Why "Corvalol"?The drug "Corvalol"( drops) - the price

There is no more popular medicine among grandmothers than long-known droplets with a rich smell of valerian and mint. It's amazing, but why Corvalol is used, almost every adult knows. And moreover, almost every second experienced its effect on himself. What is the secret of this tool? The answer to this question lies in its cost and effectiveness. This is a public drug that can cope with the task set before it.

for which Corvalolum

Action and indications for use

Corvalol tincture is a soothing and vasodilating agent that is widely used in nervous states, accompanied by a rapid heartbeat of a neurotic character, irritability and insomnia. And also with spasms of the intestine and coronary vessels and hypertension.

However, although this medical preparation has been used massively for many decades, its pharmacokinetics has not been studied so far. Therefore, it is impossible to explain what processes occur in the body after taking this miracle drug.

Composition of the drug

The active components of this medicine in tableted form are such substances: ethyl ester of a-bromizovaleric acid, phenobarbital and mint oil. As additional components, potato starch, tabletose, cellulose, crystalline, b-cyclodextrin and magnesium stearate were used.

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The composition of the drops is slightly different. It includes the same active components, but the following substances were used as auxiliary substances: rectified ethyl alcohol, purified water and stabilizer.

Corvalol Drops

How to drink the drug?

For each patient, the dose of this medication should be set individually by the treating therapist, based on what Corvalol is prescribed for. The standard recommendations for intake are indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions for the drug. For adults, the dose of "Corvalol" is 15-30 drops to 3 times a day, and for children over 12 years not more than 15 drops per day.

The dosage of the tablet form must also be determined by the physician. As a rule, for adults, it is 1-2 tablets of medicament two to three times a day, with strong manifestations of spasms of coronary vessels and tachycardia, the dose is increased to 3 tablets. Children this form of the drug is not assigned.

You can drink the drug regardless of the meal. Tablets should be washed down with a lot of water, and drops before the intake should be diluted in a small amount of liquid or dripping them onto a piece of sugar.

It is absolutely forbidden to take Coralol drops with alcoholic beverages, since the drug contains 58% alcohol. The consequences of such a combination may be unpredictable.

It is also worth noting that after the receipt of this product, manufacturers are strongly advised to refrain from working with increased risk and from driving vehicles.

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The instructions to the drug clearly indicate cases in which the use of this drug is strictly prohibited. Among them:

  • individual intolerance of components;
  • disorders of liver and kidney function;
  • severe degree of heart failure.

Also with caution should use the drug "Corvalol" during pregnancy, and in the early stages it is generally recommended to replace it with more sparing funds with a similar effect. It is dangerous to take these drops during the period of breastfeeding, as they are transmitted with milk and adversely affect the baby's body.

Why Corvalol is known by many, but not everyone reads about the warnings described by the manufacturer, relying on the experience of third-party people. This approach is wrong, and in order not to harm your body, before taking it, you should always consult a doctor.

It is forbidden to take "Corvalol" with persons with narcotic and alcohol addiction, since it contains a potent component, which is extremely dangerous to use with narcotic substances and alcohol.

tincture of Corvalolum

Overdose and negative effect of

Corvalol is a very powerful drop. And despite the fact that in most cases the drug is tolerated well, use it with caution.

Quite often after taking this medication, patients notice drowsiness and dizziness. Also, cases of decreased concentration of attention were noted. In such cases, the doctor should reduce the dose.

It is also worth noting that in some countries, the drops of "Corvalol" are equated with narcotic drugs that cause addiction. The fact of the matter is that the substance contains phenobarbital, which was recognized as a drug in many developed countries.

This is a very strong substance, a derivative of barbituric acid, which in its pure form is used in extremely rare cases and has a lot of contraindications and limitations. Among them, the first on the list are depression, suicidal tendencies and bronchial asthma.

Overdose with the drug "Corvalol" can provoke depression of the central nervous system, which can be easily eliminated by stimulating the central nervous system with caffeine or cordyamine.

General information about the product "Corvalol"

The price of drops "Corvalol" in volume 50 ml is 15-20 rubles. The cost of packing with 20 tablets on two blisters is 75 rubles. The medicine is dispensed without a prescription.

The preparation requires special storage conditions. This should be a place where sunlight does not penetrate and where the air temperature fluctuates between 8-15 degrees. Shelf life with proper storage can be up to a year and a half.

Corvalol dose

Compatibility with other medications

Why Korvalol is known to every adult, but not everyone knows that it can not be combined with a number of medications. First of all, it concerns sedatives and tranquilizers, the effect of which is enhanced by phenobarbital in the composition of drops "Corvalol".This combination is a great danger, which is the depression of the central nervous system.