How to quickly and effectively increase blood sugar

Low blood sugar causes a person to have a sudden pallor of the skin, excessive sweating, tremors of the extremities, including trembling of the hands, increased palpitation, excessive lethargy, anxiety, an attack of uncontrollable hunger or even an unconscious condition. These symptoms can occur both in patients with diabetes mellitus, and in completely healthy people. Everyone who is exposed to this serious ailment knows how to raise blood sugar. It is enough to eat something sweet: a candy, a refined sugar or a chocolate bar, drink it with liquid or drink some fruit juice - and the glucose level will return to normal.

True and false hypoglycemia

True hypoglycemia, or a sharp drop in blood glucose levels, experts consider the threshold of 2.8-3.3 mmol / l. However, unpleasant symptoms can occur at higher values ​​(from 6 to 9 mmol / l), especially in people with diabetes. This condition of the physician is called false hypoglycemia. With a lowered level of glucose in the blood, the organs experience a nutritional deficiency, from which the main consumer, the brain, suffers first. If you do not raise sugar in time, because of a lack of glucose, the brain can "turn off", and a person will lose consciousness.

Causes of low blood glucose in healthy people

There are situations when an absolutely healthy person experiences signs of lowering blood sugar to a dangerous minimum. This is the result of severe unbalanced diets, in which the main energy source is destroyed;long breaks between meals, when the stock of carbohydrates is running low, including the lack of breakfast;intensive sports or mental loads, burning glycogen much more than produces the liver of a person from consumed carbohydrates. Lovers of alcohol can also suffer from hypoglycemia. Despite the fact that alcohol raises sugar in the blood, its insidiousness manifests itself in the so-called law of the pendulum: after a while, the glucose level drops sharply, worsening the situation. The same properties of the reverse jump are enjoyed by sweet fizzy drinks.

What products can effectively and safely increase blood sugar?

In the struggle for the ideal figure, in the process of grueling sports training and before them it is necessary to take food and drinks that completely compensate for the deficiency of carbohydrates. Natural honey increases blood sugar due to fructose, glucose and sucrose in its composition. If a healthy person can eat 50-75 g of bees a day, then a diabetic patient will have to settle for the same amount within a week. A couple of tea spoons of jam with tea compensate for sugar starvation, and a regular five-to-six meals a day will ensure the uninterrupted supply of energy. Frequent attacks of hypoglycemia can be corrected by increased caloric intake, the consumption of fatty acids( omega-3 and omega-6).Replenish their deficiency will help fried sea fish, pumpkin seeds, some types of vegetable oils. Increase blood sugar and maintain its level helps foods rich in chromium: nuts, apples, seafood, cheeses, sprouted wheat grains.

Than further decrease in blood glucose level is dangerous

If a timely attack of hypoglycemia can not be prevented, a person can get irreversible brain damage: inadequate behavior, disorientation in space, headaches, drowsiness, memory and concentration difficulties, visual impairment.


The ideal diet is balanced, and carbohydrates should be present in it on a par with proteins and fats! To save health for many years is the main task for any person. This is especially important for the weaker sex, exhausting itself by training and limiting sugar for the sake of harmony and beauty of the figure.