How to remove bruises under the eyes from the impact: proven methods

How to remove bruises under the eyes from a blow? This question is especially relevant for those who are actively engaged in boxing or other sports, and also inadvertently or in the process of fighting received a fist in the face. It should be noted that today there are quite a lot of improvised drugs in the form of pharmaceutical preparations and recipes of folk medicine, which in a short time are able to completely eliminate any hematoma.

As you know, the very first help with bruises is the imposition of a cold compress. Such a method can not only narrow the blood vessels, thereby reducing the bruising and relieving pain, but also prevent the formation of edema later. If after a while the bruises under the eyes from the impact still appeared, then to the place of injury it is recommended to attach one more product from the refrigerating chamber. At the same time it should be wrapped in a napkin or towel, so that in addition to the hematoma, you do not get frostbite. The time of such procedures should not exceed more than 10 minutes.

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Surprisingly, the usual heating of the affected area can serve as an answer to the question of how to remove bruises under the eyes from a stroke. For such a procedure, it is better to use handkerchiefs or small tissue bags filled with slightly warmed sand or salt. A compress for bruising is recommended to be applied three times a day and kept for a quarter of an hour.

Before removing bruises under the eyes from a blow with a bag of salt, you should try to "outline" the site of the injury with an iodine net. Such a device can have a warming and anti-inflammatory effect, as well as significantly accelerate the excretion of degradation products.

How to remove bruises under the eyes, using drugstores

For sure, every person in the home medicine chest will have balms and ointments for removal of hematomas. If not, it is recommended to purchase a gel with leech extract, cream-balm "SOS", "Bruise Off", balm "Rescuer" and heparin ointment. These drugs should be applied to the hematomas every 3 hours until they completely dissolve.

How to remove bruises under the eyes from a blow using folk remedies

Among the non-traditional recipes, the following are especially effective:

1. Powder of the body sponge.2 large spoons of the product must be poured with 1 large spoon of boiling water and immediately applied to the hematoma. The procedure should be done 2 times a day. In the eye area, apply this mixture carefully, since it can cause inflammation.

2. 1 large spoonful of iodized salt must be dissolved in 120 milliliters of water, and then soak the resulting mixture with a napkin, apply it to the bruising and leave for 1 hour. It is desirable to carry out this procedure three times a day.

3. Fresh onion should be grated on a fine grater, add to it a large spoonful of iodized salt, put in a gauze bag and put on for 30 minutes to bruise. Do this procedure three times a day and each time with the newly prepared mixture.

4. A small beet is required to grate, add to it fresh honey in the amount of 2 large spoons, and then apply a thick layer on the bruise and fix it with a bandage.