolgon", "No-shpa" and others in these cases are ineffective.

Using Fortran

How to Prepare for Colonoscopy of the Intestines with Fortrans Many doctors, telling how to prepare for a colonoscopy of the intestine, recommend using isoosmotic drugs. To such preparations carry "Фортранс".This is an electrolyte balanced solution made on the basis of polyethylene glycol. It passes through the intestines, not sucked into its walls, and provides an effective cleansing.

The package of the product is diluted in 1 liter of water. But to achieve the desired effect, you need to drink it based on this calculation: 1 package of the drug for 20 kg of weight. That is, to cleanse the intestines of a man weighing 80 kg, you will need 4 packs.

There are two schemes of how to prepare for a colonoscopy of the intestine with Fortrans. The first option involves starting training from 15-00 per day, preceding the survey. All the relying volume should be drunk in the evening, distributing it evenly.

You can use the second method only if the examination is not scheduled for you earlier than the morning. He assumes that half of the supposed volume is drunk the night before. And the rest( 1-2 packages) are postponed for the morning. At the same time, it is necessary to calculate the time so that more than 3 hours pass from the last reception to the procedure.

Combination of Fortrans with other

agents There is also another way to prepare for colonoscopy of the intestine. Drugs that have a laxative effect can be combined. This makes it possible to reduce the necessary amount of isoosmotic agents. So, for example, you can use Dufalac for cleaning. To do this, 200 ml bottle of the product is dissolved in 1.5-2 liters of water and drink it for 2-3 hours. After an hour( maximum after 3 hours) emptying begins. It passes, as a rule, gently and painlessly, without concomitant spasms of the intestine.

But for more effective cleaning, you still need to drink another package of funds "Fotrans".It is advisable to repeat the cleaning with the last drug and in the morning. When combined with Dufalac, one packet of Fortrans will be enough in the evening and in the morning.

If this method of cleaning shows increased gas formation, then you can drink the prescribed age dosage of the "Espumizan".Remember, it is better to understand in advance how to prepare for colonoscopy of the intestine "Fortrans", than to repeat the procedure afterwards due to poor cleaning.

Drug "Lavakol"

How to prepare for Colonoscopy of the Bowel Lavakol, reviews Each patient can choose which iso-osmotic solution he wants to drink. The drug "Lavakol" can also be found on sale. The pharmacy sells packages containing 15 packages of the product. This amount is calculated for the cleansing of the human intestine with a weight of about 80 kg. When selecting an individual dose, consider that 1 packet should go for 5 kg of mass, it dissolves in a glass of water. Drink each dose slowly, in small sips. The glass should be drunk in about 20 minutes.

Cleansing begins about 2 hours after taking the remedy. The process ends no later than 3 hours after the last drink of the diluted drug. If you choose this remedy, then you can additionally ask the attending physician how to prepare for colonoscopy of the intestine "Lavakolom".Reviews about this drug indicate that when using it, you can avoid enemas.

"Fleet" agent

Pharmacists have developed one more preparation for cleaning the intestines. Thanks to him, the patients do not need to drink 3-4 liters of a tasteless isosmotic solution. The "Fleet" tool is accepted twice. For the first time, 45 ml of the drug is diluted in ½ cup of water and drunk after breakfast. Repeat the procedure in the evening according to the same scheme. If the examination is not scheduled for early morning, it is advisable to drink another dose a few hours before it is carried out.

But at the same time on the day of his reception for breakfast there must be water, and lunch consists of any liquid - meat broth, juice, tea. Each dose of "Fleet" is washed down with water. Use 1 to 3 cups.

Follow-up actions of

How to Prepare for Colonoscopy of the Intestines Many people worry about what can and can not be done after the procedure. Doctors say that right after the colonoscopy the patient can eat. If the feeling of fullness with gases persists in the stomach, you can drink up to 10 tablets of activated carbon.

In most cases no side effects are observed. If polyps were removed during the procedure or a biopsy was performed, there might be a slight bleeding. But it, as a rule, is insignificant and quickly stops.