Smoking spice mixture. Smoking mixtures: signs of consumption, photos, consequences for children

Man has always remained flexible to temptations. In childhood and adolescence, on the way to the formation of a healthy, full-fledged personality, each of us is more or less confronted with bad habits. Drinking alcohol, smoking a pack of cigarettes and even trying drugs, adolescents do not fully understand the likely consequences of "imitation" of adults.

Drugs - Russia's trouble

Being one of the most acute problems of the Russian society, the illegal sale of narcotic substances poses a threat to the population of the country, especially for its younger age group. Criminal proceedings on the sale, storage and distribution of synthetic drugs in different parts of the country have a huge number. Moreover, every year the situation is aggravated by the appearance of new hazardous substances. spice smoking mixtures

Several years ago, so-called spice-smoking mixtures appeared on the territory of the post-Soviet countries. Signs of eating must be known. This will help parents in a timely manner to prevent multiple negative consequences in children who have succumbed to weakness. Such mixtures consist of natural herbs and synthetic fibers.

What is dangerous spice?

To say that spikes have a negative impact on human health is not enough. Smoking of such mixtures destroys the cells of the brain, reflecting on the psychoemotional state of the user. Their impact on the body can be safely equated to the use of strong drugs( heroin, cocaine, amphetamine, etc.).In addition to the clinical "side effects" of smoking spices in the form of nausea, vomiting, dizziness, their amateurs often suffer from hallucinations, feelings of anxiety and panic fear. Often a pernicious habit leads smokers to a psychiatric hospital. smoking spice signs of eating photos

In addition, it is impossible not to mention the destruction of the liver, lungs, kidneys and other organs, even after a short or irregular use of such drugs as the smoking spice mixture. Signs of use( photos of patients with addiction clearly helps to recognize them in an adult or a child) is confused with the use of something else quite difficult.

Mental instability as a sign of spice use

There are several symptoms that should always serve as alarming bells for family members. Smoking spice mixtures, the signs of which are described below, are capable of causing irreparable harm to a growing organism. smoking mixtures spice signs of consumption To take decisive action, it is necessary to proceed, if a child has often a sudden unreasonable change of mood. The absence of real reasons, not related to any circumstances, situations, is the first symptom of the teen trying a spice. Smoking mixtures( signs of use need to be known to every parent experiencing for their child) affect the psycho-emotional background changeable, recalling the peculiar "waves" of mood. At the same time, they are able to vary within a very short period of time in extreme limits: unrestrained fun and joy are instantly replaced by apathy and a depressive outlook on life. This cyclicity has no connection with the events taking place or the accompanying news.

Waking at night, and sleeping

During the night, noticeable naked eye for parents becomes disturbances of biological rhythms in a child who liked spice. Smoking blends, the signs of their use are clearly evident, affect the shift in the wakefulness and sleep phase. For example, all day long the teenager was sluggish, sleepy, unhurried, and in the evening, after walking or meeting with friends, he became energetic, active. Such a child can sit all night in front of a TV or computer, listening to music or watching movies. Smoking mixtures spice signs of the use of effects on children The next day, the inhibition of action returns, and there is no desire for wakefulness.

Attacks of hunger - evidence of the use of spice

The first signs( the use of spice becomes noticeable in stages, and it is hardly possible to detect all the manifestations at once) include a symptom such as a failure in the mode of eating. Changes in appetite become noticeable immediately. As a rule, a child gets hungry towards the evening. But during the day the desire to at least something to eat with him completely absent. Parents should be surprised that after meeting with fellow children the largest adult portion of food may seem insufficient.

Should also stop in the manner of eating. Often it is she who captures the views of shocked family members: the child seemed to have not eaten anything for a whole week, he eagerly grabs and bites off every huge piece.

What can happen to spice smokers?

By the way, these signs of using spice teenagers are peculiar and using other narcotic substances to people. For example, if you smoke marijuana or are in a state of getting out of intoxication, a person feels almost the same. Basically, only addicted to the so-called mixes, the teenager tries to return home only after sobering up. signs of spice use by adolescents

It is important to understand how smoking mixtures spice have a poisoning effect. Signs of use, consequences for children should be known to all parents. Complex synthetic compounds present in smoking formulations have a devastating effect on the health of the child, sometimes even leaving no chance for rehabilitation and restoration of toxins-affected organs and systems.

Negative consequences after use of smoking mixtures

Harm from smoking mixes for children is as follows:

  1. Brain cells are destroyed, so that its functions can be partially or completely lost. This is due, first of all, to the arising hypoxia of the brain during the use of the substance. It is the result of the protective function of blood vessels, trying not to miss harmful microcomponents. The result of oxygen starvation is the death of neurons.
  2. The process of puberty in young boys who buy spice is slowing down. Smoking blends, the signs of their use with timely recognition will be a salutary signal to the beginning of treatment, discourage the interest of young men to the opposite sex.
  3. For girls, the consequences are no less deplorable: when smoking mixtures are used at an early age, the girls' menses may not occur at all. Possible development of infertility, menstrual failure, complete disappearance of the childbearing function.

The most common health problems after spicing

Cardiovascular diseases can occur not only after prolonged use. First, the heart rate shifts, there is arrhythmia, tachycardia becomes almost constant, blood pressure rises. The risk of cerebral circulation( stroke) is high. It is peculiar, as a rule, to people of advanced age, but the spice can accelerate the onset of this disease. Multiple inflammatory processes in the liver, lungs, development of oncological processes - all this, unfortunately, often occurs, leaving an indelible mark on the health of the smoker. the first signs of using spice

Short-term memory loss, which in the course of time increases, can also be called a side effect from the use of the drug. In addition, smokers pose a danger not only to themselves: their behavior can become a real threat to others. Mental disorders - quite frequent phenomena with regular use of spice.