How to get rid of stuttering at home?

By stammering is understood speech disturbance, in which a person suffering from a given ailment pronounces words with stumbles, usually on the first sound. Let's talk about how to get rid of stutter yourself. This topic is very relevant, because stutterers( especially adults) are often just shy to go to see a doctor.

How to get rid of stuttering: the traditional method of

The traditional method for treating stuttering is the use of a set of special breathing exercises. Remember that some famous singers sing freely and naturally, while their usual speech is accompanied by stuttering, stumbling or karting.

Let's take as an example a couple of exercises that are part of the "Strelnikova Respiratory Gymnastics" and that every person suffering from stuttering can perform without problems at home. Performing these and other breathing exercises from the complex, you will learn how to get rid of stuttering without seeking help from a doctor.

1. "Pump".Stand up straight, lower your hands. Slightly bend forward, rounding your back. Hands and head should be lowered, and relax your neck. Quickly and noisily inhale at the end point of the slope, as if you are sniffing the floor. Slightly lift, but do not fully straighten. At this moment, exhale with your nose or mouth. Again, tilt forward, inhale, etc. The exercise is done easily and does not exert any strain on the lumbar region. For one approach, repeat the exercise 8 times, then rest for 5 seconds and do another approach. The norm of the "Pump" exercise is 12 such approaches. However, the load to this figure should be increased gradually.

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2. "Turning the head."Stand upright and put your feet across the width of your shoulders. Put your hands on the sides. Turning his head to the left, inhale quickly and noisily. Then turn your head to the right and take another breath. Exhale should be in the interval when you turn your head from left to right. At the same time, there should be no stop in the middle. During this exercise, the neck should not be tense, and the trunk and hands should remain immobile. The approach consists of 8 breaths, and the norm that you should eventually come up with is 32 such approaches.

How to get rid of stuttering: unconventional methods

Alternative medicine suggests using acupressure in order to help the sufferer from stuttering with his problem. Just want to note that this massage is a complicated and time-consuming process, so immediately adjust to the fact that you will have to go through several courses, each of which includes 15 procedures. Then a two-week break is necessary.

First of all you need to find the necessary point. Search is made "by tyky method", in the literal sense of the word. Find images of active points on the Internet or in the special literature devoted to acupuncture. Push your finger with your finger over the intended place. If you felt an ache and some pain, then you found the right point. Next, we begin to massage the point, making circular or circular pinches by padding the index or thumb, gradually increasing the force of pressure, and then reducing it. Massage of each point should last from 3 to 5 minutes. At this time, you should be completely relaxed.

There is another unconventional method, how to get rid of stuttering at home is hypnosis. However, we do not recommend using it on your own, because, in the absence of the necessary knowledge, experience and practice, this can be dangerous to health.

How to get rid of stutter: the modern method of

Today, in the age of high technology, specially designed computer programs, in particular "Speech corrector", can help you cope with stuttering. The essence of this development is that it synchronizes speech and human auditory centers. The victim of stammering nagovayvaet in the microphone, and the program for a split second automatically delays his speech. So, the stutterer, hearing his own voice with a slight delay, tends to adjust to him. With time, his speech becomes continuous and smooth. Thus, it is possible to reduce the speech defect by 75-80%.