How to quickly get the alcohol out of the body in simple ways

"It would be better if I died yesterday!" - exclaims the man, who was very much touched on the eve. A hangover is a horrible thing, but how to get the alcohol out of the body as quickly as possible to make it easier? Especially this issue worries those who need to come to work, get behind the wheel or go to a meeting, and just as soon as possible to recover.

Alcohol in the body

Before quickly withdrawing alcohol from the body, it does not hurt to find out how he behaves there. To begin with, if you feel all the characteristic signs of a hangover syndrome( unbearable headache, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, coordination disorders, memory dips, shaking hands), then you simply poisoned with alcohol. And this is the same poisoning, as, say, mushrooms or overdue sprats. In the sense that the body is attacked by toxic substances poisoning it( toxin decay products).And they, while doing their black work, lead to the aforementioned indispositions. If you think how to quickly get the alcohol out of the body with improvised and available means, then it will not be possible in a couple of hours. Because now there is a complex biochemical process, the speed of which depends more on the work of organs and the general state of human health.

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As alcohol goes out of the body

Getting into our cells, alcohol is derived from them as follows: 70% of alcohol processes the liver into acetaldehyde( which also poisons the body) and only 30% is excreted in the original form( in the form of alcohol) through the kidneys, lungs and poresskin. The rest after oxidation of acetaldehyde is transformed into acetic acid. So, how to quickly get the alcohol out of the body?

It is necessary to speed up the process of kidneys and lungs. Even if you are unbearably ill and you can not get up, try to go out onto the balcony, into the yard or at least open the window to the room. Fresh air will make the lungs work, and detoxification will go faster. To speed up the process, drink a lot of simple clean water. This will lead to increased urination and normalization of metabolism. Helps a cup of sweet tea with lemon or strong coffee: caffeine will cheer, help concentrate, citrus works well for nausea. It is desirable to replace the sugar with honey - its qualities are more healing. Drink activated charcoal that absorbs toxins. If absolutely unbearable, then prepare a manganese solution to clear the stomach. This remedy is very effective and brings considerable relief.

How to get the alcohol out of the body quickly

It is clear that harmless home remedies can not be achieved. Quickly to get back to normal can be only medicamental methods, namely the purification of blood by special intravenous drippers. This procedure should be carried out in a hospital or a home-based medical worker. He will introduce the preparations "Reopoliglyukin", "Gemodez", glucose in combination with vitamins of group B( to facilitate the work of the heart), riboxin. It makes sense to try products that eliminate alcohol from the body: juices( fresh) with a high content of vitamin C, pickles( cucumber, tomato), lactic acid foods, hot meat broth.