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How to choose a sanatorium with treatment? Crimea is a good option for people suffering from diseases of the respiratory tract and musculoskeletal system. Researchers of the phenomenon of medical tourism note important details that distinguish Crimean sanatoriums from SPA and health recovery centers. On the peninsula, medical rehabilitation is successfully carried out for chronic diseases, after injuries and surgical operations. Differences are concentrated in one short phrase: "People are treated in the Crimea, and not just improve their health."

Healing forces of the Crimean nature

Back in the 5th century BC.e.the scientist of Ancient Greece Herodotus admired the healing power of therapeutic mud from Tavrika( as in ancient times called the Crimean peninsula).Pliny the Elder in the early 1st century ADe.described in a treatise on natural history Tavriku, calling it "the land that heals."By the second half of the XIX century seizures and wars have ceased, the modern history of the Crimea as a resort has begun.

The southern coast of the peninsula has become a popular place in Russia for climatotherapy of pulmonary diseases, rest, recovery and recovery. Sanatoriums in Crimea were visited by members of the imperial family of the Romanovs, nobles of the upper classes, rich merchants. After the victory in the revolution, hundreds of thousands of ordinary Soviet people rushed here for treatment. The potential of the resorts of the peninsula to this day is highly valued in the medical tourism market, especially the availability of medicinal brine in the estuaries and mud.

Medical tourism in Crimea

It is difficult to imagine effective medical tourism without careful study by the person of the district where he intends to undergo a course of treatment, restore strength and rest. If this is the Crimean peninsula, then consider such factors as a favorable climate, the presence of curative brine in the estuaries, more than 25 peloid deposits, about 100 sources of mineral waters. There is a wide range of diseases in which medical professionals recommend to purchase a voucher and visit a sanatorium with treatment.

Crimea is great for climatotherapy for many diseases. There are conditions under which procedures in the sanatoriums of the peninsula are irreplaceable - bronchial asthma, spinal cord injuries, paralysis. The favorable climatic period in the Crimea lasts almost 6 months: from the second half of May to October. The coastline of the peninsula reaches 914 km, for beaches there are 517 km of this territory.

Network of versatile treatment and rehabilitation complexes and sanatoriums

With the terms "Crimea", "treatment", "sanatoriums", "rest" are connected representations about many remarkable health-improving institutions of the peninsula. The main part of health resorts is in Yalta, Evpatoria, Alupka, Simeiz, Miskhor, Gurzuf and Alushta. In total, over 460 sanatoriums and boarding houses are located in the Crimea, which accept adults and parents with children for rest and treatment. In addition, there are more than 30 children's health resorts.

When creating a network of medical and rehabilitation institutions, the state authorities of the country and the peninsula did not stint. Crimean sanatoriums occupy extensive land plots on which sleeping and medical buildings are erected, natural parks, gardens, fountains are created. There are buildings that are considered to be the best examples of the architecture of the peninsula. The structure of medical resorts of Crimea includes polyclinics, hotels, cinemas, therapeutic and physical training and training complexes. In the sanatoriums guests take from 4 to 8 medical procedures per day. Meal is organized from 3 to 5 times a day. There are sanatoria in the Crimea, offering ampelotherapy - grapes. On the peninsula, a large selection of diverse and healthy products.

The best sanatoriums in Crimea with

treatment. According to experts' estimates and patient reviews, ratings are included that take into account the treatment profile, comfort level. At least 10-15 sanatoriums can be called "best" for one or other of the signs. We give their names and descriptions, not by profile, but by alphabet, because each medical health complex develops in the direction of maximum use of curative factors in a specific locality. You can choose a sanatorium from the list of the most popular multi-resort resorts in Crimea:

  • "Ai-Petri"( 10 km from Yalta).
  • Golden resort complex, or "Golden Kolos"( Alushta city).
  • "Dnepr" is located in the Characters park, near the castle "Swallow's Nest"( Gaspra village).
  • Children's clinical sanatorium "Evpatoria".
  • Kurpaty is a complex of two sanatoria( Gaspra settlement).
  • "Mishor"( Mishor settlement).
  • "Lower Oreanda"( Oreanda settlement).
  • "Russia"( Yalta).
  • "Simeiz"( Simeiz settlement).
  • "Utes"( Cliff).

"Ai-Petri" - the best sanatorium with treatment( Crimea)

The health resort is located at the foot of the mountain peak of Ai-Petri, in the vicinity of Miskhorsky Park( Koreiz settlement).The therapeutic complex of the health resort allows successfully cure many diseases. The main profile is associated with medical care and recovery in cases of circulatory disorders, respiratory and nervous system diseases. A powerful base for modern diagnostics has been created, physiotherapy rooms operate. The most important medical services: thalasso, laser, peloidotherapy, hardware physiotherapy.

For vacationers offer a choice of treatment programs aimed at improving health in bronchopulmonary diseases, general cleansing and correction of body weight, fighting stress. Everyone can use the services of dentists, manual therapists, homeopaths. Elements of the sanatorium infrastructure, important in terms of comfort and leisure of patients: parking, currency exchange, Wi-Fi, sports grounds, cafe, bar, cinema and concert hall.

Evpatoria - a city of childhood

Crimean sanatoriums with treatment of children are located in the most picturesque resort areas on the beach. Since the times of the USSR, when the appeal "All the best for children!" Has sprung up. Heads of the Ministry of resorts and tourism of Crimea intend to revive the glory of the peninsula as an All-Russian children's health resort. A large-scale national project is called "Evpatoria - the city of childhood".Within its framework the formation of the brand of "family health resort" of Russia and the CIS countries began. In the children's sanatoriums of Evpatoria there are various methods of treatment:

  • climatotherapy;
  • thalassotherapy;
  • pelo treatment with mud of Lake Saki;
  • thermomineral therapy with water from local sources;
  • hardware physiotherapy;
  • massage and exercise therapy;
  • hydrokinetic procedures in swimming pools;
  • laser treatment, other types of care.

Yevpatoria Children's Sanatorium

The multipurpose medical and rehabilitation complex "Evpatoria" accepts throughout the year both children and parents with children. Profile - pathology of the musculoskeletal, nervous, respiratory systems. The territory of the children's health resort is located on the Black Sea coast, in the center of Evpatoria. It helps patients with cerebral palsy, severe orthopedic disorders, including congenital hip dislocation. Many of the operations on the limbs and joints held in the sanatorium are very complex, similar to them do in the clinics of Israel.

Mud therapy

Widely practiced resorts of Crimea treatment of joints by natural mud deposits of lakes and limans of the peninsula. Early medical studies of the properties of the bottom massifs began with the peloids of Lake Saki. Russian doctors in the middle of the XIX century found that mud has a beneficial effect on the functions of various human organs. Sediment from the bottom of the lake in Saki is especially appreciated for a set of useful qualities - antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and others. Helps the peloid substance with inflammation of the joints, with diseases such as gout, arthritis, skin problems.

The mud of Saki Lake is thick, sticky, black-steel color, its composition does not repeat in any of the known deposits of peloids. The high content of sulphides in water led to the enrichment of bottom sediments by this component. Such a composition of mud provides its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, which is used to treat joints and muscles. They aspire to get to sanatoriums practicing mud therapy, not only many Russians, but also residents of post-Soviet and European countries. Crimean peloids are widely used in beauty salons, because they cleanse the skin, renew the body cover, remove toxins from the body.

The best resorts for the treatment of respiratory organs

The most favorable conditions for the healing of the lungs, bronchi and other parts of the respiratory system are created by nature itself in the south of the Crimea. On the coast are many famous profile sanatoria of the Crimea. Asthma treatment is one of the main directions of the resort complexes "Ai-Petri", "Dulber", "Golden Spike", "Russia", "Cliff".In the village of Simeiz, which lies 20 km to the west of Yalta, operates the eponymous treatment and health center. His main profile is anti-tuberculosis. In addition, the treatment of neural and cardiovascular diseases.

In the west of the peninsula there are no less popular resorts of the Crimea. The treatment of respiratory organs is practiced by the health resorts on the shore of the unique Lake Saki. Here the air is saturated with the flavors of mountain-steppe grasses, components of the mineral composition of natural waters, phytoncides of coniferous plantations. Clinical resort "Poltava-Crimea"( Saki village) harmoniously combines traditional medicine and curative influence of natural factors of the terrain. Sakskoe Lake - this is also mud, similar to the peloid deposits of the Dead Sea.

The best sanatoriums in terms of therapeutic and rehabilitation services and design

"Golden Spike" is a complex medical resort of the Crimea, located on the seashore. A tall, beautiful building stands among the greenery of a shady park, near the center of Alushta. Treatment in the sanatoriums of the Crimea, such as the "Golden Ear", involves a thorough diagnosis. The profile of the health resort is associated with diseases of the nervous and respiratory systems, circulatory system.

The territory of the sanatorium "Lower Oreanda" is spread over 44 hectares in the greenery of the landscape park. Specialized treatment and rehabilitation services for health resorts: help with metabolic disorders, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, nervous and genitourinary systems.

"Kurpaty" - a resort in the village of Gaspra( 8-10 km from Yalta).One of its two health resorts is built on a unique project and is considered one of the most unusual in the world. This is the form of the building of the sanatorium "Friendship", made in the form of three round towers.

Sanatorium "Russia" is located in the western part of Yalta Bay. The pride of the resort complex is the relic evergreen park "Chukurlar".The general therapeutic profile is focused on the help with nerve diseases, pathologies of blood circulation and diseases of the respiratory tract.


The Crimean peninsula gained the glory of an ideal place in Europe for healing and restoration of forces even in Soviet times. After reunification with Russia in 2014, there appeared more opportunities for the development of medical tourism, the modernization of the sanatorium and resort base of the region.

Sanatorium with treatment( Crimea) - the best solution for orthopedic disorders, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, respiratory system, nervous system, skin. Climatotherapy consists in the healing power of natural insolation and a special composition of atmospheric air. These curative factors complement the beauty of swimming in the warm sea and rest on the sandy beaches."Three whales", providing the popularity of the Crimea as a region for treatment and recreation - favorable natural conditions, centuries-old traditions of Russian healers, the dedication of medical staff of resort complexes.