Chinese musk ointment from hemorrhoids: reviews of doctors, composition, instruction, analogue

Hemorrhoids - an unpleasant disease, which causes a lot of discomfort, which can cause a malignant tumor of the rectum. How to prevent such dangerous consequences and without problems get rid of this ailment? To help come musky ointment from China. Thanks to this remedy, the person will quickly lose unpleasant symptoms, and soon the disease itself. Therefore, today we find out what the Chinese musk ointment is from hemorrhoids, reviews about it, and also the rules of use. And we will determine why it is so important to treat the disease at the very beginning of its development. Chinese musk ointment

Indications for use

At the first signs of hemorrhoids, a person must promptly begin treatment by consulting a proctologist. The sooner he starts therapy, the sooner he will get rid of this problem. After all, curing hemorrhoids in the first stage is much easier than on the last one. That's why any person should know the signs of this ailment. So, Chinese musk ointment can be used in the following cases:

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- If there are unpleasant sensations in the anal canal.

- During stool in the feces there is blood.

- There is a feeling that something is stuck in the rectum.

- A person feels a burning sensation in the anus.

- If there are dropouts from the rectum.

All these unpleasant symptoms indicate a problem such as hemorrhoids. Therefore, do not wait for something fantastic and think that the ailment will pass by itself. It will not happen. The patient will only make himself worse, because the problem can worsen and end very badly.

Chinese musk ointment will help a person:

- at any stage of hemorrhoids;

- the presence of anal cracks;

- hemorrhoidal tumors;

- non-healing rectal eczema. Chinese musk ointment from hemorrhoids reviews

Appearance, storage, price of the drug

Musk ointment is a topical drug, it is white in color, of a uniform consistency. The drug smells nice with herbs. Ointment is produced in a plastic tube with a volume of 10 g. Before using the product for the first time, it is necessary to remove the aluminum foil located under the lid. In the kit with ointment there are three tips for the means to enter the inside of the anus( with internal hemorrhoids).The tube is placed in a cardboard box. All the inscriptions are in Chinese, so do not look for something in Russian.

Keep the product in a dark and dry place, away from children. Shelf life of the ointment is 3 years.

The average cost of this tool is about 300 rubles.

Why is it important to promptly treat hemorrhoids?

Some people do not rush to consult a proctologist for this problem for various reasons: someone is sure that they can get rid of the disease on their own, others are afraid of surgical intervention, and some are just ashamed and embarrassed to talk about their disease. However, this is fundamentally wrong. After all, if a person does not turn in time to the doctor, then the hemorrhoids from the initial stage can quickly go to a neglected one, one that does not respond to treatment with the help of ointments. In this case, only surgical intervention will be useful. However, even after the operation, it will not be easy for a person to live. After all, after a surgical intervention for the rest of his life will have to follow a diet, stop smoking, drink alcohol. True, and this is not the worst. The fact is that incorrect or untimely treatment can provoke the appearance of polyps on the rectum, which eventually start to mutate into malignant tumors. It turns out that hemorrhoids can even lead to rectal cancer. And this is no longer a joke. Therefore, it is so important to start adequate treatment on time, and for this purpose a trip to the proctologist must be carried out necessarily. Which of the patients at risk?

Below is a list of those people who play the most with life and death. So, quickly get cancer of the rectum, caused by untimely healed hemorrhoids, can the following categories of patients:

  1. Office workers. After all, they often sit for a long time at their workplace - for 8-10 hours.
  2. Smoking people, and also those who drink alcohol.
  3. Patients who often suffer from constipation.
  4. People who stand for a long time and at the same time strain the abdominal press( for example, loaders, weightlifters).
  5. Patients with poor heredity.

Hemorrhoids prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest. Why suffer from pain, if you can get rid of it with a tool such as Chinese musk ointment? This drug will help quickly remove hemorrhoids, without causing any complications. Below is a description of how this tool works.

Action of the medicine

Chinese musk ointment, which will be discussed below, has the following effect on the sick body:

- Instantly removes the itching.

- Quickly relieves pain.

- Helps wounds to tighten quickly, and bleeding stops.

- Does not give rise to inflammatory processes.

- Prevents the appearance of tumors.

- Does not allow hemorrhoidal nodes to grow, helps to eliminate them.

- Promotes normalization of blood circulation in pelvic organs.

- Quickly restores damaged tissue. treatment of hemorrhoids with Chinese musk ointment

Ingredients of

The Chinese musk ointment composition has the following:

- Musk. This substance, produced by animals, removes the inflammatory effect, helps to eliminate blood stagnation in the anus, makes blood flow in the veins better. In addition, this component of the ointment enhances human immunity.

- Bezoar removes inflammation, has antibacterial action. Also, this component helps dull the pain and relieve spasms caused by hemorrhoids.

- Calamine promotes rapid healing of wounds in the rectum. Also, it forms a protective film, which prevents microbes and bacteria from entering the wound.

- Pearl stops bleeding, has an astringent effect.

- Bura does not allow microbes and bacteria to multiply.

- Amber. Thanks to this element the vessels are strengthened, and the body tissues are saturated with useful substances. In addition, this component improves blood microcirculation in the affected area.

- Borneol helps restore damaged tissues of the rectum, eliminates the inflammatory process, and also repairs the condition of the microflora.

- Yellow Vaseline has a disinfecting effect.

- Lanolin restores cells that have been damaged.

- Dimethyl sulfoxide acts as an analgesic component.

The elements that enter into the composition of musk ointment act synergistically, that is, they strengthen each other's action. Due to this, the high effectiveness of the drug in the therapy of both internal and external hemorrhoids is guaranteed.

How to use?

Chinese musk ointment, the instruction to which is in the package, should be correctly applied. Below is a detailed description of the process of using this tool:

  1. It is advisable to clean the intestine. You can do it yourself, just go to the toilet, or use an enema for this purpose.
  2. Rinse the anus with warm water. Wipe it dry with a napkin.
  3. Evenly apply ointment to the affected area.
  4. Wash hands so that no drug remains on them.

To achieve excellent results after applying the ointment it is desirable to stay in bed for 1 hour. Also, you can not go to the toilet for half an hour after the remedy has been applied.

Repeat this procedure 1-2 times a day. It is better if it is committed before going to bed, and also early in the morning, so that there is still time to lie down for a while.

The course of therapy is 1 to 2 weeks.

Advantages of

The treatment of hemorrhoids with Chinese musk ointment has such advantages:

  1. Helps both with internal and external inflammation.
  2. Has a useful and completely safe composition.
  3. Not only relieves the symptoms of hemorrhoids, but also heals the disease itself.
  4. Provides fast, as well as lasting effect.
  5. It is made according to ancient Tibetan recipes, however modern technologies are used.
  6. Chinese musk ointment from hemorrhoids reviews of doctors is ambiguous. However, most proctologists recommend this remedy as a cure for an insidious disease, since the effect is visible to them.
  7. The preparation does not spoil clothes. Chinese musk ointment reviews of doctors


To prove the effectiveness of the drug, Chinese musk ointment from hemorrhoids was tested in several clinics in the Russian capital. This happened in late 2013.In this experiment, more than 500 patients with hemorrhoids of different stages participated. Within 2 weeks people applied this remedy to the affected place. And after 14 days the results of the test astounded even seasoned proctologists. According to the results of the experiment, in 70% of patients hemorrhoids passed for 4-5 days( this is for those who had an ailment in the initial stage of development).The remaining 30% of the experimental subjects, who had a severe stage of the disease, took 2 weeks to get rid of the disease completely. In this case, no one said that the ointment did not help them. That is, this tool is 100% effective. It can be assumed that today none of the known drugs from hemorrhoids have such high efficacy as this medicine.

What can I replace?

There is an analogue of Chinese musk ointment, and its name is Huatuo. The compositions of both drugs are very similar, and the main components are generally the same. The country-producer of both means is China. Musk ointment is produced in a tube weighing 10 g, and the drug "Huato" - 25 g.

Where to buy?

Chinese musk ointment from hemorrhoids in pharmacies is not for sale. This is due to the fact that the drug is not registered in Russia and Ukraine. Even looking at the package with the tool, you will see that there are only hieroglyphics depicted. And this suggests that the drug is imported directly from the Middle Kingdom."If the Chinese musk ointment in pharmacies is not for sale, then where can I buy it?"- you ask. You can buy this remedy for hemorrhoids on the Internet, on the official website of the seller. That's where you can buy an ointment at an affordable price. Because second-hand dealers put on it a large surcharge.

Positive feedback from specialists

Chinese musk ointment reviews of doctors have different: someone recommends it, and others - not. Those proctologists who believe in the effectiveness of this remedy, assure patients that the drug really helps to cope with hemorrhoids. People who trusted the doctor and bought this ointment, in the end, really get rid of this disease. They come to see a doctor and thank him for a quick recovery. What experts argue the choice of such treatment? After all, the product is not even sold in pharmacies? Proctologists, of course, rely on the composition of the drug, because there are useful, as well as effective components that have a quick result. Chinese musk ointment composition

Negative feedback from experts

Unfortunately, the Chinese musk ointment reviews proctologists has negative. Some doctors do not believe in such a rapid effectiveness of this drug, they say, for 1 week of use without additional procedures it is impossible to get rid of hemorrhoids. Also, coming to a consultation with a proctologist and asking about a Chinese musk ointment, you can hear an answer that can shake. Experts point out that those allegedly real doctors' opinions about this tool, published on the sites, are fictitious. What is this marketing move that dubious sellers use to ensure that people are led to their tricks. After all, in the reviews it is written that even doctors are delighted with this ointment, that the effect from it surpasses the result after surgical intervention. However, one should not believe this. Real doctors note that this ointment has some positive effect, but it can not be used as the main treatment. And the more it is forbidden to buy it yourself without visiting the doctor. After all, only a proctologist can prescribe adequate therapy, thanks to which the patient will get rid of hemorrhoids. In this case, treatment should be comprehensive. Proctologists assure that the ointment itself will not produce the proper effect. Changing the way of life, namely the rejection of bad habits, spicy food, as well as increased physical activity, getting rid of excess kilograms and the joint application of Chinese musk ointment - this is what will produce the result. And more doctors recommend to the patients to buy the domestic checked up ointments on which the structure, a period of validity is precisely specified. After all, this is the only way to protect yourself from a counterfeit drug, which, in addition to disappointment, will not bring any positive effects.

Important recommendations

In order for the Chinese musk ointment to work, do not neglect the following important points:

  1. During treatment it is necessary to refuse alcohol, smoking, from carbonated drinks.
  2. You can not eat spicy and salty foods, otherwise there will be no effect. If possible, you should also limit the use of too fried and fatty foods. I'd better cook steamed, boiled or stewed. Do not overload your body.
  3. It is important to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as cereals, because they normalize the digestive process.
  4. During treatment and after it, too, instead of coffee it is better to drink juice, weak tea, compote.
  5. You can not sit on the couch and wait for the problem to resolve itself. It is important at this time to do something active. For example, run in the morning and in the evening, do exercises.

If you follow a diet and lead an active lifestyle, the results of using Chinese musk ointment will be much better. Chinese musk ointment reviews


This medication should not be used in the following cases:

  1. For individual intolerance to medication components.
  2. People prone to allergies should not buy this drug.

It should also be noted that pregnant women, as well as nursing mothers should consult a doctor before applying the ointment. Perhaps, the treating doctor will prohibit the use of the drug and prescribe another treatment.

Now you know what the Chinese musk ointment is from hemorrhoids, reviews about it, indications and contraindications we also reviewed in the review. Have found out, that think of this agent of the doctor, what they opinion about a preparation. Also have understood, that, despite of all superiorities of this ointment, it is necessary in any case to adhere to a diet, to conduct a healthy way of life and, certainly, to be observed at the doctor. After all, self-medication does not lead to anything good. Only an expert can prescribe the correct therapy scheme, thanks to which such a problem as hemorrhoids will pass quickly and without complications.