Magnifying Korean lenses: colors and reviews

Looks charming and unlike other people, every girl wants. Large, unusual eyes always attracted attention. Korean colored lenses, enlarging the eyes, will help to become a copy of the heroes of Hollywood movies or famous anime.

Selecting different sizes and patterns, achieve the effect of an iris of exotic animals: a lioness, a bat, a snake or a lemur. The look will get incredible brilliance and brilliance. The girl will stand out from the crowd, sparkling with charm. A long period of use makes the accessory economical.

What are the sizes?

The life of Korean lenses is exactly one year with proper use. In the average person, the size of the iris varies between 13 mm.
Enlarge the pupil by 2 mm. The models produced have a diameter of 13 to 15 mm. Korean lenses

The size range offers a different effect in the wearer's look. With a slight increase, only the shade and the pattern of the retina change. Available for sale are pink, purple, green, blue and black. Also you can choose an unusual drawing of famous anime, cosmic themes of mesmerizing Cosplay drawings.

Among the popular diameters are:

  • 14-14,2 - increase the pupils slightly, change mainly the color and texture of the picture;
  • 14.5 mm - make a tangible change, the eyes become like a doll;
  • 14.8 mm - creates an anime effect.

How to transform the look beyond recognition?

Korean lenses of enormous diameter resemble the exciting endless ocean and create the impression that a small child is looking. In Korean cartoons and characters of Disney creatures, such eyes were drawn to give more expressiveness. Korean lenses enlarging eyes

Diameter larger than 15 mm should be selected carefully so as not to get the humanoid eye instead of the sensory pupils. This result is obtained with large lenses of a dark color. The average size will be the optimal solution at the beginning of the optical experiments.

Difference from competitors

All Korean lenses that increase the eyes have a wider range of sizes than the products of western well-known brands. In their assortment there is a tendency to create a protective shell outside the figure. This increases the diameter, but in fact the effective zone is much smaller. Korean colored lenses

With the same characteristics, Korean lenses have the best effect. Eyes become larger, this explains the low cost. European with a diameter of 14.5 mm create an effect similar to its competitor in the size of 13.8 mm, but the used area of ​​the picture loses. The quality of the material used is not inferior.

What does the choice involve?

In Russia, Korean magnifying lenses have gained popularity due to their availability. They were used not so much as an optical device, but rather as a fashion accessory that changes appearance. The most frequent buyers were young people under 35 years old. Korean magnifying lenses

If the choice fell on Korean lenses without correction, then an ophthalmologist's consultation will still be required. With current diseases of the visual organ, they are contraindicated. There are 3 parameters for selection:

  • curvature;
  • oxygen permeability;
  • type of pattern and diameter.

The first 2 will be determined by the doctor at the reception, the rest are a matter of the buyer's taste. The lenses are subdivided into 2 types: hydrogel and silicone-hydrogel. The latter have better oxygen permeability and are more convenient to use.

Does the buyer have vision problems? Then choose lenses with correction. They are appointed strictly according to physical parameters. It is unacceptable to use other forms on your own, to avoid deterioration of eyesight.

Correction with a drawing

Its popularity is due to an exotic texture of Korean contact lenses. The textures used look larger with a standard type of 14.2 mm. Manufacturers advise not to rush to buy huge diameters, they can create a negative effect - it all depends on the shape of your face. Korean colored lenses enlarging eyes

New textures will change light eyes to dark ones and vice versa. There are no limitations in the experiments. Color lenses with a pattern in the form of a strip along the edge look an order of magnitude larger. This is used by Chinese competitors, pointing to a product diameter of 15-16 mm, when in reality it is 14.5 mm.

Even the eyes with a dark iris can be made light by a non-uniform pattern. If the buyer has already big eyes, he can pick up an invoice that changes only the color. If you perceive from the side, the dimensions will remain the same.

Why do you need large sizes?

Specific diameters are selected individually for each eye. Products with a size of more than 15 mm have restrictions in the sock - no more than 3 hours. Such a short time is explained by the narrow opening of the field of view. Oxygen permeability is minimal and is not intended for people with "problem" eyes. Korean lens for eyes

Large Korean lenses are divided into 2 types:

  • mini-sclera have the shape of the pupil;
  • scleral lenses that completely change the human eye to fantastic types over 17 mm.

Recent views allow you to realize the images of the most terrible creatures: vampires, werewolves or aliens. The maximum possible time for wearing lenses is 6 months. In view of the limited visibility zone, a ban on driving a car is imposed on them.

Why can not you choose yourself?

An experienced ophthalmologist will help to avoid problems arising from improper lens selection. There are risks of harm:

  • redness of the eyes as a consequence of allergies;
  • decreased visual acuity;
  • conjunctivitis;Edema of the cornea.

The hackneyed phrase "beauty requires sacrifice" is not suitable for wearing these accessories. Korean lenses enlarging the eyes require some maintenance features:

  1. The correct solutions and drops( selected individually).
  2. Observe the removal and donning procedure. And also the terms of wearing( set by the manufacturer).
  3. Separate clean storage space.

Detailed consultations are conducted by ophthalmologists. The cornea is very sensitive to dust, dirt and mechanical damage. When choosing a lens is recommended to carefully inspect for defects.

Soft Korean eye lenses require gentle care. It is important to learn how to properly wear, so as not to break the newly purchased accessory. Experiments should be conducted on the most simple transparent and cheap goods.

Tips for using

Experienced buyers who already had experience in lens wear have no recommendation. For the first time bought a fashionable product, we give a few simple rules from practice.

Wear lenses before applying makeup. Small particles will fall on the eye, during the day, redness will appear. Take off before all washing procedures. Use forceps with soft silicone on the ends.

Do not touch and touch the eyes with dirty hands. Use special drops for discomfort. Use Korean contact lenses only with a matched solution.

To go to bed in contact lenses is not recommended, in the morning the eyes will dry, and opening them will be very difficult. When the first symptoms of inflammation go to the oculist. They include dry eye syndrome, foreign body feeling, redness. Avoid prolonged exposure to strong wind and sun.

When swimming in the sea, pool or in your bathroom, protect your glasses or close your eyes tightly. Dusty indoor air, as well as varnish-colorful works reduce the life of the lens.

How to properly wear and remove?

Before the first use, new Korean lenses must be rinsed in the solution. This is done every time the package is opened.

By personal feedback from customers, before you wear an accessory, moisturize the eye and lens with drops. A simple action does not take much time and greatly simplifies the procedure. Korean contact lenses

Before inserting the lens, place on the index finger and check for light. It should be in the form of a deep cup. If the edges are pointed - turn it out.

It will be easier to put on if you look a little higher. If inserted successfully - through the eyelid, massage with circular movements of the eyes. When sliding, the lens should walk freely, without causing burning or pain.

If you observe something similar, remove and wash, repeat the procedure again. After several successful attempts, the entire process will work at the level of automatism and the next time it will take a minimum of time.

Where to buy?

The presented models are available on the Internet. You can use ready-made photos for the order. In addition to soft goods, it is possible to pick up Korean lenses for glasses. It will be useful to get acquainted with the reviews about the manufacturer and the work of the online store.

Impressions of buyers have positive sides: the appearance is really changing, the eyes become unimaginably large. Pupil pupils please their owners and surrounding people. Korean lenses of youth helped at carnival parties.

Everyday use does not bring discomfort to the life of the owner. Negative reviews appear in novices only on the first application. Eyes should get used to a fashion accessory. Choose at the initial stages of a lens with increased oxygen permeability.

Experienced in choosing Korean lenses, buyers leave only positive feedback. Experimenting on their appearance, mods begin to acquire large diameters, which is not always good for beginners.

The opinions of all converge in one: Korean lenses are more accessible, have a rich assortment, and the quality is not inferior to the European.